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Presented by the Virginia 4-H Science and Technology Committee

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Presented by the Virginia 4-H Science and Technology Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Graphic. Tips. Presented by the Virginia 4-H Science and Technology Committee. Programs for Editing Graphics. Where to Find Graphics. Design Considerations. Where do you get your Graphics??. Clip art Web Scanning Digital Camera. - Clip Art. PowerPoint Clip Art.

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Presented by the Virginia 4-H

Science and Technology Committee


Programs for Editing Graphics

  • Where to Find Graphics
  • Design Considerations
where do you get your graphics
Where do you get your Graphics??
  • Clip art
  • Web
  • Scanning
  • Digital Camera

- Clip Art

PowerPoint Clip Art

On the Menu Bar choose

- Insert

- Picture

This is the easiest way to download clipart directly into your presentation!

download clip art from the web
Download Clip Art from the Web

Here are a few tips to help you out!

To Download:

  • Select the image
  • Use your mouse and Right Click
  • Select SAVE IMAGE AS
  • Either PASTE into your Graphics Editor or
  • Paste directly into your presentation.
  • (Remember your format and size.)

Give Credit where Credit is due…...

If you use graphics from the Web, site your sources.

Abraham Lincoln

Source: Library of Congress

clip art links
Clip Art Links………...

Virginia Cooperative Extension Image Library

You can also search for Clip Art sites using your Web Browser!


Using a Flat Bed Scanner you can easily scan photographs and documents.

Using software that either came with your scanner or most Photo Editors like PhotoShop, you can easily scan your favorite images right into your computer.



Using the Digital Camera

  • Shoot and Click! It’s that easy.
  • Plug camera into your computer and download using camera’s software.
  • Save as JPEG
  • Insert into your presentation
  • Keep in mind the file size before putting into
  • your presentation

Now you have your pictures, but you don\'t have a way

  • to edit them or create your own graphics from scratch.
  • Here are a couple programs that we use:


But if you can\'t afford those, then here are a couple you can download and try out for free for a short period of time:


Formats to use for saving your images

GIF - Limits the number of colors in an image for faster loading

JPEG - Best format for Photographs; gets rid compresses

image to reduce file size

BMP - Compatible with all Microsoft Windows Programs

*Larger of the three

design considerations
Design Considerations
  • Image balance
  • Image Size
  • Color
  • Compression.

When designing images consider the following:

  • No one likes to look at a lot of empty space.
  • So try to crop your image the best you can.
  • And watch out for distracting objects in your picture.
  • Someone may think the wrong object in your picture is the main attraction!


Be careful of how bright or dark your picture is.

If the picture is too bright or too dark,

then the harder it is too see.


"washed out"

too crisp

Also, watch out for your contrast.

Try not to let your image look


image theme
Image Theme
  • Make sure images support your talk

“….and the 4-H students

identified the plant life

to be…..”


Don\'t make your graphics too BIG!

Image Size

When you are making graphics, you have to be careful about your image size.

The larger the picture, then the more

time it takes to load.

color palette
Color Palette
  • Not all images show the same amount of colors
  • 8 bit graphics show 256 colors
  • 16 bit graphics show 32000 colors
    • 16 bit images look better but produce larger file sizes

256 Colors

16 Bit

create your own drawings and diagrams
Create your own drawings and diagrams
  • PowerPoint’s many drawing tools let you

easily create your own shapes and designs.

Try enhancing your art with:

  • Color gradients
  • Textures and patterns
  • 3-D effects
  • Special text effects

Riding is Fun!


Resizing your image in PowerPoint

  • To make your image smaller
    • select your image
    • locate the Picture Toolbar
    • select the Format Picture Option
    • go to the size tab and reduce the image to the appropriate tab

Resizing your image in PowerPoint

Original Image

Stretched Image

Try not enlarge your images in PowerPoint.

By stretching them you loose your clarity.