Milk the ultimate beverage
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Organic Cow Milk Manufacturer in Delhi, Organic Honey Suppliers in Gurgaon PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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iOrganic Milk has a rich taste, creamy texture and an enchanting aroma that many of you might have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality processed milk

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Milk the ultimate beverage


Organic cow milk in delhi

Organic Cow Milk in Delhi

  • Across the world, Milk is considered the most nutritious beverage and is especially recommended for children, adolescents and pregnant/lactating women. We have grown up believing that our day is incomplete without 2 glasses of milk daily. Why?

  • Because health benefits of milk can’t be underestimated. Milk helps build strong muscles, promotes healthy bones & teeth, rejuvenates skin & hair, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes & some cancers and help you maintain a healthy weight.

  • So obviously, being faced with the media reports of ‘synthetic’ or spurious milk, or of high adulteration/ hormone levels even in trusted milk brands is very discomforting. Today, Organic milk is regarded as a healthier alternative to conventional milk.

What is iorganic milk

What is iOrganic Milk?

  • iOrganic milk comes from cows that are:

  • exclusively fed organically grown feed that is pesticide & toxin free.

  • not treated with artificial growth hormones (rBGH, rBST & Oxytocin)

  • not milked for human consumption when treated with antibiotics.

  • held in large well equipped barns with adequate space to move around in stress-free environment

  • Simply put, iOrganic milk is just real milk the way cows make it! Not a cocktail of chemicals. It’s the form of milk Mother Nature intended you to have

Does iorganic milk taste different

Does iOrganic milk taste different?

  • iOrganic milk is truly the freshest and best tasting milk. We milk it fresh everyday and deliver to your home within 8 hours of milking.

  • When you are drinking it you will say, “Wow this is milk! I thought milk tasted like plastic!” Not this milk, this milk tastes like milk. It has a rich taste, creamy texture and an enchanting aroma that many of you might have forgotten due to dependence on factory pasteurized milk.

  • This milk is so good; you might want to kiss one of our cows!

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