Name __________________________________________   Date _________________   Period _________
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Name __________________________________________ Date _________________ Period _________. C OUNCIL OF S CIENCE E DITORS S TYLE.

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Name __________________________________________ Date _________________ Period _________


  • Use this sheet to guide you as you cite your sources. MAKE SURE that you follow the examples below exactly, including all punctuation, spacing, indenting and capitalization. If you have a question on what type of source you have or how to cite it, see Mr. Syracuse immediately!

  • Collect all your sources and put them at the end of your paper. Title the page “Bibliography.” All the sources should be in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name, the title, or whatever comes first in the citation.

  • Each example below shows how to cite the source on the bibliography page, as well as what you should put in the text of your paper each time you reference the source

  • See the “notes” section on the reverse side of this sheet for helpful hints on your citations.

  • BOOK:

  • Bibliography:McCormac JS, Kennedy G. 2004. Birds of Ohio. Auburn (WA): Lone Pine. p. 77-78.

  • In-Text:blah blahblah (McCormac and Kennedy 2004). Blah blahblahblah…


  • Bibliography:Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) [Internet]. [updated 2007 Feb 27]. Columbus (OH): Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry; [cited 2007 Jul 24]. Available from:

  • In-Text:blah blahblah (Emerald Ash Borer ... [updated 2007]). Blah blahblahblah…


  • Bibliography:Wang B. c2007. Stem Cells. In: [email protected] [Internet][Hightstown (NJ)]: McGraw-Hill Education; [cited 2007 Sept 10]. Available from:

  • In-Text:blah blahblah(Wang c2007). Blah blahblahblah…

  • ELECTRONIC ARTICLE ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE _________________ Period _________

  • Bibliography:Hong P, Wong W. 2005. GeneNotes: a novel information management software for biologists. BMC Bioinformatics [Internet]. [cited 2007 July 24]; 6:20. Available from:

  • In-Text:blah blahblah (Hong and Wong 2005). Blah blahblahblah…


  • Bibliography:Meise CJ, Johnson DL, Stehlik LL, Manderson J, Shaheen P. 2003. Growth rates of juvenile Winter Flounder under varying environmental conditions. Trans Am Fish Soc 132(2):225-345.

  • In-Text:blah blahblah (Meise et al. 2003). Blah blahblahblah…


  • Bibliography:McDaniel TK, Valdivia RH. 2005. New tools for virulence gene discovery. In: Cossart P, Boquet P, Normark S, Rappuoli R, editors. Cellular microbiology. 2nd ed. Washington (DC): ASM Press. p. 473-488.

  • In-Text:blah blahblah (McDaniel and Valdivia 2005). Blah blahblahblah…


  • Note that none of the lines in CSE format are ever indented. Everything is justified to the left.

  • Nothing should be underlined, not even titles.

  • If something that you need for a citation (e.g. author of a website, title of an article, etc.) is missing, then just don’t include it. If it is the first item in the citation, then you would use the second item to alphabetize your list on your bibliography.

  • use the abbreviation “p.” for “pages.”

  • Whenever a publication location is given, it is given with the city first, then the state’s two-letter abbreviation in parentheses.