Fluid Measurement For incompressible fluid

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Fluid Measurement For incompressible fluid

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1. Fluid Measurement (For incompressible fluid) by Ashfaq Md. Ansery

2. Rotameter

3. Rotameter cont…. It consists of a gradually a tapered glass tube mounted vertically in a frame with the larger end up The fluid flows upward through the tapered tube and suspends freely a float

4. Rotameter cont… Float The float is the indicating element and the greater the flow rate, the higher the float rides in the tube Floats may be constructed of metals of various densities from lead to aluminum or from glass or plastic. Stainless Steel floats are common

5. Rotameter cont… The tube is marked in divisions, and the reading of the meter is obtained from the scale reading at the reading age of the float, which is taken at the largest cross section of the float

6. Theory (Rotameters)

7. Theory (Cont…) FDgc = mfg (1-?/?f) FD = Af CD ? umax2/2gc Q =umax p/4 (Dt2 – Df2)

8. Pitot Tube Several devices are available which measure velocity of flow at a specific location rather than the average velocity. Pitot tube is one of them

9. Pitot Tube cont… When a moving fluid is caused to stop because it encounters a stationary object, a pressure is created which is greater than the pressure of the fluid stream. The magnitude of this increased pressure is related to the velocity of the moving fluid

10. Pitot Tube cont… The pitot tube uses this principle to indicate velocity

11. Theory (Pitot Tube)

12. Measurement of Pressure Piezometer Manometer Bourdon gage and Mechanical Transducer Electrical Transducer

13. Reference Chapter 12, Fluid Measurements FLUID MECHANICS with Engineering Applications (SI Metric Addition) Robert L. Daugherty Joseph B. Franzini E. John Finnemore

14. Reference cont… Chapter 8, Transportation and Metering of Fluids, Page: 223-226 and 229-231 Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering (Fifth Edition) Warren L. McCabe Julian C. Smith Peter Harriot

15. Reference cont… Chapter 15, Flow Measurement, Page 455-458 Applied Fluid Mechanics (5th Edition) Robert L. Mott

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