Scientific and educational achievements of the neurology clinic clinical center of serbia
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Scientific and educational achievements of the Neurology clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scientific and educational achievements of the Neurology clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia. Academician Prof. dr Vladimir S. Kostic Prof. dr Jelena Drulovic. Neurology Clinic.

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Scientific and educational achievements of the Neurology clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia

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Scientific and educational achievements of the Neurology clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia

Academician Prof. dr Vladimir S. Kostic

Prof. dr Jelena Drulovic

Neurology Clinic

  • Neurology clinic continues the best tradition established by pioneer work of Dr Laza Lazarević, father of the modern Serbian neurology.

  • The Clinic for Nerve and Mental Diseases and at the same time Department of Psychiatry and Neurology were established on October 10th, 1923.

Neurology Clinic

  • Since its establishment all the way to the present days, the institution has always been a place of gathering of the most eminent clinical neurologists from Serbia, teaching base for the students, and residents having neurological advanced training in their curricula as well as center for the scientific research in the field of clinical  and experimental neurology.

Neurology Clinic

  • Neurology clinic is technically equipped for performing highly specialized diagnostic procedures (immunological and genetic analyses, neurophysiological and neuroradiological diagnostic procedures).

Scientific contribution

  • The Clinic of Neurology fosters intensive scientific research activities intended at better understanding of causes of the most common brain diseases, establishment of correct diagnosis and testing of the new therapeutic possibilities.

  • The results of basic and clinical research are applied in everyday work with patients aimed at developing of most up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Scientific contribution

  • Dynamic development in the field of neurosciences is particularly apparent in the increasingly high therapeutic potentials. Thus, our Clinic carries out trials and tests of efficacy and tolerability of the latest therapeutic modalities in the field.

Neurology Clinic

  • The Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia is a national leader, and among the leading centers of neurology in the region owing to its continuous professional and technological development, in treating and researching the most complex neurological disorders, advancing innovations in neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy, stroke, immune mediated nervous system disorders.

  • Annually, our staff of more than 40 specialists serves 10,000 patients with a variety of neurological disorders.

Neurology Clinic – projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia (2011-2014)

175022: Nadežda Čovićković – Šternić: Depresija izazvana vaskularnim bolestima mozga: primena neurovizualizacionih metoda u prevenciji, ranom otkrivanju i lečenju.

175031: Jelena Drulović: Komparativna analiza kliničkih parametara i biomarkera u prognozi evolucije multiple skleroze i drugih imunskih – posredovanih neuroloških bolesti.

175083: Vidosava Rakočević – Stojanović: Ispitivanje molekularno-genetskih, patohistoloških i biohemijskih karakteristika neuromišićnih bolesti.

175090: Vladimir Kostić: Motorni i nemotorni simptomi parkinsonizma: kliničke, morfološke i molekularno-genetičke korelacije.

175087: Tatjana Pekmezović: Epidemiološka istraživanja neuroloških poremećaja: sveobuhvatna procena efekata bolesti.

175091: Ivana Novaković: Analiza genetičkih markera mišićne distonije.

Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Enrico Granieri, Professor of Neurology

Head of the Department of Medical-Surgical Sciences of Communication&Behaviour

Chief of the U.O. Clinical Neurology, Ferrara

Director of the Schools of Specialization in Neurology and Neurosurgery

Chief of the MS Centre

Research project:

HLA-G and gelatinase interaction as potential biomarker of inflammatory network in Multiple Sclerosis

  • Massimo Filippi, Professor of Neurology

    Director of the Neuroimaging Research Unit in the Department of Neurology at the Scientific Institute and University Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan, Italy.

Multiple sclerosis

PhD theses

  • MesarošŠarlota. Correlates of locomotor and cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis. A voxel-based morphometry study.

  • Kačar Katarina. Correlation between Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and neuropsychological testing in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Mesaros S, Rocca MA, Absinta M, Ghezzi A, Milani N, Moiola L, Veggiotti P, Comi G, Filippi M. Evidence of thalamic gray matter loss in pediatric multiple sclerosis. Neurology 2008;70:1107-12.

  • Mesaros S, Rocca MA, Sormani MP, Charil A, Comi G, Filippi M. Clinical and conventional MRI predictors of disability and brain atrophy accumulation in RRMS. A large scale, short-term follow-up study. J Neurol 2008;255(9):1378-83.

  • Mesaros S, Rovaris M, Pagani E, Pulizzi A, Caputo D, Ghezzi A, Bertolotto A, Capra R, Falautano M, Martinelli V, Comi G, Filippi M. A magnetic resonance imaging voxel-based morphometry study of regional gray matter atrophy in patients with benign multiple sclerosis. Arch Neurol 2008;65(9):1223-30.

  • Dujmović I, Mangano K, Pekmezović T, Quattrocchi C, Mesaroš Š, Stojsavljević N, Nicoletti F, Drulović J.The analysis of IL-1 beta and its naturally occurring inhibitors in multiple sclerosis: The elevation of IL-1 receptor antagonist and IL-1 receptor type II after steroid therapy. J Neuroimmunol 2009;207:101-106.

  • Mesaros S, Rocca MA, Riccitelli G, Pagani E, Rovaris M, Caputo D, Ghezzi A, Capra R, Bertolotto A, Comi G, Filippi M. Corpus callosum damage and cognitive dysfunction in benign MS. Hum Brain Mapp 2009;30(8):2656-66.

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  • Kacar K, Rocca MA, Copetti M, Sala S, Mesaros S, Stosic Opincal T, Caputo D, Absinta M, Drulovic J, Kostic VS, Comi G, Filippi M. Overcoming the clinical-MR imaging paradox of multiple sclerosis: MR imaging data assessed with a random forest approach. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2011;32(11):2098-102.

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Neurodegenerative diseases

Kostić VS, Agosta F, Petrović I, Galantucci S, Spica V, Jecmenica-Lukic M, Filippi M. Regional patterns of brain tissue loss associated with depression in Parkinson disease. Neurology 2010;75(10):857-63.

Agosta F, Kostić VS, Galantucci S, Mesaros S, Svetel M, Pagani E, Stefanova E, Filippi M. The in vivo distribution of brain tissue loss in Richardson's syndrome and PSP-parkinsonism: a VBM-DARTEL study. Eur J Neurosci 2010;32(4):640-7.

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Agosta F, Pievani M, Svetel M, Ječmenica Lukić M, Copetti M, Tomić A, Scarale A, Longoni G, Comi G, Kostić VS, Filippi M. Diffusion tensor MRI contributes to differentiate Richardson's syndrome from PSP-parkinsonism. Neurobiol Aging 2012.

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