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Development Management Aoife Brangan Senior Executive Planner. Issues arising/Actions taken from 2009 Planning agents briefing. Issue of “Please contact “ on FI requests Action – This has been addressed with the Service Departments and is being reduced to a minimum

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Development Management Aoife Brangan Senior Executive Planner

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Development Management

Aoife Brangan

Senior Executive Planner

Issues arising/Actions taken from 2009 Planning agents briefing

  • Issue of “Please contact “ on FI requests

    Action – This has been addressed with the Service Departments and is being reduced to a minimum

  • Matters arising in CFI requests that have not been part of previous FI requests

    Action – It is not policy to introduce matters in CFI requests which have not been part of previous FI requests. However, in exceptional circumstances there may be a note to the applicant for information to further assist decision making

  • PA looking for FI as reluctance to refuse planning permission

    Action – Volume of FI has been reduced by 36% when comparing the periods February 2008/February 2009 to February 2009/February 2010

  • Rear Boundary TreatmentsAction – Policy included in draft County Development Plan (Section 19.4.4)

    • Rear – 1.8m high – capped rendered concrete block or brick

    • Sides – 1.8 – 2m solid block, capped and plastered on both sides

  • Status of LAP for Ballymore Eustace

    Action –Village plan for Ballymore Eustace included in draft County Development Plan

  • Put a validation checklist together and put on the web

    Action – Validation checklist has been compiled and placed on the web

  • Can the same planner that deals with the pre-planning deal with the application when it’s submitted

    Action – Where possible this is done but is dependent on availability of staff resources.

  • Can the notes from pre-planning meetings be sent out to the agents?

    Action – The notes taken at pre-planning meeting are not sent out as they form part of the planning file once a planning application is submitted.

  • Publicise the fact we will phase levy payments

    Action – Director previously confirmed that any reasonable phased payment proposals will be considered by the Planning Authority. The Development Contribution scheme is currently under review and it is proposed that the draft will be on public display in September as the new scheme must be in place by February 2011.

  • Conflicting conditions in planning permissions

    Action – This item is the subject of ongoing review by the Development Management section in conjunction with the service departments.

  • Relaxation of Local Need conditions

    Action – Submissions of this nature are assessed on a case by case basis having regard to the 2005 County Development Plan

  • Accepting planning applications “electronically”

    Action – Matter to be considered by the Planning Section. Currently Dublin City Council is accepting planning applications electronically for extensions and smaller type applications only. The DoEHLG are currently reviewing the matter vis-a-vis the Regulations.

  • Design guidance for rural area in Kildare (similar to Cork book)

    Action – Urban & rural design guidance included in the Draft County Development Plan

  • Osberstown Waste Water Treatment Plant - lack of capacity holding up development.

    Action – This project has now been identified for funding under the Water Services Investment Programme and its delivery is a priority for the Council

Update on on-line access

to planning files

Declan Loakman

Chief Technician


Current availability of files online

  • Since the document management system PcDoc was introduced in mid 2001, approximately 23,300 files have been scanned into the system.

  • These files are also indexed to I-Plan and are therefore available online.

Additional files to be uploaded to system

  • Files for years 1964 to 1970 have been converted from the microfiche jackets into digital image format and are available for upload.

    The approximate number of files is 5,500

  • Files from years 1971 to 1991

    • All of the available microfiche files for this period, have also been converted to digital image format and are ready for upload to the system.

      The approximate number is 30,500.

    • The total number of files available for upload is in the order of 36,000

Prior to uploading additional files, two further issues will be addressed.

Document Management System

  • The current system PcDoc, has been the repository for all scanned planning file data since mid 2001.

    However, the IT department are currently changing from this system to the LGCSB version, called I-Docs. This is the preferred DMS for the vast majority of County Councils. It is anticipated that this new system will shortly be in place.

Upgrade to I-Plan Database for years 1964 to 1987

  • As you are aware, the existing database only contains file records from 1987 to present day. It is therefore necessary to upgrade I-Plan to allow for the indexation of the additional files going back to 1964, into the system.

  • This work is at an advanced stage, with the data about to be transferred to the IT department over the coming weeks.

Estimated Completion Date

Additional files should be available online by December 2010

Planning Register

Digi-Search Manager

The planning department have arranged colour scanning of all of the historical mapping, register books and administrative card index into one archive.

This data has also been assimilated into a software package, which will become available for use at the public counter area shortly. This will allow you to carry out planning searches electronically.

It is intended that this system will eventually replace the paper based method currently in use.


EPA and KCC requirements

Michael Kenny

Senior Planner

New EPA Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e < 10). (2009)

  • came in to force in January 2010

  • is a legal code of practice - replaces previous guidance document

  • gets its legal status through the Building Regs. -reference to SR6 in the Building Regs. will be replaced

  • KCC website contains the most up to date information in relation to Environment Section’s requirements for new applications. Please refer to the information on the site before submitting application.

Main requirements are:

  • Agents must have the Fas (Fetac) Site Suitability accreditation and a suitable qualification (as before)

  • shall carry out all site assessments to the new Code of Practice (applies to all assessments carried out after 8th January 2010.

  • shall use the new format electronic Site Characterisation Form (with auto-checking on computations) as issued by the EPA to accompany the Code of Practice - (available from EPA and KCC website)

  • Approved assessors are asked to update their skills to encompass the new manual and encouraged to avail of any 'upskilling' Fas courses on the new Code of Practice.

