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HOW to be your OWN WEBMASTER Andrew Mallis CFC Media Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOW to be your OWN WEBMASTER Andrew Mallis CFC Media Lab. Why do I need a website?. who is my audience? what is my purpose? what can a website do for me that other media cannot? Do I really have time for this?. What do I need from a hosting company?. storage bandwidth

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Presentation Transcript

HOW to be your OWN WEBMASTERAndrew Mallis CFC Media Lab

Why do i need a website
Why do I need a website?

  • who is my audience?

  • what is my purpose?

  • what can a website do for me that other media cannot?

  • Do I really have time for this?

What do i need from a hosting company
What do I need from a hosting company?

  • storage

  • bandwidth

  • performace

  • price

  • service

  • specific technologies?

    • PHP, ASP, MySQL

  • number of databases?

  • one-click installs?

  • media streaming

  • shell/ VPS / WebDAV

Types of hosting plans

  • Shared hosting

  • VPS - virtual private server

  • Managed services

    • Dedicated server

    • Co-location

  • BEWARE the reseller!

    More information

What software do i need
What Software do I need?

  • FTP client

  • RAW Text editor

    • Textmate, TextWrangler, Notepad

  • Firefox with extensions

    • Developer toolbar

    • Firebug

    • Colorzilla

    • Measure it

  • Apache distribution for your testing environment

    • MAMP or XAMP

  • Image Editor

    • Photoshop, Graphic Convertor

How do i register my domain name
How Do I Register my Domain name?

  • Check to see if someone owns your domain. Maybe choose another?

    • Do a WHOIS Lookup:



  • BUY IT: register your domain name with a registrar

    • .com = godaddy $6.99 USD

    • .ca = $14.95

  • Point your registrars’ name servers to your hosts’ DNS server (with a CNAME record)

    • WAIT: Once you've told one particular DNS server about your new domain, it will have to transfer that information to all the other servers on the internet, which could take a couple of days. So be aware that your new domain won't necessarily be working instantly.

Security certificates
Security Certificates

In order to conduct secure transactions, you will need to purchase a security certificate. This is basically an algorithm that authenticates and encrypts data between a user's browser and your server. The algorithm is encoded and decoded with a key. Users are increasingly demanding security from recognized certificate brands. Current industry leaders are Thawte, Geotrust, and Verisign.

You need a certificate if you want to:

  • Host an anonymous FTP site

  • Conduct e-commerce

  • Encrypt email from your domain

  • Secure the submission of users’ personal information

    • names, dates of birth, drivers license #, addresses, etc.

Why open source software packages
Why open source software packages

  • Open source is great and FREE

  • Instead of coding, you’ll be configuring

  • Help is always close at hand online in forums and documention

  • – test all packages before you install !!!

Joomla cms and community web platform

Joomla! CMS and community web platform


  • WYSIWYG web-based editor

  • Templates and extensions (not all are free)

  • Polls

  • Blog


  • Small business websites

  • Non-profit and organizational websites

  • Corporate intranets and extranets

example sites:,,

Drupal cms and community web platform

Drupal CMS and community web platform

Is Drupal right for you?More about drupal


  • Advanced user managent and permission based feature access

  • Node based flat architecture

  • News (RSS) Aggregator

  • Polls

  • Multi-lingual

  • Collaborative book

  • Searching

  • Extensive online help

  • Web-based administration

  • Themes and templates

  • 100s of modules


  • Content Management

  • Blog

  • Discussion-based community

  • Collaborative environments

example sites: The onion, Terminus1525, Spread Firefox, Project Opus, BBC The World, 43folders, more…

Phpbb bulletin board forum

phpBB bulletin board/forum

More about phpBB


  • Private messages with attachments

  • Advanced moderation

  • Private forums or topics

  • Search

  • Advanced user management

  • Registration options

  • Custom profiles

  • themes


  • Interest-based communities

  • Support forums

  • Development

example sites:,area51

Wordpress blogging software

Wordpress blogging software

More featuresMore about Wordpress


  • Multi-paged posts

  • File/picture support

  • Auto-saved drafts

  • User management

  • Configurable sidebar

  • Lots of great themes

  • Many extensions

    • Easily set up a podcast

  • Dynamic page generation

  • Web-based admin

    • Edit themes in browser


  • Blogs

  • Podcast sites

  • Personal homepages

example sites: icanhascheezburger, lifehack, CNN Political Ticker,

Gallery photosharing web application

Gallery photosharing web application

More features


  • Supports unlimited galleries and albums

  • Slideshows, printing,

  • Rating & comments

  • E-commerce

  • Many themes (not many beautiful)

  • Manipulate, rotate, resize images online

  • Set size and quality defaults

  • Auto-watermarking

  • IPTC aware

  • Multilingual (over 30 language translations)

  • Multiple upload methods

    • iPhoto plugin

    • Stand-alone Gallery Remote application

  • Easily embedded into other CMS like Drupal, Wordpress, phpBB, Joomla

  • Supports movies too!


  • Portfolio site

  • Personal photo gallery

example sites:

Ruby on rails web application framework

Ruby on Rails web application framework

Video demostutorials


  • Rapid prototyping

  • Simple programming language

  • Easy AJAX

  • Customizable applications

  • NOT for the beginner


  • Web applications

  • Collaborative environments

  • E-commerce

example sites: basecamp, shopify