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Jose R. Linares Photonics Technology Department (PTD) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Controlling Coherent Lidar System with LabView. Jose R. Linares Photonics Technology Department (PTD). Project Leaders: David A. Kozlowski, Steven M. Beck. Why Dust Devils?. Some Applications: - Surveillance -Remote Sensing -Tracking -Soft Rotating Targets

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Jose R. Linares Photonics Technology Department (PTD)

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Controlling Coherent Lidar System

with LabView

  • Jose R. Linares

  • Photonics Technology Department (PTD)

Project Leaders: David A. Kozlowski, Steven M. Beck

Why Dust Devils?

Some Applications:

- Surveillance

-Remote Sensing


-Soft Rotating Targets

-Dust Devils

  • Tornado Vortex in

  • El Segundo, CA

2006 Dust Strom in Arizona

2007 Dust Devil in Eloy, Arizona

A dust devil on Mars photographed by the Spirit rover on Sol 486 (the 486th day of the Martian year). Credit: NASA

~ 700ft

~ 80ft

Deployment site: Eloy ,Az

Date:May 30,2008

Coherent Lidar Methods

Illuminating Solid moving Objects

2007 Deployment






Range (Modulated by Vel.)

Range with 37.5mm Resolution

Azimuth Scan

Elevation Scan

Scanning Capability








az 2



el 2

az 1

el 1



el 2

el 1




Working On New Scanning Capability

Images captured by IR

Credit: Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc.

- Get absolute range distances

from target up to 5km

Point of Contact: David A. Kozlowski

System Hardware


Camera#2 is co-borsighed

with 1550nm Laser

GPS Antenna

Video combiner

IRIG-B date/time to Daq System

IRIG-B Date/time stamp

Video to DVR

IRIG-B Date/time stamp

For Data & Video



Program Overview

Main Loop #1

-Int Stage (program and instruments)

-Data Capture Stage

-Data Save(binary) Stage

-Move Pointer Stage

-Update Polar Plot Stage

-Scan option

-Program Close Stage

Queue is used to pass data from save

stage to FFT Loop#2

  • FFT Loop #2

  • Performs FFT-based spectral measurements

  • on target frequency response

  • Obtains peak frequency and calculates

  • target distance(m) from pointer.

  • -Calculates target latitude and longitude.

  • - Saves calculated values as a .kml file

  • G.E. Loop #3

  • Opens .kml file

  • Plots calculated latitude and longitude on

  • Google Earth

  • target distance(m).

  • -Also calculates target latitude and longitude

  • Features

  • - Scan Targets

  • - Keeps track of the total # of captured data shots per day and per button activation

  • - Polar plot gives us topographical pointer position

  • Only plots target on Google Earth if target return is greater then set filter value

Program Front Panel

Program Block Diagram

Main Loop #1

FFT Loop #2

Goggle Earth Loop #3

Coherent Lidar Methods

2007 Deployment

Challenges: Relentless Heat, Pounding Sunshine, Dust, Bugs, Snakes and Wild Dogs

Choosing Vehicle

Wanted This

FY08, funding issues made us move from this platform to

Got This

Retrofitting Cargo Container

  • Some of the task performed

  • during construction included

  • - Welding

  • - Electricity

  • Install Insulation

  • Cut holes

  • Install floor

  • Install wood panels

David Kozlowski

Jose Linares

Steve Beck

Mike Williams

Coherent LIDAR Container

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