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FORUM: Design for Maintainability CII Construction Project Improvement Conference September 11-13, 2005 Austin, Texas. George Conner Richard Danks Robert Post. Presentation Agenda. Making the Case & Concept Overview NASA Implementation D for M Implementation Model

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George Conner Richard Danks Robert Post

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George conner richard danks robert post

FORUM:Design for MaintainabilityCII Construction Project Improvement ConferenceSeptember 11-13, 2005Austin, Texas

George Conner

Richard Danks

Robert Post

Presentation agenda

Presentation Agenda

  • Making the Case & Concept Overview

    • NASA Implementation

  • D for M Implementation Model

    • Chevron Texaco Implementation

  • Benefits of D for M

    • Rohm & Haas Implementation

Design for maintainability making the case concept overview

Design for Maintainability:Making the Case& Concept Overview

Richard A. Danks

Deputy Chief, Facilities Division

NASA Glenn Research Center

Cleveland, OH

The case for design for maintainability

The Case for Design for Maintainability

Life cycle cost 30 year period

The Case for Design for Maintainability

Life Cycle Cost — 30 Year Period

Operation & Maintenance

60% - 85%

Land Acquisition,

Planning, Renewal,

Revitalization, & Disposal


Design & Construction


Source: Stewardship of Federal Facilities, 1998

Landscape of interrelationships


Sys Configuration Equip Performance



Prod Eff / Utilization

Production Losses

Equipment Criticality



Factors affecting ability to perform Maintenance

Total MTTR



Asset Economics

(Differential NPV)

Operational Flexibility

Degraded Performance



Landscape of Interrelationships

Chevron Pre-Operations Impact to Asset Performance

Cii research project

CII Research Project

  • D for M research project 1997 - 1999

  • CII Guidebook - 1999

  • CII Education module - 2002

Research results

Research Results

  • Defined “levels” of implementation

  • Common approaches to implementation

  • Common attributes of success

  • Model implementation process

Maintainability principles

Maintainability Principles

  • Reduce or eliminate wrench time

  • Optimize Safety, Accessibility, & Ergonomics

  • Reduce Complexity or Task Difficulty

  • Optimize Standardization, Interchangeability, and Modularization

Process characteristics

Process Characteristics

  • Integrates downstream knowledge early in

  • design process

  • Model process provides implementation

  • structure

  • Long-term perspective –

    • Reduces life cycle costs

  • Short term perspective –

    • Integration into existing processes

    • Alignment

    • Start up

George conner richard danks robert post

D for M Process Highlights

  • Early implementation =Greatest impact

  • Suite of tools to expedite implementation

  • Continuous improvement carries

  • over to future projects

Nasa implementation

NASA Implementation

  • Engineering & Construction Innovation Committee

    • D for M selected as best practice for implementation

  • Development of week-long course

    • Presented at Field Centers

    • D for M material presented in Sustainability course

  • Centers implementing sustainable projects

Nasa implementation1

NASA Implementation

  • Interdependent concepts

  • D for M integrated with

    • Sustainable (Green) design

    • Commissioning

    • Safety & security

  • Supports other NASA programs

    • Reliability-centered Maintenance

    • Reliability based equipment acceptance

Implementing design for maintainability

ImplementingDesign for Maintainability

George Conner

Staff Reliability Engineer

Chevron Corporation

Houston, Texas

Approaches to implementation

Approaches to Implementation

  • Standard design practice

  • Contract specification

  • Cross functional participation

  • Pilot program

  • Integration into existing programs

  • Formal maintainability program

  • Comprehensive tracking

Model process

Model Process

Source: CII Implementation Resource 142-2

Page 16

Model process elements

Model Process Elements

  • Milestones

    • Milestones are achieved through

    • maintainability practices

  • Practices

    • Maintainability practices are

    • implemented using tools

  • Tools

    • Tools basically document process

    • steps in a checklist format

Implementing d for m

Implementing D for M

  • Assemble cross-functional proj team

  • Formal maintainability reviews

  • Design to project maint. strategy

  • Consider maintenance staff skills and

  • training requirements

Implementation resources

Implementation guidebook

22 Maintainability Practices

16 Implementation tools

Implementation suggestions

Establish a champion

Pilot program – if a new start

Implementation Resources

Chevron s application

Chevron’s Application

  • Post Startup Performance unacceptable

  • Developed Operations Assurance Process

    Team approach to selecting, developing, assessing and executing specific pre-operations activities, throughout the course of a project, that impact asset performance.

  • Project development and execution is based on a structured phase gate approach:

    Identify, Select, Develop, Execute, Operate

  • Maintainability is part of the Operations Assurance (OA) process.

Chevron s application oa foundational philosophies





Chevron’s ApplicationOA Foundational Philosophies

Human Factors Assmt

Maintenance Strategy

Mobilization Delays

Resources & Competency

Shift/Spares Constraints

Mechanical Handling Plan

BID Specifications

Qualified Vendors


Reliability Modeling


Performance Indicators

Production / Utilization

Operations Strategy

Resources & Competency

Operational Flexibility

Work Environment

Implementation summary

Implementation Summary

  • CII has developed a robust D for M process.

    Milestones Practices Tools

  • Early commitment / implementation is critical

  • The implementation can be customized based on current state and ultimate goals.

  • For Chevron, D for M is not a standalone effort

  • Specific D for M applications adapted for the OA process generally reference:

    Milestone 4: Plan Maintainability Implementation

    Milestone 5: Implement Maintainability Process

Design for maintainability benefits

Design for MaintainabilityBenefits

Robert Post

Technical Fellow Project Engineer

Rohm and Haas Company

Bristol, PA

George conner richard danks robert post

Project Benefits

  • Smoother project startup

  • Less project rework

  • Less costly maintenance

  • Lower life cycle costs

  • Metrics & Continuous Improvement

  • Supports CII Best Practices

Long term benefits

Long Term Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for maintenance

  • Increased task efficiency

  • Reduced accidents

  • Decreased downtime

  • Access & ergonomics

  • Standardization/modularization

  • Task simplification

Experience at rohm haas

Experience at Rohm & Haas

  • Domestic US Projects:

    • “Reliability Design”

      • Functional focus

      • Looks at reliability issues first

      • Minimize failures and maintenance

      • Identify/Resolve maintainability issues

      • Mostly done prior to execution

Experience at rohm haas1

Experience at Rohm & Haas

  • Domestic US Projects: but….

    • Superior FEL definition yields faster/cheaper

    • execution

      • Everyone knows this, but……

    • Getting Front End schedule time & resources

    • Actual results vary

    • US work is limited these days anyway…

Experience at rohm haas2

Experience at Rohm & Haas

  • Overseas Projects: difficulties

    • Engineering Processes Vary

      • Owner processes

      • Contractor processes

      • O&M processes

    • Cultural Viewpoint / Values differences

      • Language

      • Safety

      • Quality

      • What does “Yes” REALLY mean?

Benefits summary

Benefits Summary

  • The know-how exists!

    • Domestic: Must get commitment of

      • management and engineers

    • Overseas: Much steeper learning curve

George conner richard danks robert post

  • Want to Know More?

  • CII Publication

    • Design for Maintainability:

    • Improving Project

    • Return on Investment

  • CII Research Reports

    • A Model Process

    • for Maintainability Implementation

    • State-of-Practice in

    • Maintainability: Seven Case Studies

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