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Monday february 6 2012
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Monday, February 6, 2012. Front. Happy Birthday: Matt Bartels Sabrina Parkinson. Welcome Back!. Mr. Cupp. Back. Monday, February 6, 2012. Happy Birthday: Erin, Alex Bartee , Valeria, Lizette & Stephanie!. Welcome Back!. Monday, February 6, 2012. Happy Birthday:

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Monday, February 6, 2012

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Monday february 6 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012


Happy Birthday:

Matt Bartels

Sabrina Parkinson

  • Welcome Back!

Mr. Cupp


Monday february 6 20121

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday:

Erin, Alex Bartee, Valeria, Lizette & Stephanie!

  • Welcome Back!

Monday february 6 20122

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday:

Alec, Edgard, Monica, Jony

  • Welcome Back!

Monday february 6 20123

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday:

Eden, Amanda

  • Welcome Back!

Welcome back notes

Welcome Back Notes

  • Let’s keep our room clean.

  • Norms:

    • No food or drink other than water.

    • On time – Double-Zeroes! I will give warnings.

    • MASH Cards out for start of class. Every day.

    • Come to class prepared:

      • I will sell you a pencil for $0.50

      • Paper

    • No packing up until period is over (or I say so)



  • We lost 10 textbooks in Semester 1!

    • At original price: $1000

    • Replacement cost: $150 (that Mr. Cupp has to pay himself)

  • If you have a book at home, PLEASE bring it ASAP

  • If you know that you lost a book, please give me $15 to replace it.



  • 3 Sections:

    • Keepers

      • Should have several things in it

    • Classwork

      • Should be EMPTY

    • Mastery

      • Should be EMPTY

  • Lots of Paper!

  • Table of Contents:

    • #1: Warmups

    • #2: Anti-Semitism Notes



  • Clean Sheet of Paper (don’t tear the holes)

  • #1 at top

  • Date entry: Feb. 6, 2012

    • Respond: Think about a time you or someone you know has been discriminated against. Was the stereotype about something you did or are? Or was it about your family, background, color etc.?

5 m

Note taking changes

Note Taking Changes

  • Problem with PTDs:

    • MANY students just copied – WASTE OF TIME!

    • MANY students rushed to get them done – WASTE OF TIME!

  • Goal of Notes:

    • Collect information to use later

    • Get information into your head

    • Give you a chance to think about what you’re reading.

College prep notetaking

College Prep Notetaking

  • Textbook and Lecture

  • 3 parts

    • Rough Notes

      • However you like! (PTDs, outlines, webs)

    • Summary

      • 1-2 sentences – big picture – no details

    • Analysis

      • Make it go through your brain one more time

      • HOTS!!

Monday february 6 2012




History of Anti-Semitism

  • Key Terms:

  • Stereotype…

Essential terms

Essential Terms

  • A stereotype is a judgment about an individual based on the real or imagined characteristics of a group.

  • Anti-Semitism is prejudice against or hostility toward Jews often rooted in hatred of their ethnic background, culture, and/or religion.

  • Quiz on these later!!

What does jewish mean

What does “Jewish” mean?


    • People of Jewish ethnicity are descended from immigrants from the Middle East, and share a genetic heritage. In this way, “Jewish” can be used in the same way that “Latino,” “Black,” or “White” is.


    • Judaism is a monotheistic religion that was the basis for Christianity.

Not all ETHNIC Jews practice the RELIGION.

Not all RELIGIOUSLY Jewish people are ETHNIC Jews.

History of anti semitism

History of Anti-Semitism

  • Jewish kingdoms in Middle East for thousands of years.

  • ≈30 A.D. Christianity is formed by Jews near Jerusalem

  • ≈70 A.D. Roman Empire destroys Jewish kingdoms, Jews are spread around Europe, N. Africa, and Middle East

    • Called the “Diaspora”

    • In Europe, Jews often become segregated minorities in majority-Christian cities

Christian anti semitism

Christian Anti-Semitism

  • Christianity was not Anti-Jewish originally

    • Original Christians were Jews!

    • Gospels (original books of Christianity) have no criticism of Jews

  • Eventually, Christian leaders began to teach that Jews were bad, should be blamed for Jesus’ execution

  • Debate about this for Christians today

History of anti semitism in europe


  • Blood Libel: The story of Simon of Trent (1475), by Hartmann Schedels, Italy

  • Simon of Trent, aged two, disappeared, and his father alleged that he had been kidnapped and murdered by the local Jewish community.

  • Fifteen local Jews were sentenced to death and burned.

What is blood libel

What is Blood Libel??

  • Blood libel refers to a false accusation or claim that religious minorities, usually Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays.

  • Blood libel is the most common form of Anti-Semitism throughout European history.

  • Blood libel is an example of the extreme dangers of stereotyping.

Shakespeare s the merchant of venice 1598

Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” (1598)

  • Main character is Jewish money lender named “Shylock.”

  • Is depicted as greedy and murderous.

    • Demands “Pound of Flesh” from man who owes him money

Blood libel poland 1712

Blood Libel: Poland, 1712

  • A Fresco from St. Paul’s Cathedral in Poland

  • Blood libel in Sandomierz (Poland) in 1712 caused the Jews of the town to be expelled.

Rothschild by c l andre france 1898

“Rothschild” by C. Léandre; France, 1898

  • A common element in anti-Semitic cartoons: the Jew holding the world in his hands.

  • The Rothschild family is a European family of German Jewish origin that established banks from the late eighteenth century.

  • It has been argued that during the 19th century, the family possessed by far the largest private fortune in the world, and by far the largest fortune in modern history.

  • Still influential in Europe after WWI. Hitler blamed Rothschilds for the Treaty of Versailles.

Blood libel 1910

Blood Libel: 1910

  • Anti-Semitic fliers distributed in Kiev, Ukraine warning "Christians, take care of your children!!! It will be Jewish Passover on March 17."

The one who sucks blood germany feb 1930

“The one who sucks blood” Germany, Feb 1930

Exit ticket

Exit Ticket

  • Answer below your notes:

    • How does the previous ≈2000 years of Anti-Semitism help explain the actions of the Nazis in the 1930s?

      • Yes, complete sentences.

      • Show me on your way out the door. Hooked into your binder!!

  • Homework:

    • Bring your Portfolio Tomorrow!

    • I will sign MASH CARDS!!!

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