Research Center Process Updates and Other Information PIs and DSRs Ought to Know

Research Center Process Updates and Other Information PIs and DSRs Ought to Know PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meeting Agenda. Deployment Plan Process Contracting MethodsProject Activity/Progress ReviewDeliverables Time Extension RequestsProject Selection SummaryPatent and Trade Secret Issues. ACT I. Deployment Plan Process. Projects must have a deployment plan to be fundedDeployment Areas of Interes

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Research Center Process Updates and Other Information PIs and DSRs Ought to Know

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1. Research Center Process Updates and Other Information PIs and DSRs Ought to Know Florida Department of Transportation Research Center, MS 30 605 Suwannee Street Tallahassee FL 32399

2. Meeting Agenda Deployment Plan Process Contracting Methods Project Activity/Progress Review Deliverables Time Extension Requests Project Selection Summary Patent and Trade Secret Issues

3. ACT I

4. Deployment Plan Process Projects must have a deployment plan to be funded Deployment Areas of Interest Implementation Performance Measures Technology Transfer Training Marketing

5. Deployment: Implementation Change in legislation Change in FDOT Rule, Policy, Procedure Change in Specification Demonstration or Experimental Project Add to Approved Products List Other

6. Deployment: Performance Measures Quantitative Traditional B/C, ROI, Life-cycle or other Analysis Qualitative Lives saved System efficiencies Resource savings Environmental gains Community enrichment

7. Deployment: Technology Transfer Executive Summaries Technical Summaries (incl. journal articles) Newsletters Conferences and Workshops Web Postings NOTE: These options refer to efforts beyond current practice.

8. Deployment: Marketing Media radio, television, newspapers Printed Materials brochures, pamphlets, E-Packaging CDs, DVDs, web posting

9. Deployment: Training One-on-one Computer-based-training (CBT) Workshop/Seminar Manual Teaching Plan/Workbook

10. ACT II

11. Contracting Methods Position on unsolicited research Direct selection Requests for proposals to Florida universities to all qualified, eligible contractors Guidelines on-line (handout) Scope/Budget instructions, Contract language

12. Project Activity/Progress Review Reporting and Invoicing (Handout) NCHRP-style Progress Report format: Activities performed during quarter Activities planned for next quarter Requested Scope of Service Modifications Summary Time (end date) Funding (increase/decrease) Activities/Tasks (Scope of Service) Progress Schedule Overall Project Schedule Invoice

16. Project Deliverables All Projects (unless specified in scope) Project summary per FDOT format (handout) Final Report (Summary Template, TRDP, Disclaimer online) Inclusion of Technical Report Documentation Page Inclusion of disclaimer language 1 CD with Summary and Final Report files in Word 12 hard copies, 1 camera ready NOTE: The Scope of Service takes precedence.


18. Parkinson’s Law “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” C. Northcote Parkinson

19. Time Extension Requests (Handout) Step 1 A time extension is requested An extension may be granted for up to six months Justifications must be provided The Project Manager reviews/recommends—the Research Center takes appropriate action Step 2 Panel reviews reasonableness of request Requests deemed unjustified will result in either cancellation or specific action plans with set deadlines

20. What is “justified?” A justifiable time extension is one that provides a well-grounded explanation that proves or shows the request to be just, right, or reasonable based upon the terms and conditions stated in the approved Scope of Service.

21. What happens when there is NO ACTIVITY ???

22. Project Selection Summary Department identified need Aligned with strategic direction Funding availability Selection of Researcher / Project Manager Workload Past Performance Justified/Unjustified extension requests Submission of deliverables on-time and in proper format

23. Patents and Trade Secrets (Handout) Department issues Privacy and sunshine rights Rights to use Researcher/Contractor issues Rights and obligations

24. Questions

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