Affordable Interactive Whiteboards
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Affordable Interactive Whiteboards Photo: Johnny Lee – Intel conference on Innovation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Affordable Interactive Whiteboards Photo: Johnny Lee – Intel conference on Innovation Contact: Demo. Pen becomes mouse

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Affordable Interactive Whiteboards Photo: Johnny Lee – Intel conference on Innovation

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Presentation Transcript

Affordable Interactive Whiteboards

Photo: Johnny Lee – Intel conference on Innovation



  • Pen becomes mouse



  • Microsoft Education Pack/Math Input Panel



  • Windows Journal

    • Converting your existing documents

    • Annotating documents

  • Microsoft Ink

    • Tablet version of Microsoft Office


  • 10 minute learning curve for pen placement

    • Angle you hold the pen in order to turn on light

    • Camera cannot see the pen if you block its field of view

    • Multiple remotes can be connected to increase tracking accuracy

  • Typing in keyboard possible but not practical

    • better to move back to computer when text is needed

    • I generally leave the computer close by to type when needed

  • Permissions

    • To buy equipment

    • To install software

Necessary Equipment

  • Wiimote($49.95)

  • Found at most major electronic retailers

  • Provides a high resolutions infrared camera

Necessary Equipment

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Built in to most modern laptops

  • Allows the Wii remote to connect to the PC

  • A USB adapter costs about $30 locally but only $5 incl. shipping from eBay

Bluetooth cont’

  • Here is the one I use

    (and recommend):

  • It’s 9.99 at NCIX

  • It comes with BlueSoleil

    bluetooth drivers

  • It is compatible with the wiimote

Necessary Equipment

  • Bluetooth Drivers

  • You need to install the drivers that came with the adapter (or from the manufacturer’s website) in order to get your Bluetooth devices to connect

Necessary Equipment

  • Infrared Pen($10 – $30)

    • Possibly to make your own with a trip to RadioShack… there are many tutorials online

Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Standalone – no installation)

    • Free version (Windows only)

      • Everything except annotations

Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Runs without IMS)

    • Free version works on Macs

Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Runs without IMS)

    • SmoothBoard ($30/free trial)

      • Includes annotation toolbars

Necessary Equipment

  • Software (Runs without IMS)

    • Windows 7 requires updated software (also free)

      A few bug fixes have been made here:

  • All software that was previously mentioned relies on the Microsoft .net Framework

    • Need at least version 3.5 or higher



  • Windows Journal

    • Now comes with Windows Vista/7, XP Tablet PC

    • Can Copy/Paste from your documents/lessons into the journal

    • Any document type can be imported

    • *Must enable Tablet PC Components


  • Microsoft OneNote

    • Print from any document to OneNote Workbook

    • All tablet annotations available

    • Comes with Office 2003/2007


  • MS Word – Ink Annotations

    • Comes in Office XP Tablet PC pack

    • Standard in all other versions since Office 2003 (for tablets)

    • Has autoshapes for clearer annotations than Journal

Camtasia Screen Recorder

  • Captures video/audio while you work on the computer

  • As you teach a lesson using your interactive whiteboard it can be recorded with no additional effort

  • Tip:

    • Recording is very choppy unless you disable Hardware acceleration (see end slides)

  • Storing your lessons will fill up your web space fast!

  • YouTube allows you to create a free account with the only limitations:

    • File size < 2GB

    • Time does not exceed 15min

    • F9 = pause, F10 = stop in Camtasia Studio while recording

  • Students can subscribe to your “channel” and will be notified as new videos are available

  • After a defined period, YouTube will automatically remove these restrictions from your account

Creating/Using Your Account

  • Follow the account setup in the top right corner of the browser

  • When you have signed in click the upload button in the top right and locate your video and wait for it to upload

YouTube Account Quick Tour


  • Wiimote USB power supply

    • No need for batteries

  • Mounts:


  • The LED can be worn down after a while from the constant scraping

    • Even a smooth whiteboard will wear it out

  • I’ve found that when you

    notice this it can be patched

    up with clear nail polish

    (about once a month)


  • Canada


  • USA



      • I have ordered from them and their shipping was very fast. No tax was charged at the border either 



Blended Learning Model at JH

  • Lessons are due every day

    • Instead of repeating myself over and over again I have the students watch me on YouTube

    • They can control the pace, pause, and rewind

  • I make a computer lab available after school for all 60…

    • But most do the work on their spare or at home

    • Usually less than a dozen show up

The Math

  • There are 2 blocks (60 students) so that would add up to a teacher commitment of 10 blocks per week

    • Same for the students

  • This means I spend half a block after school each day or 2.5 blocks a week in the lab

    • Students also spend 2.5 blocks per week

The Math Cont’

  • After the lab time, I am left with 7.5 teaching blocks per week

  • I take the group of 60 and split them into 3 groups of 20

  • Each section gets 2.5 blocks of tutorial time with me per week

    • The missing half of their instructional time

What does it look like?



Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Windows 7:

    • Right click on the desktop and select.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Windows 7:

    • Click Advanced Settings.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Windows 7:

    • Select the Troubleshoot tab and click Change Settings.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Windows 7:

    • Move the arrow to none.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Vista:

    • Click Start / Control Panel / Appearance and Personalization.

    • Under Personalization, click Adjust screen resolution.

    • On the Display Settings dialog, click the Advanced Settings... button.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Vista:

    • On the monitor properties dialog, click the Troubleshoot tab.

    • Click the Change settings button.

    • On the security dialog, click Continue.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Vista:

    • Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the third notch.

    • Click OK.

    • Restart Windows.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • XP:

    • Right-click the desktop, then on the context menu, click Properties.

    • Click the Settings tab, then click Advanced.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • XP:

    • Click the Troubleshoot tab.

    • Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the third notch.

    • Click OK, then Close.

    • Close and restart the player

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