January 25 th through 29 th
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January 25 th through 29 th. Monday, January 25 th. Brief Review of Literary Periods Lit Period Quiz Go over TIB rubric Finish values activity Prewriting for TIB Listen to another TIB BRING TEXTBOOK TOMORROW. American l iterary period Quiz. Question 1.

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January 25 th through 29 th

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January 25th through 29th

Monday, January 25th

  • Brief Review of Literary Periods

  • Lit Period Quiz

  • Go over TIB rubric

  • Finish values activity

  • Prewriting for TIB

  • Listen to another TIB



literary period


Question 1

This literary period lasted from 1650-1750 and was characterized by sermons and diaries

Question 2

Name one of the two pieces we will read that is ABOUT the colonial period but not written DURING the colonial period.

Question 3

What historical event shaped much of the Revolutionary Period?

Question 4

The topic of most literature during the Revolutionary period was

  • Religion

  • Politics

  • Nature

  • Isolation

Question 5

Name the literary period where more creative writing, such as poems and short stories, was first introduced.

Question 6

Name the literary period that grew out of Romanticism and focuses on self reliance and individualism.

Question 7

The literary period known as Realism was shaped by what historical event?

Question 8

Name one example of Modernism.

Question 9

Name outgrowth of Modernism associated with jazz music and allusions to African American spirituals.

Question 10

Name one contemporary author from your notes.

Tuesday, January 26th


  • Get Vocabulary Words (quiz next Tuesday)

  • Background on Jonathan Edwards

  • Read “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

  • “Sinners” Seminar

  • Homework: Explain how any three themes or characteristics of Puritan literature are represented in “Sinners…” (half page)

Fire, Brimstone, and

The Great Awakening


  • Biblical

  • Signs of God’s wrath

  • Sulfurous, volcanic smell

  • Used by Greek Orthodox church to purify

  • Came to refer to certain preachers during the Great Awakening

Sermons of Raw Emotion: The Great Awakening

Reasons for The Great Awakening

Sermons of Raw Emotion

The Great Awakening 1730-1740 gave colonists a shared national religious experience

Reasons for The Great Awakening

  • People felt that religion was dry, dull and distant

  • Preachers felt that people needed to be concerned with inner emotions as opposed to outward religious behavior

  • People in New England can read and interrupt the Bible on their own

George Whitefield

  • Puritan Minster who used raw emotional sermons to reach all classes of colonists

  • Preached that “good works” and “godly lives” would bring you salvation

  • Forced to give sermons in open areas (revivals)

Jonathan Edwards a Puritan Minster terrified listeners with his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

Outcomes of the Great Awakening

  • Birth of deep religious convictions in the colonies

  • New churches built to accommodate new members

  • Colleges founded to train new ministers

Outcomes of the Great Awakening

  • Encouraged ideas of equality and right to challenge authority

  • Birth of charity and charitable organizations

Wednesday, January 27th

  • Finish “Sinners” Activity if needed (this is if we don’t get to the seminar on Tuesday)

  • Background info on The Crucible

  • Justified vs. Irrational fears activity

  • Begin reading The Crucible

  • Act I due Monday

The Crucible

By Arthur Miller

Who was Arthur Miller?

Husband of Marilyn Monroe

Writer of…

The Red Scare/McCarthyism

  • Thousands accused of communism

  • Came to a boiling point in the 1950’s

  • During the Cold War

  • Senator Joseph McCarthy spearheaded the campaign.

What does this have to do with Miller?

  • Arthur Miller was accused of communist activities.

  • Miller wrote a play in response to the Red Scare

Salem Witch Trials

  • 1692

  • Salem, Massachusetts

  • Many were accused of witchcraft

  • 25 put to death, others jailed.

  • Mass hysteria


Current Hysteria

Justified Fears

Irrational Fears

-Soldiers called to war may be injured or killed

-All people of Middle Eastern descent are terrorists

Thursday, January 28th

  • Native American Literature Presentation by Mr. Perry.

Friday, January 29th

  • Library to print final copy of “This I Believe” essay and do web activities on Witch Trials

  • Web activities

  • 1. Print and answer questions

    • http://midgefrazel.net/witch_webhunt.pdf

  • 2. View and make sure to click on all links

    • http://www.nationalgeographic.com/salem/

  • Essay due at the end of class (give to Mr. Perry)

  • Also turn in activity 1 to Mr. Perry

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