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“National Company “KazMunayGas” : “ Kazakhstan as the Main Driver of Oil Production Growth in Eurasia: Key Projects, Prospects And Challenges”. Zurich, April 25, 2013. Oil and Gas Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. World proved crude oil reserves , bln . barrels.

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“National Company “KazMunayGas”: “Kazakhstan as the Main Driver of Oil Production Growth in Eurasia: Key Projects, Prospects And Challenges”

Zurich, April 25, 2013

Oil and Gas Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

World proved crude oil reserves, bln.barrels

  • Kazakhstan holds 9th place in the world with regard to the proved oil reserves, with the 39,8 bln. barrels of oil

  • Kazakhstan is the 2nd largest oil producer among the CIS countries

  • Natural gasreserves make up 3trln.cub.m, which is 1% of world’s gas reserves.

  • Oil production in Kazakhstan is 1.76 mln.bbl/day or about 80bln.tons

  • Gas production in Kazakhstan makes up 25bln.cub.m.

  • Oil production is expected to Increase by 60% by2020

  • Caspian Sea Shelf Projects should become the main driverof oil production growth in Kazakhstan

  • By 2035 the Caspian Sea region will provide about 9% of the world crude oil demand

Annual crude oil production in Kazakhstan,mln. tons (with forecast to 2020)


of oil sector in Kazakhstan’s GDP

72bln. US dollars

Investments in oil and gas sector


The Republic of Kazakhstan: Key-takeaways, New Challenges and Development Goals

Development Strategy until 2020

  • GDP growth – no less than 30%

  • National Fund’s assets – no less than 30% of GDP

  • Share of the small and medium enterprises in the GDP - 40%

  • Growth of investments in non-resource sector of the economy - 30%

  • Population - 18 mln. people

  • Life expectancy – over 72 year

growth against the proceeding year; GDP in billion US dollars

Foreign Direct Investments (mln.US dollars)


Layout of gas pipelines

Central Asia - Centre

Bukhara - Ural

Orenburg - Novopskov

BGR - Almaty


JSC NC "KazMunayGas" in Kazakhstan's Oil-and-Gas Sector

KazMunayGas is Kazakhstan's national operator for exploration, production, refining and transportation of hydrocarbons, representing the state in Kazakhstan's oil-and-gas sector. 100 percent of the company's shares are owned by the SWF “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC.

Key figures 2011 Share on the RoK's market, %

  • Production of crude oil and gas condensate 21,1 mln. tons 26,4 %

  • Gas production 4,9 bln. m313,1 %

  • Oil refining 15,3 mln. tons 83,2 %

  • Pipeline oil transportation 66,9 mln. tons 77,1 %

  • Pipeline natural gas transportation 110,6 bln. m3 95,7 %

Layout of oil pipelines


Geological Exploration Performance

Short-term plan of geological exploration


Geological exploration costs

Total costs for geological exploration during 2012 – 2016 will make up 556 bln. KZT

2D Seismic survey

2D seismic survey to the extent of 4 650 lin. km

is scheduled to be held for identifying new structures

3D Seismic survey

3D seismic survey to the extent of 11 970 sq.km is scheduled to be held for specifying the composition of the identified structures

Prospecting and exploratory drilling

435 exploration and appraisal wells are planned to be drilled

556 bln. KZT

4 650 lin. km

435 wells

11 970 km2

From 2015 the consolidated increment in raw hydrocarbons reserves of KMG will be ensured through geological exploration.


Exploration and Production Innovation Policy

  • Improving the efficiency of geological exploration

  • (muiltifocusing, digital geological modeling)

Increment in the consolidated residual recoverable oil reserves by more than twice through geological exploration based on innovative technologies by 2022

Laboratory test

  • Improvement of development efficiency of the fields with depleted deposit and challenged reservesin order to increase the oil recovery factor.

Development and transfer of innovative technologies

15 low-margin deposits of JSC KMG E&P,

remaining recoverable reserves 6570 thousand tons


  • Nonsteady (cyclic) waterflooding with reverse filtration flow

  • Polymer-gel system injection

  • Alternating injection of oil and water

  • Sidetracking

  • Horizontal wells and horizontally branched wells

  • Ground tests in natural field conditions

    Large-scale introduction of innovation on a turnkey basis in existing fields

    • Innovative effect

  • Production tests of research and technology and development activities by Kazakh scientists and teams in the field, testing of new domestic equipment and technologies

  • Introduction and experience of application of the new technologies by world service companies

  • Introduction of new technologies in the existing fields

  • 8








    Geological Prospecting Projectsof JSC NC “KazMunayGas”

    Kazakhstan Sector of Caspian Sea




    North-Caspian Project














    Project N





    1 - Liman

    2 - Uzen-Karamandybys

    3 - Karaton-Sarkamys

    4 - R-9

    5 - Taysogan

    6 - Teresken

    7 -Temir



    Diversification of Oil Transportation Routes

    • Over 20 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

    • volume of oil export increased from 13 to 71 mln.tons annually

    • approximately 4 000 km of oil pipelines constructed

    • pipeline export capacities increased from 10 to 58 mln.tons annually

    • |

    “Caspian Oil Pipeline” Pipeline Consortium

    • In April 1996 Agreement between Kazakhstan, Russia, Oman and International Oil Consortium on construction of CPC Pipeline was concluded.

