Best-kept secrets in the world

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Amazonas. The Amazon is the greatest ecologic reserve in the planet, is considered the earth

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Best-kept secrets in the world

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1. Best-kept secrets in the world…

2. Amazonas The Amazon is the greatest ecologic reserve in the planet, is considered the earth´s lung and is crossed by the Amazonas River, known as the most plentiful in the world. Today, with a greater awareness of the habitat of native popullation and of the importance of the fauna and flora as reserves of our planet, the amazonic region invites its visitants to know a world full of primitive charm and beauty. Visiting the Amazon gives you the opportunity to know a river so wide that it seems to be an ocean, to know the pink dolphins, to know the sound of the jungle, to know the “Monkey Island” and many other things that are too difficult to imagine before. The capital city of the Amazonas department is Leticia, an active commercial port where the main economic activities are wood extraction, fishing and tourism. The majority of the population is indigenous of various communities, like the nukaks (still nomad), and the huitotos, yaguas, tucanos, ticunas, camsás and ingas. Of the whole Amazon, 403.348 squate kilometers of tropical humid jungle belong to Colombian Territory, the rest is spread between Brazil and Perú. Don´t miss the “Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacú” , a 170.000 hectares natural reserve, the “Parque Nacional Natural Cahuinari”, the Yahuarcacas Lake and San Martín, a village where you can buy the regional handcrafts made by the different indigenous cultures. Don´t forget to get the Yellow Fever vaccination, a first aid kit, an insect repellent, preventive drugs against Malaria and medicines to cure infections!

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