Pr sentation the stress
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Pr sentation the stress

Présentation The stress

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The strese

Stress at Work

Table of contents

Table of Contents

1. Origins of Stress

2.Factors of Stress at Work (or in school)

a) Different Sources of Stress at Work Place

b) Example of French's nation and Tunisian's nation

3. How to reduce stress at work

5. Conclusion

Origins of stress

Origins of Stress


  • Fromphysical (such as fear of somethingdangerous)

  • Fromemotional (such as worry over the family or job)

  • by overwork

  • anxiety about exams

  • money, job security

  • unemployment

  • going to a new school

  • moving to a new house

  • getting married: a dictator man or Authoritarian woman

2 factors of stress at work

2. Factors of stress at work

a) The principle sources of stress at work are:

  • Interdependence between a person’s task and the tasks of others

  • Role demand – the particular role that a person plays in the firm

  • Role conflicts create expectations that may be hard to satisfy.

  • excessive rules and lack of participation in decision

  • Organizational leadership – some executive officers establish unrealistic pressures.

  • Individual factors – problems with the family, partners, diseases.

  • Psychological and physical violence at work: aggressive management

2 factors of stress at work1

2. Factors of stress at work

b)Example of french’s nation and Tunisan’s nation

  • In 2013there were 304 suicides intunisia

  • Accordingto official statistics, 300-400 people a yearroughly one a day commit suicide in France due to the pressure of work

  • The increasingreliance on technologyis one of the biggest causes of work- relateddepression.

  • Mr. Imadrekik specialist confirmed in psychological and neurological diseases that over 80% of Tunisians suffer from psychological pressure and that many of the citizens administer a sedative and antidepressant tablet

3 how to reduce stress at work

3. How to reduce stress at work

  • Managing stress; we can reduce stress:

  • Listening relaxing music or having fun at the work place

  • Doing aerobic activity or aromatherapy can be useful

  • Doing relaxation techniques such as meditation, and biofeedback

  • Expanding the social support network, therefore, can be a means for tension reduction.

  • Increasing communication with employees reduces ambiguity and role conflicts

  • By giving these employees a voice in the decisions that directly affect their job performances

  • Management can increase employee control and reduce this role stress

    Other solutions:

  • Some companies organize holidays, or installing child care and fitness centers



With only minor changes to our routine,

  • we can feel happier

  • healthier

  • and be able to cope with more strain from

    the work life or studies.

    nothing is permanant, and everything changes

If all the doors are closed the door of the great god always open

if all the doors are closed, the door of the great god always open

  • just a good belief in the good god

The strese


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