Validation of Planning Applications

  • To expedite processing of applications, to comply with the requirements of Article 22 (2) (c) of the 2006 Planning Regulations and to reduce F.I’s information is required on any site effluent treatment system proposed and evidence as to suitability of site for system.

  • Planning applications for one-off dwellings should include a Site Characterization Form and a Site Suitability Report

  • Applications for one-off dwellings submitted without a Site Characterization Form and without a Site Suitability Report (or both) will be deemed invalid

Raising of individual sites - Policy and procedure

Council’s planning policy in relation to raising of sites is being reviewed and

will be finalised in the new County Development Plan.


  • Planning application required to raise site and permission does not pre-judge outcome of a subsequent planning application for development on the site e.g. house.

  • Application for waste permit also required independent of and prior to any subsequent (planning) application for development of the site.

  • Raise site

  • Site assessments in relation to provision of a wastewater treatment system carried out on the raised site for subsequent planning application. (Initial testing of the unraised site may also yield useful information for the final assessment.)

  • Planning application to develop raised site

Disability Access Update

Willie Hannigan

Senior Executive Engineer

Disability Access Certificates (DAC’s)

  • The building Control Act 2007 amended the 1990 Act to make provision for the requirement for a Disability Access Certificate (DAC) for certain building types.

  • The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009 amended The Building Control Regulations 1997 to make provision for the processing of Disability Access Certificates.

  • Article 20 D (1) of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009 sets out the works or buildings which require a DAC.

  • Effectively every building/works that require a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) now requires a (DAC).

  • The DAC requirement came into effect on the 1st January 2010.

  • Works may commence on a building prior to obtaining a DAC. However, the building may not open, operate or be occupied unless a DAC has been granted.

  • Same fee for every DAC (€800).

  • Fee for FSC is based on floor area of development.

  • Article 20 D (3) (a) of the 2009 Regulations sets out the format that the application for a DAC must take.

  • Application forms are available in the Planning Department section of the website.

  • Article 20 D (3) (b) of the 2009 Regulations sets out the documents and plans that must accompany an application for a DAC

  • Two sets of documentation are required and documentation must demonstrate compliance with Technical Guidance Document Part M 2000 – Access for People With Disabilities.

  • Up to end of May 2010, 27 applications for DAC were received by KCC.

  • A Site Location Plan

  • A Site Layout Plan - highlighting the extent of the works and where appropriate, showing car parking particularly with relation to disabled car parking spaces and the route from these spaces to the building clearly defined.

  • Detailed Floor Plans, and Elevations

  • Sections showing all relevant levels, internally throughout the building and externally – footpaths, car park levels etc.

  • Any other drawings considered relevant to detail compliance with Part M.

  • A detailed report firstly identifying the scope of the Report and the Documents complied with i.e. Part M of the Building Regulations 2000 and if used “Buildings For Everyone” by the National Disability Authority, etc..

  • The works to which the application relates should be identified and described. Identify the nature and extent of the proposed use and, where appropriate the existing use of the building concerned.

  • Once the scope of the report has been identified and the works described the report then takes the layout of Building Regulations Part M and goes through the relevant sections, section by section and identifies how the works will comply with each of the requirements.

  • The Building Control Authority in considering the application is restricted to considering only the extent to which the works complies with the requirements of Part M 2000.

  • However, we do hope to achieve a higher level of compliance with applicants taking into account some of the wider considerations of the revised Part M, which has not yet been adopted, also taking into account some of the recommendations of the National Disabilities Authority “Building for Everyone”, as best practice

  • Article 20 E (1) of the 2009 Regulations makes provision for a revised DAC where significant revisions are made to the design of works.

Fire Safety Update

Willie Hannigan

Senior Executive Engineer

  • The building Control Act 2007 amended the 1990 Act to make provision for a Seven Day Notice, Revised Fire Safety Certificate and Regularisation Certificate

  • These provisions came into effect on 1st October 2009

  • Article 20 A of the Building Control Regulations 1997 as amended by The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009 sets out the procedure for submission of a 7 Day Notice to a Building Control Authority where a person intends to commence work on the construction of a building before grant of the relevant Fire Safety Certificate. A commencement notice will no longer be required if a 7 day notice is obtained

  • The fee for a Seven Day Notice is €250 or €5.80 per square metre of floor area provided, whichever is the greater

  • Article 20 B of the Building Control Regulations 1997 as amended by The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009 provides for a Revised Fire Safety Certificate in respect of works where-

    • an application for a FSC is made before grant of planning permission and changes are required by the subsequent permission, or

    • where significant revision is made to the design or works of a building for which a FSC has already been granted.

  • The fees for a Revised Disability Access Certificate Application are the same as Fire Safety Certificate Application fees.

    • Article 20 C of the Building Control Regulations 1997 as amended by The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009 sets out the requirements for a Regularisation Certificate where a building has been commenced or completed without a Fire Safety Certificate where such certificate is required, or without the submission of a 7 Day Notice. The Regularisation Certificate will not have effect unless any conditions (including conditions regarding the carrying out of additional works) required by the Authority are carried out within a period of 4 months from the grant of the Certificate

    • The fee for a Regularisation Certificate Application is €500 or €11.60 per square metre of floor area provided, whichever is the greater

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