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Welcome to the World of Marketing
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Welcome to the World of Marketing Creating and Delivering Value. Chapter Objectives. Understand who marketers are, where they work, and marketing’s role in the firm Explain what marketing is and how it provides value to everyone involved in the marketing process

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Welcome to the World of Marketing Creating and Delivering Value

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Welcome to the world of marketing creating and delivering value

Welcome to the World of Marketing

Creating and Delivering Value

Chapter objectives

Chapter Objectives

  • Understand who marketers are, where they work, and marketing’s role in the firm

  • Explain what marketing is and how it provides value to everyone involved in the marketing process

  • Understand the range of services and goods that are marketed

  • Understand value from the perspectives of customers, producers, and society

  • Explain the basics of marketing planning and the marketing mix tools used in the marketing process

  • Explain the evolution of the marketing concept

Real people real choices decision time at ron jon surf shop inc

Real People, Real Choices: Decision Time at Ron Jon Surf Shop, Inc.

How to advertise Ron Jon’s at airports?

  • Option 1: rental car advertising

  • Option 2: wall-mounted backlit photographs (dioramas)

  • Option 3: escalator “gateways”

Welcome to a branded world

Welcome to a Branded World

“Brand You”

  • You are a product and have “market value” as a person

  • You “position” yourself for a job

  • Don’t “sell yourself short”

  • You package & promote yourself

The who where of marketing

The Who & Where of Marketing

  • Marketers:

    • Are real people who make choices that affect themselves, their companies, & millions of consumers (see “Real People, Real Choices”)

    • Work cross-functionally within the firm

    • Enjoy exciting, diverse careers

The value of marketing

The Value of Marketing

  • Definition of marketing (AMA, 2004)

    • An organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders

Marketing is about meeting needs

Marketing Is about Meeting Needs

  • Meeting the needs of diverse stakeholders

    • Buyers, sellers, investors, community residents, citizens

  • Marketing concept

    • Identifying consumer needs and providing products that satisfy those needs

  • The modern marketplace

    • a mall, a mail-order catalog, a TV shopping network, an eBay auction, or an e-commerce Web site

Marketing is about creating utility

Marketing Is about Creating Utility

  • Utility: the sum of the benefits we receive from using a product/service

    • Form utility

    • Place utility

    • Time utility

    • Possession utility

Marketing is about exchange relationships

Marketing Is about Exchange Relationships

  • An exchange occurs when something is obtained for something else in return, like cash for goods or services

    • Buyer receives product that satisfies need

    • Seller receives something of equivalent value

The evolution of marketing

The Evolution of Marketing

  • The Production Era

  • The Selling Era

  • The Consumer Era

  • The New Era

The production era

The Production Era

  • Focus on the most efficient ways to make and distribute products, like Henry Ford’s Model T & Ivory soap

  • Marketing plays an insignificant role

The selling era

The Selling Era

  • Focus on one-time sales of goods rather than repeat business

  • Marketing viewed as a sales function

The consumer era

The Consumer Era

  • Focus on satisfying customers’ needs and wants

  • Marketing becomes more important in the firm

  • Total Quality Management (TQM) widely followed in marketing community

The new era make money and act ethically

The New Era: Make Money and Act Ethically

  • Focus on building long-term bonds with customers.

  • Marketing uses customer relationship management (CRM) to track consumers’ preferences and tailor the value proposition to each individual

The new era focusing on social benefits

The New Era: Focusing on Social Benefits

  • Social marketing concept: satisfy customers’ needs and also benefit society

  • Sustainability: meeting present needs and ensuring that future generations can meet their needs

The new era focusing on accountability

The New Era: Focusing on Accountability

* Measuring how much value is created by marketing activities

  • ROI (Return on Investment) is the direct financial impact of a firm’s expenditure of resources such as time or money

What can be marketed

What Can Be Marketed?

From serious goods and services to fun things

  • Goods and services mirror changes in popular culture

  • Marketing messages may communicate myths of a culture

    Product: any good, service, or idea

  • Consumer goods/services

  • Business-to-business goods/services

  • Not-for-profit marketing

  • Idea, place, and people marketing

The marketing of value

The Marketing of Value

  • Value: the benefits a customer receives from buying a good or service

  • Marketing communicates the value proposition: a marketplace offering that fairly and accurately sums up the value that the customer will realize if he/she purchases product/service

Value from the customer s perspective

Value from the Customer’s Perspective

  • The ratio of costs to benefits

  • Value proposition includes the whole bundle of benefits the firm promises to deliver, not just the benefits of the product itself

Value from the seller s perspective

Value from the Seller’s Perspective

  • Value for the seller takes many forms

    • Making a profitable exchange

    • Earning prestige among rivals

    • Taking pride in doing what a company does well

    • Nonprofits: motivating, educating, or delighting the public

Calculating the value of a customer

Calculating the Value of a Customer

  • Single transactions don’t provide companies with the value they desire

  • Lifetime value of a customer: How much profit a company expects from a customer’s purchases now and in the future

Providing value to stakeholders

Providing Value to Stakeholders

  • Competitive advantage: The ability of a firm to outperform the competition by providing customers with a benefit the competition cannot provide

Adding value through the value chain

Adding Value throughthe Value Chain

  • Value chain: a series of activities involved in designing, producing, marketing, delivering, and supporting any product

    • Inbound logistics

    • Operations

    • Outbound logistics

    • Marketing final product

    • Service

Consumer generated value from audience to community

Consumer-Generated Value:From Audience to Community

  • Everyday people generating value instead of just buying it

    • People functioning in marketing roles: creating ads, providing input into new products, or serving as retailers

Value from society s perspective

Value from Society’s Perspective

  • How marketing transactions add or subtract value from society

  • Stressing ethics/social responsibility is often good business in the long run

The dark side of marketing

The Dark Side of Marketing

* Marketers

  • Illegal activities such as “bait and switch”

  • Products that encourage antisocial behavior


  • Terrorism

  • Addictive consumption

  • Exploited people

  • Illegal activities

  • Shrinkage

  • Anticonsumption

Marketing as a process

Marketing as a Process

  • Marketing planning

    • Analyzing the marketing environment

    • Developing a marketing plan

    • Deciding on a market segment

    • Choosing the marketing mix -- product, price, promotion, and place

How it worked out at ron jon surf shop

How It Worked Out at Ron Jon Surf Shop

Bill choose option 2: wall-mounted backlit photographs (dioramas)

  • Opened a small store in the Orlando Airport adjacent to the very busy food court

  • Surf and sales are up at Ron Jon!

Keeping it real fast forward to decision time at qode

Keeping It Real: Fast-Forward to Decision Time at Qode

  • Meet Rick Szatkowski of NeoMedia Technologies

  • Qode links your cell phone to the Web when you enter a keyword or click a SmartCode.

  • Example: A code on a movie poster plays a trailer for the movie

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