Christmas activities christmas card puzzler
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Use this activity as an icebreaker / crowdbreaker to divide your youth into teams at a Christmas Party

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Christmas activities christmas card puzzler

Christmas Activities - Christmas Card Puzzler

Use this activity as an icebreaker / crowdbreaker to divide your youth into teams at a Christmas Party

MaterialsChristmas Cards

(2 copies of each card)

ActivityUse this as an icebreaker / crowdbreaker to divide your youth into teams at a Christmas Party:

1. Select the front panels of several Christmas with different pictures and cut them into pieces. Use 2 identical Christmas cards for each group. Each group will have a different card.

2. Cut one of the 2 identical cards into pieces. The number of pieces is determined by the number of people you want to have on each team.

3. Write a question on the back of each piece. Questions should be along the lines of: “What is your favorite part of the Christmas Story?”, “What is the most meaningful Christmas Gift you ever received?”, etc.

4. The other uncut card is placed on the wall or at each table so that youth will be able to find their group later by comparing their pieces with the visible cards.5. One good idea is the keep the pieces of each individual card separate until needed. Once everyone has arrived, place the necessary number of cards based on the number of people in a bag and mix them up.

6. When each person enters the room they are given a piece of the cards that have been cut into jigsaw puzzles, with the question at the back of each. The objective of the game is to ask people the question found on the puzzle piece and find the rest of the people whose pieces combine to form 1 card.

7. Youth may only reveal their puzzle pieces after they have answered the questions. They then test to see if the pieces fit together. If they do then they stay together and find other people to ask questions and check. Once the puzzle is completely solved, only then are participants allowed to find out their respective table or location to group together by matching the picture of the puzzle with the uncut version.

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