    • Oil pipeline length:1510 km

    • Commissioned: 2001

    • July 1 2011 – commencement of construction works on the CPC Expansion Project (up to 67 mln.tons of which 52,5mln.tons of oil from the Republic of Kazakhstan)

    Existing routes

    Planned routes

    Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline

    Implementation of the Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline Expansion Project (Stage II) will allow increasing the output capacity up to 20 mln.tn of oil a year.

    Kazakhstan Caspian Transportation System Project

    The need in the KCTS export capacities will arise by the moment Phase II of the Kashagan field development is implemented

    Oil transportation, mln.tn 2011

    • CPC Oil Pipeline 28,2

    • “Atyrau-Samara” Oil Pipeline 15,4

    • Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline 10,9


    Gas-main Pipelines of Kazakhstan

    Russian Federation






    Reconstruction and Modernization of Refineries in Kazakhstan

    • Implementation of the State Program on Industrial and Innovative Development Enforcement and the Program on Development of the Petroleum Industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 will allow:

      • increasing an average integrity index of the Kazakhstan refineries up to 10,2 global rate

      • increasing the depth of oil refining up to 89%

      • enhancing the quality of motor fuels to Euro-4,5 standards

    Investment projects:

    • “Construction of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Production Complex at Atyrau Refinery”

    • “Construction of Deep Oil Processing Complex at Atyrau Refinery”

    • “Reconstruction and Modernization of Pavlodar Refinery”

    • “Reconstruction and Modernization of PKOP Refinery (Shymkent Refinery)

    • «Road Bitumen Production at Aktau Plastic Mass Plant”

    Expected Results:



    Kazakh Content (КС)

    KC in procurement activities of KMG Groupfor the year 2011

    KC in major petroleum projects for the year 2011

    • Total volume of procurement

    • Kazakh content


    Total procurement level

    Kazakhstani content

    (USD mln.)






    • Import

    • Kazakh

    • Content

    • Total, GWS Goods Works Services


    Service Sector- Investment Projects

    Construction of the North-Caspian Environmental Response Base (NCERB)

    Purpose: to ensureoil spill response in case of Level 1 and 2, delivery of assistance in case of emergency situation, evacuation and rescue of people, deployment of equipment in case of Level 3 oil spill

    Deadline: 2013

    Cost: 12,6 bln.tenge

    Location: Damba settlement, Atyrau oblast

    Status: NCERB is under construction.

    Gas turbine station construction

    Purpose: liquidation of energy emergencyin the West –Kazakhstan oblast, security of RK energy supply

    Deadline : 2013-2015 (Phase 1); 2020-2021 (Phase 2)

    Cost: 34 113 mln.tenge

    Location: West-Kazakhstan oblast

    Status: feasibility study package produced, state expert review is carried out

    Shipyard/dry dock construction

    Purpose: development of the shipbuilding industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Deadline: 2013 – 2016

    Cost: 48 580 mln.tenge

    Location: Kuryk settlement,Mangistau oblast

    Status: feasibility study package produced, state expert review is carried out






    Service Sector – Innovative Cluster

    Promotion of finished commodity to the market

    Industrial Engineering

    Research study and development

    Experimental-industrial Studies

    • Incorporation in full-scale production at domestic enterprises

    • Major petroleum projects:

    • TCO, KPO, NCPetc.

    • Export

    • Polygon based on low-profit oil fields of JSC “Exploration and Production “KazMunayGas”

    • Special Laboratory JSC “Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas” in the “Information Technology Park” SEZ

    • JSC “KBTU":

    • Institute of Chemical Sciences named after Bekturov A.B.

    • Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry named after Sokolsky D.V.

    • JSC “Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas”:

    • Research-and-Development Center in the “Information Technology Park” SEZ



    Innovative projects on the territory of the “Information Technology Park” SEZ

    • Creation of a showpiece complex using the latest results in the sphere of innovative technologies.

    • Development of domestic research-and-development as well as design and experimental in the petroleum industry

    • Researches and developments in the sphere of high-performance computing, automation, production processes, IT software application for petroleum and other fields

    Завод по ремонту

    малых судов

    Завод буровых растворов

    Implemented by:2011-2014

    Students: 2000

    • ITP SEZ KIOG Research and Development Center

    • KBTU Institute of Information Technologies

    • KBTU Petroleum Engineering Institute


    JSC “National Company “KazMunayGas”

    The Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana, Kabanbai-batyr str., 22

    tel.: +7 (7172) 97-61-01

    fax: +7 (7172) 97-60-00, 97-60-01

    e-mail:[email protected]