Vocabulary level f unit 2 part b
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Vocabulary Level F Unit 2 Part B PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary Level F Unit 2 Part B. interloperintrinsic inveighlassitude millenniumoccult permeateprecipitate stringentsurmise . Interloper. (n.) one who moves in where he or she is not wanted or has no right to be, an intruder Synonyms: trespasser, meddler, buttinsky.

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Vocabulary Level F Unit 2 Part B

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VocabularyLevel FUnit 2Part B







  • (n.) one who moves in where he or she is not wanted or has no right to be, an intruder

  • Synonyms: trespasser, meddler, buttinsky

  • The crowd was so eager to see the band perform that they resented the opening singer as aninterloper.


  • (adj.) belonging to someone or something by its very nature, essential, inherent; originating in a bodily organ or part

  • Synonyms: organic

  • It had been my father’s favorite book when he was my age, but for me it held little intrinsic interest.


  • (v.) to make a violent attack in words, express strong disapproval

  • Synonyms: rail, harangue, fulminate, remonstrate

  • You should not inveigh against the plan with quite so much vigor until you have read it.


  • (n.) weariness of body or mind, lack of energy

  • Synonyms: fatigue, lethargy, torpor, languor

  • On some days I am overcome by lassitude at the thought of so many more years of schooling.


  • (n.) a period of one thousand years; a period of great joy

  • Synonyms: chiliad, golden age, prosperity, peace

  • In 1999 an argument raged over whether 2000 or 2001would mark the beginning of the new millennium.


  • (adj.) mysterious, magical, supernatural; secret, hidden from view; no detectable by ordinary means; (v.) to hide, conceal; eclipse; (n.) matters involving the supernatural

  • Synonyms: supernatural, esoteric, abstruse, arcane

  • One need not rely on occultknowledge to grasp why things disappear in a house where two cats live.

  • Much of his talk about the occultseems grounded in nothing but trick photography and folklore.


  • (v.) to spread through, penetrate, soak through

  • The rain permeated all of my clothing and reduced the map in my pocket to a pulpy mess.


  • (v.) to fall as moisture; to cause or bring about suddenly; to hurl down from a great height; to give distinct form to; (adj.) characterized by excessive haste; (n.) moisture; the product of an action or process

  • Synonyms: provoke, produce, reckless, impetuous

  • Scholars often disagree over which event or eventsprecipitatean historic moment.

  • I admit that my outburst was precipitate.

  • Too many eggs in this particular pudding will leave a messy precipitate in the baking pan.


  • (adj.) strict, severe; rigorously or urgently binding or compelling; sharp or bitter to the taste

  • Synonyms: stern, rigorous, tough, urgent, imperative

  • Some argue that more stringent laws against speeding will make our streets safer.


  • (v.) to think or believe without certain supporting evidence; to conjecture or guess; (n.) likely idea that lacks definite proof

  • Synonyms: infer, gather, inference, presumption

  • I cannot be sure, but I surmisethat she would not accept my apology even if I made it on my knees

  • The police had no proof, nothing to go on but a suspicion, a mere surmise.

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