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Priscilla, Meet Felicity Author: Kathleen Leverich Illustrator: Len Ebert. Friendship Unit Third Grade Ms. Sheida. Blending. Line 1: much mug hug chug thud Line 2: thing wring wreck check Line 3: bath with wrench lunch

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Priscilla meet felicity author kathleen leverich illustrator len ebert l.jpg

Priscilla, Meet Felicity Author: Kathleen LeverichIllustrator: Len Ebert

Friendship Unit

Third Grade

Ms. Sheida

Blending l.jpg

  • Line 1: much mug hug chug thud

  • Line 2: thing wring wreck check

  • Line 3: bath with wrench lunch

  • Line 4: cannot salad pocket desktop

  • Sentence 1: “But my desk is much nicer.”

Common nouns vs proper nouns l.jpg
Common Nouns vs. Proper Nouns

Brainpop Jr. movie…

Brian P. Cleary Book

Common/Proper Match

How can we figure out the meaning of a word l.jpg
How can we figure out the meaning of a word?

  • apposition – the definition of a word is found between two commas.

  • base words

  • prefixes

  • suffixes

  • context clues – to help you figure out the meaning of a word, look at the other words in the sentence as clues.

    Ms. Sheida turned on the yacker tracker because the commotion, noise, in the classroom was getting too loud.

Coaxed l.jpg

Father held my baby sister’s hand and coaxed her to try to walk.

Coaxed8 l.jpg

Definition- gently talked someone into doing something that he or she wasn’t sure about doing.

Base + Suffix- coax + ed

Synonym- persuaded, urged, sweet-talked


Part of Speech- verb

Enemy l.jpg

The soldiers fought bravely in the battle against their enemy.

Enemy10 l.jpg

Definition- a person who is hurtful or unfriendly on purpose.

Synonym- foe, opponent


Part of Speech- noun

Nudged l.jpg

My friend nudged me with his elbow to wake me up from my daydream.

Nudged12 l.jpg

Definition- pushed someone gently to get his or her attention.

Base + Suffix- nudge + ed

Synonym- poked, tapped


Part of Speech- verb

Ordinary l.jpg

My party dress has lots of ribbons and lace, but my ordinary dresses are not so fancy.

Ordinary14 l.jpg

Definition- plain, not fancy; not very special, regular

Synonym- plain, common

Antonym-special, extraordinary

Part of Speech- adjective

Selfish l.jpg

I was being selfish by not sharing my piggy bank with my brother.

Selfish17 l.jpg

Definition- thinking only of oneself, not of others.

Base + Suffix- self + ish (-ish means having that quality of the base word)

Synonym- greedy

Antonym-unselfish, generous

Part of Speech- adjective

Stern l.jpg

Mr. Anderson gave me a stern look when I threw the empty can in the street instead of the dropping it in the recycle bin.

Stern19 l.jpg

Definition- strict

Synonym- strict

Antonym-nice, easy, kind

Part of Speech- adjective

End of vocabulary l.jpg
End of Vocabulary…


What holds water, yet is full of holes?

Slide22 l.jpg

There are 3 types of sentences

  • Statements/Telling sentences (ends with a .)

  • Asking sentences (ends with a ?)

  • Sentences that show strong feeling (ends with a !)

    1. We are enemies . ? !

    2. You must fell just awful . ? !

    3. Priscilla took a deep breath . ? !

Multiple meaning words l.jpg
Multiple-Meaning Words

  • Multiple-Meaning words are words that have more than one meaning or definition. Some words have different meanings in different sentences.

  • Examples:

  • park

  • change

  • coat

  • tag

Priscilla meet felicity l.jpg
Priscilla, Meet Felicity

  • Genre- Realistic Fiction

  • Point of View- Third Person

  • Author’s Purpose- Entertain

    This story is told in third person, by a narrator. It focuses on Priscilla, and her “friendship” with Felicity Doll whom she meets on the first day of school. Priscilla must be clever in order to handle a difficult situation…

Building background good readers relate what they already know to what they are reading l.jpg
Building BackgroundGood readers relate what they already know to what they are reading.

  • Does anyone remember how they felt on the first day of school?

  • How does it feel to meet new people?

  • How do you know who to choose as a friend?

  • How can you tell if a friend is “fake”?

    Let’s read about the

    Author and Illustrator…

Clues problems wonderings l.jpg
Clues, Problems, Wonderings

Let’s browse through the first two pages of Priscilla, Meet Felicity and look for clues about the story, problems you may have while reading the story, and wonderings you have about the story.

Onomatopoeia l.jpg

  • Onomatopoeia are words that imitate the sound it represents. They are words that describe a sound.

  • Examples:

  • Meow

  • Vroom

  • Screech

  • Squeak

  • Bzzz

  • Baa Baa

Who can find onomatopoeia in the story Priscilla, Meet Felicity?

Blending30 l.jpg

  • Line 1: shop ship hitch hutch shut

  • Line 2: hang rang wrong phonics

  • Line 3: hands beds desks things

  • Line 4: Felicity’s friend’s girl’s Priscilla’s

  • Sentence 1: Priscilla stuck her fork prongs into the tablecloth.

Vocabulary match l.jpg
Vocabulary Match







getting someone to do something they may not have wanted to do

plain, not fancy or decorated

a person who is mean on purpose.


giving a light touch in order to get a person’s attention

greedy and spoiled

Sentence match l.jpg
Sentence Match





I ________ my dog to come by giving him a bone.

My mom said to put on an ______ white shirt over my dress, so that I wouldn’t get it dirty.

I would rather have a friend than an _______.

My dad said not to be ________ and to share my cupcake with my sister.

Adjectives l.jpg

  • An adjective describes a noun.

  • It tells how something looks, tastes, smells, or sounds.

    In my story, a scaly monster appears on a crowded beach. It has a small head and a scary growl.

Brian P. Cleary Book

Adjective Sheet +

Brainpop Movie…

The end l.jpg
The End!


The more you take,

the more you leave behind.

What are they?