South west forest a rural development programme
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South West Forest A Rural Development Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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South West Forest A Rural Development Programme. Overview - North Devon Biodiversity Forum David Rickwood RDFA. SOUTH WEST FOREST AREA. SWF STATISTICS. The area of the SWF is 300,000 ha Woodland cover is currently just under 10% European Average 36%

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South West Forest A Rural Development Programme

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South west forest a rural development programme

South West ForestA Rural Development Programme

Overview - North Devon Biodiversity Forum

David Rickwood RDFA

South west forest a rural development programme


Swf statistics


  • The area of the SWF is 300,000 ha

  • Woodland cover is currently just under 10%

  • European Average 36%

  • The original target was to double woodland cover

  • This means 30000 ha of new woodland in SWF

  • 3000 ha planted since 1999 - 6 years

  • Average of 500 ha per year (very significant !!!)

  • Will take 60 years at current planting rates

Swf services


The South West Forest team has a range of outputs grouped in four main services:-

  • Advisory services

  • Training & Best Practice services

  • Community & Education services

  • Annual Woodfair

Advisory service


  • Advisory visits and reports

  • Application of scoring for SWF Supplement

  • Countryside Clinics at South Molton (soon!!)

  • Monitoring visits and reports

  • Development of strategy

  • Presentations/Shows/Demonstrations

Training services


  • Provision of Training events

  • Provision of Best Practice Events

Community education service


  • Implementation of Civic Woodlands Programme

  • Creation of networking via SWF Collaboration Group

  • Creation of Celtic Roundhouse

  • Visits to Schools

  • Networking with Forest Schools

Swf regional supplement 2003

SWF Regional Supplement - 2003

Swf planting statistics since 1997

SWF Planting Statistics since 1997

South west forest a rural development programme


  • Bringing income to the South West

  • Raw material for local wood users

  • Trees as context for green tourism

  • Sporting / Fishing

  • Cycling / Walking / Orienteering

  • Horse Riding & Bird Watching

  • Log Cabins and Camping Barns

  • Trees have a presence value for all activities

Woodlands rural development


Economic Value of Woodlands in the South West

Value In Millions Per Annum

Timber Production17

Timber Processing134

Induced Effects50

Tourism, Recreation, Biodiversity

Landscape, Carbon Fixing etc 300-375

South west forest

South West Forest

Oak Champion for the North Devon Biodiversity Action Plan

North devon district council

North Devon District Council

North devon district council1

North Devon District Council

The area of the NDCC is 110,500 ha

Woodland cover is currently just over 12%

All woodland

All Woodland

All Woodland 13,500 ha

Broadleaf 9800 ha - 73%

Conifer 2200 ha - 16%

Other 1500 ha - 11%

Managed woodland

Managed Woodland

New Woodlands - 1000 ha

Existing Woodland - 2700 ha

Total Managed Resource 3700 ha

less than one third of all woodland


Ancient semi natural woodland

Ancient Semi Natural Woodland

Ancient Semi Natural Woodland 1300 ha

9.5% of Woodland Resource

Planted Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) 999 ha

? Data ?

Biodivesity action plan

Biodivesity Action Plan

BAP Targets

No loss of ASNW

Achievable ?


? Threats Development ?

Most ASNW tends to be in inaccessible areas

Biodivesity action plan1

Biodivesity Action Plan

Increase Area of Oak Woodland Under Management By 20% by 2011

Achievable ?

Not Currently

Very difficult to calculate in any easy way how much woodland is increasingly or decreasingly being managed


Arguably less is being managed - No Economic Value / Grants

Biodivesity action plan2

Biodivesity Action Plan

Target by 2005 - 1000 hectares of Oak Woodland

Achievable ?

Since 1985 - 2001 - 983 ha planted (All Types)

Current Planting Rate 160 ha per annum

of which say 60% + is or will ultimately be Oak dominated

96 ha per year

therefore the current target will take 10 years

Biodivesity action plan3

Biodivesity Action Plan

At least One Accessible Oak Woodland within 20 km of every main settlement in North Devon

Achievable ?

Very tricky to Estimate and Very Ambitious

Community Woodlands (SWF) 3 sites

Future Bratton Flemming/North Molton

Woodland Trust 6 Sites. SSSI’s 4 Sites (approx)

NDDC ? Sites

A positive future

A Positive Future ?


Fall In Planting - increase in broadleaves & better public value

EWGS April 2005

Little change to planting incentives - but potentially more money for communities

Significant opportunities for PAWS Restoration

Better Opportunities for small Undermanaged woodlands ?



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