Mountain people
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Mountain People. Mountain People ( by Jo Carson) Mountain people can’t read, can’t write, don’t wear shoes, don’t have teeth, don’t use soap, and don’t talk plain. They beat their kids, beat their friends, beat their neighbors, and beat their dogs.

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Mountain People

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Mountain people

Mountain People

Mountain people

Mountain People(by Jo Carson)Mountain peoplecan’t read,can’t write,don’t wear shoes,don’t have teeth,don’t use soap, and don’t talk plain.They beat their kids,beat their friends,beat their neighbors,and beat their dogs.

Mountain people

They live on cow peas,fatback and twenty acresstraight up and down.They don’t have money.They do have fleas,overalls,tobacco patches,shacks,shotguns,foodstamps,liquor stills,and at least six junk cars in the front yard.Right?

Well let me tell you i am from here i m not like that and i am damned tired of being told i am

Well, let me tell you:I am from here,I’m not like that and I am damned tired of being told I am.

Prejudice and stereotyping

Prejudice and Stereotyping

What does the word prejudice mean to you

What does the word prejudice mean to you?

Prejudice formal definition

Prejudice: Formal Definition

  • Prejudice is an attitude of closed mindedness which allows a person to prejudge another negatively without any knowledge of that person.

Mountain people

  • Prejudice is frequently based on emotion, not on reason or fact. It is the hatred one feels towards another person for no concrete reason.

Gordon allport s five levels of prejudice

Gordon Allport’s Five Levels of Prejudice:

  • 1. Name calling: the stereotyping of an entire group.

Name calling

Name Calling

  • Name calling is one form of labeling or stereotyping.

Mountain people

  • 2. Isolation: the separation of the group from society

Mountain people

  • 3. Discrimination: legal isolation

Mountain people

  • 4. Physical attack

Mountain people

  • 5. Extermination





  • Stereotyping is a basic form of prejudice.

Stereotype formal definition

Stereotype: Formal Definition

  • Stereotype is a generally accepted opinion or fixed notion of a person that is believed without investigation.

Stereotype formal definition1

Stereotype: Formal Definition

  • Stereotype generalizes a person’s character by labeling him/her, refusing to view a person as an individual, only as a type of person.

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