12 angry men reginald rose
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12 ANGRY Men Reginald Rose. Information about the play What is a play? What is a trial?. What is a Play?. Any type of reading that is performed on stage. This includes: Dramas Comedies Musicals Tragedies. What is a Drama?. One of the major forms of literature

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12 ANGRY Men Reginald Rose

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12 angry men reginald rose

12 ANGRY MenReginald Rose

Information about the play

What is a play?

What is a trial?

What is a play

What is a Play?

  • Any type of reading that is performed on stage.

  • This includes:

    • Dramas

    • Comedies

    • Musicals

    • Tragedies

What is a drama

What is a Drama?

  • One of the major forms of literature

  • Intended to be performed on stage in front of an audience

  • It includes stage directions and dialogue between characters

Stage directions


  • Instructions for the director, actors, and stage crew

  • Set apart in the script using (parentheses) and Italics

  • Describe the scenery (items on stage that create setting) and what the props are (objects the actors use)



  • Conversation between characters

  • One of the most important things about a drama/play is that it uses dialogue.

  • During the play, the dialogue tells us about the plot and characters’ personalities.

  • We know who the speaker is because the name of the speaker is bolded in front of what the speaker says.

What s a trial

What’s a Trial?

  • We caught a brief glimpse of this in To Kill a Mockingbird

  • There are several parts to a trial.

    • Jury Selection

    • Opening statements

    • Prosecution’s case (“good guy”)

    • Defense’s case (the defendant “bad guy”)

    • Closing statements

    • Jury instructions

    • Jury deliberation and verdict

The jury

The Jury

  • Consists of 12 citizens

  • They are interviewed and personally selected for the case based on their views and responses to questions

  • They decide the verdict for the defendant

  • They must come to a unanimous decision for the verdict

  • Meaning: all 12 persons need to agree on a guilty or not guilty charge

Reasonable doubt


  • “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the term the court uses

  • Simply put, this means that there is no doubt, in a reasonable person’s mind, that the defendant is guilty.

  • Most importantly used in murder cases when the defendant’s life is on the line.

  • Meaning, that the evidence presented is air-tight.

Circumstanstial evidence


  • Evidence based on the circumstances

  • Basically, it’s not the best type of evidence.

  • It is largely based on inferences and indirectly proves a fact.

  • EX: I buy a blouse. You steal the same blouse from a friend of ours. Because I wear the blouse in public the next day, circumstantial evidence says I stole it.

El train

El Train

  • Short for ELEVATED Train

  • Usually found in large cities like Chicago and New York City

  • Basically, a metro station above the ground

1957 new york

1957, New York

  • Last year in the 10 year “GOLDEN AGE” of Baseball

  • Although women are granted the right to sit on a jury in 1947, it is a state-by-state decision, and on a volunteer basis (women aren’t forced to be on a jury)

  • Boxing and Baseball are the hot sports; many attend baseball games and the Friday Fight Nights

Dempsey firpo fight pg 42

Dempsey-Firpo Fight (pg.42)

  • Famous boxing fight that took place in 1923.

  • Dempsey was the reining heavyweight champ.

  • Firpo put up a good fight, and he knocked Dempsey out of the ring.

  • Dempsey suffered a blow to the head, and there was a scandal around how slow the ref counted and how Dempsey got back into the ring

  • Dempsey eventually won the match.

Khrushchev pg 50

Khrushchev (pg.50)

  • Nikita Khrushchev was a Soviet Union Communist leader

  • Boorish- served for the Bolsheviks in Russia

  • Was convinced that the communist ways were going to take over the west (America)… not so much…

Clarence darrow pg 70

Clarence Darrow (pg.70)

  • Famous American lawyer

  • Leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union

  • Most famous for defending the two killers, Leopold and Loeb: two teens charged for the murder of a 14 year old boy; they were aiming to create “the perfect murder”.

  • No such luck: both got life sentences

Where do you stand


Ethics and Values

12 angry men reginald rose

  • Suppose you knew that everyone around you was thinking one way; the opposite of how you were thinking.

  • Would you still stand up for what you believed, or would you go along with the crowd?

12 angry men reginald rose

  • Suppose someone tells you that your best friend gossips about you behind your back.

  • Would you:

    • Talk to your friend

    • Investigate the situation (i.e. consider the source, go over the facts)

    • Never talk to your best friend again

12 angry men reginald rose

  • Is there ever a good enough reason to give someone the death penalty?

12 angry men reginald rose

  • Suppose someone tells your mum they saw you smoking.

  • Your mum kicks you out of the house without even talking to you about it.

  • Fair? Unfair? Why? Why not?

12 angry men reginald rose

  • Have you ever, even in jest, said, “I’m gonna kill you!”?

  • Now, suppose that person that you said that to turned up dead later that day (they had, indeed, been killed).

  • Is that reason enough to send you to jail for life?

12 angry men reginald rose

  • Imagine a time that you have been really ticked off.

  • While you were mad: Did you listen to music? Did you watch a movie?

  • If so, can you remember the song or the title of the movie? Why or why not?

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