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Response to Literature. First Step. Read the passage Figure out the main idea. Brainstorm. Lessons the author wants the reader to learn.

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Response to Literature

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Response to Literature

First Step

  • Read the passage

  • Figure out the main idea


Lessons the author wants the reader to learn

In the story “The Tortoise and the Hare”, the author wants the audience to know that it’s not good to show off. The Tortoise decided to run little by little so that he could succeed in the race. In the end, hare lost the race because he counted his chicks before they hatched.

The author says, “see you at the finish line,” because he wants to show off in front of his friends. I don’t think that it is nice for Hare to make fun of Tortoise. Therefore the author wants us to know that it’s not nice to make fun of people or show off. Things don’t happen the way we want them to when we make a big deal out of it. I have learned that showing off is not a good idea because things might not turn out positively.

Here the author is showing that when we do things little by little we should have better results. Tortoise took his time since he started the race and was able to win because he didn’t stop at all. Hare stopped several times thinking that he was going to win. So he took his time and made fun of Tortoise. I learned that if I take my time doing anything without making fun of anyone I can accomplish any goal.

The most important thing I learned from the story was that you shouldn’t count your chicks before they hatch. Hare made fun of Tortoise and said “That’s because you would never win.” from the beginning that he was going to win him. Hare’s comment made me think that he was making fun of him. What I learned is that we should not predict the future when we are not sure.

In conclusion the author wants us to learn not to be a show off. In the story the Hare was showing off for his friends by saying he was faster than the tortoise. Also, the Hare stopped to do things for seconds while Tortoise was still racing. In the end the Hare lost the race because he was a show off.

What title would you give this story?

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