Affordable Interactive Whiteboards
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Affordable Interactive Whiteboards Photo: Johnny Lee – Intel conference on Innovation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Affordable Interactive Whiteboards Photo: Johnny Lee – Intel conference on Innovation Contact: [email protected] Demo. Pen becomes mouse

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Affordable Interactive Whiteboards

Photo: Johnny Lee – Intel conference on Innovation

Contact: [email protected]


  • Pen becomes mouse



  • Microsoft Education Pack/Math Input Panel



  • Windows Journal

    • Converting your existing documents

    • Annotating documents

  • Microsoft Ink

    • Tablet version of Microsoft Office


  • 10 minute learning curve for pen placement

    • Angle you hold the pen in order to turn on light

    • Camera cannot see the pen if you block its field of view

    • Multiple remotes can be connected to increase tracking accuracy

  • Typing in keyboard possible but not practical

    • better to move back to computer when text is needed

    • I generally leave the computer close by to type when needed

  • Permissions

    • To buy equipment

    • To install software

Necessary equipment
Necessary Equipment

  • Wiimote ($49.95)

  • Found at most major electronic retailers

  • Provides a high resolutions infrared camera

Necessary equipment1
Necessary Equipment

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Built in to most modern laptops

  • Allows the Wii remote to connect to the PC

  • A USB adapter costs about $30 locally but only $5 incl. shipping from eBay

Bluetooth cont
Bluetooth cont’

  • Here is the one I use

    (and recommend):

  • It’s 9.99 at NCIX

  • It comes with BlueSoleil

    bluetooth drivers

  • It is compatible with the wiimote

Necessary equipment2
Necessary Equipment

  • Bluetooth Drivers

  • You need to install the drivers that came with the adapter (or from the manufacturer’s website) in order to get your Bluetooth devices to connect

Necessary equipment3
Necessary Equipment

  • Infrared Pen ($10 – $30)

    • Possibly to make your own with a trip to RadioShack… there are many tutorials online

Necessary equipment4
Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Standalone – no installation)

    • Free version (Windows only)

      • Everything except annotations

Necessary equipment5
Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Runs without IMS)

    • Free version works on Macs

Necessary equipment6
Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Runs without IMS)

    • SmoothBoard ($30/free trial)

      • Includes annotation toolbars

Necessary equipment7
Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Runs without IMS)

    • Windows 7 requires updated software (also free)

      A few bug fixes have been made here:

Annotation Microsoft .net Framework

  • Windows Journal

    • Now comes with Windows Vista/7, XP Tablet PC

    • Can Copy/Paste from your documents/lessons into the journal

    • Any document type can be imported

    • *Must enable Tablet PC Components

Annotation Microsoft .net Framework

  • Microsoft OneNote

    • Print from any document to OneNote Workbook

    • All tablet annotations available

    • Comes with Office 2003/2007

Annotation Microsoft .net Framework

  • MS Word – Ink Annotations

    • Comes in Office XP Tablet PC pack

    • Standard in all other versions since Office 2003 (for tablets)

    • Has autoshapes for clearer annotations than Journal

Camtasia screen recorder
Camtasia Screen Recorder Microsoft .net Framework

  • Captures video/audio while you work on the computer

  • As you teach a lesson using your interactive whiteboard it can be recorded with no additional effort

  • Tip:

    • Recording is very choppy unless you disable Hardware acceleration (see end slides)

  • Storing your lessons will fill up your web space fast! Microsoft .net Framework

  • YouTube allows you to create a free account with the only limitations:

    • File size < 2GB

    • Time does not exceed 15min

    • F9 = pause, F10 = stop in Camtasia Studio while recording

  • Students can subscribe to your “channel” and will be notified as new videos are available

  • After a defined period, YouTube will automatically remove these restrictions from your account

Creating using your account
Creating/Using Your Account Microsoft .net Framework

  • Follow the account setup in the top right corner of the browser

  • When you have signed in click the upload button in the top right and locate your video and wait for it to upload

Youtube account quick tour
YouTube Account Quick Tour Microsoft .net Framework

Extras Microsoft .net Framework

  • Wiimote USB power supply

    • No need for batteries

  • Mounts:

Maintenance Microsoft .net Framework

  • The LED can be worn down after a while from the constant scraping

    • Even a smooth whiteboard will wear it out

  • I’ve found that when you

    notice this it can be patched

    up with clear nail polish

    (about once a month)

Retailers Microsoft .net Framework

  • Canada


  • USA



      • I have ordered from them and their shipping was very fast. No tax was charged at the border either 



Blended learning model at jh
Blended Learning Model at JH Microsoft .net Framework

  • Lessons are due every day

    • Instead of repeating myself over and over again I have the students watch me on YouTube

    • They can control the pace, pause, and rewind

  • I make a computer lab available after school for all 60…

    • But most do the work on their spare or at home

    • Usually less than a dozen show up

The math
The Math Microsoft .net Framework

  • There are 2 blocks (60 students) so that would add up to a teacher commitment of 10 blocks per week

    • Same for the students

  • This means I spend half a block after school each day or 2.5 blocks a week in the lab

    • Students also spend 2.5 blocks per week

The math cont
The Math Cont’ Microsoft .net Framework

  • After the lab time, I am left with 7.5 teaching blocks per week

  • I take the group of 60 and split them into 3 groups of 20

  • Each section gets 2.5 blocks of tutorial time with me per week

    • The missing half of their instructional time

What does it look like
What does it look like? Microsoft .net Framework



Disable hardware acceleration
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • Windows 7:

    • Right click on the desktop and select.

Disable hardware acceleration1
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • Windows 7:

    • Click Advanced Settings.

Disable hardware acceleration2
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • Windows 7:

    • Select the Troubleshoot tab and click Change Settings.

Disable hardware acceleration3
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • Windows 7:

    • Move the arrow to none.

Disable hardware acceleration4
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • Vista:

    • Click Start / Control Panel / Appearance and Personalization.

    • Under Personalization, click Adjust screen resolution.

    • On the Display Settings dialog, click the Advanced Settings... button.

Disable hardware acceleration5
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • Vista:

    • On the monitor properties dialog, click the Troubleshoot tab.

    • Click the Change settings button.

    • On the security dialog, click Continue.

Disable hardware acceleration6
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • Vista:

    • Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the third notch.

    • Click OK.

    • Restart Windows.

Disable hardware acceleration7
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • XP:

    • Right-click the desktop, then on the context menu, click Properties.

    • Click the Settings tab, then click Advanced.

Disable hardware acceleration8
Disable Hardware Acceleration Microsoft .net Framework

  • XP:

    • Click the Troubleshoot tab.

    • Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the third notch.

    • Click OK, then Close.

    • Close and restart the player