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A. Identities of Unemployed Youth

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A. Identities of Unemployed Youth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Title: Anti Youth Unemployment Organization Team Name: Anti Youth Unemployment (AYU) Country: Cambodia School: Royal University of Phnom Penh. 1. Experience & Discover. A. Identities of Unemployed Youth. Age: 14 – 29 Gender: Male & Female

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Title: Anti Youth Unemployment Organization Team Name: Anti Youth Unemployment (AYU)Country: CambodiaSchool: Royal University of Phnom Penh

a identities of unemployed youth

1. Experience & Discover

A. Identities of Unemployed Youth
  • Age: 14 – 29
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Education background: School-dropper, finished either 6th & 9th grade, high school and university graduate.
  • Family information: Low and middle class.
  • Philosophy: Education is not a good investment.
  • Beliefs & Traditions: Strongly obedient
b effect of unemployment on youth in cambodia
B. Effect of Unemployment on Youth in Cambodia:
  • People live under the poverty line.
  • The number of worker immigration has increased.
  • Youth are forced to do the job which neither is in their expertise nor in their dream.
  • Unemployment forces youth to commit crime and other wrong doings.
  • Depression and stress have been an issue among unemployed youth.
c causes of youth unemployment in cambodia
C. Causes of Youth Unemployment in Cambodia:
  • Lack of functional and practical skills provided in the education system.
  • White-collar positions are preferably offered to expiate candidates.
  • Poverty offers youth no choice, but dropping out of school.
  • The urbanization process runs in a slow pace at the rural areas, providing less job opportunities for youth.
  • There is a lack of social and networking skills among those coming from countryside.
  • The practice of Nepotism still exists in Cambodian job market.
2 the finding of solution
2. The Finding of Solution

A. Solutions:

  • We believe in “butterfly effect”. In order to make big changes, we shall start from something small. Something within the community.
  • We are planning to create an organization under the title “Anti Youth Unemployment organization”, as a contributor to solve youth unemployment in Cambodia.
b what is anti youth unemployment organization
B. What is Anti Youth Unemployment organization?
  • An independent and non-governmental youth organization. Working to solve youth unemployment issue in Cambodia by providing two assisting services to youth:

a. Student Loans

b. Recruitment Service

a student loans
a. Student Loans
  • It is found that because Cambodian youth is lack of practical skills and equal education that they failed to find a job for themselves.
  • AYU encourages youth to enroll in vocational training or even higher education by providing loans from 50% to 70% within a period of 2 years after graduation.
b recruitment service
b. Recruitment Service
  • After students have come to AYU for the loans, after their graduation, AYU will help them finding a suitable jobs through our networks:
  • NGOs
  • Governmental agencies
  • Private companies

NOTICE: To promote the work of AYU, a radio program will be created to reach our target listener --- youth. Therefore, they will there is a hope!

3 planned results outcomes
3. Planned Results & Outcomes
  • Indicating the effects:
  • Radio program can reach more than 13 million people in Cambodia.
  • AYU expect to engage youth up to 9.8 million nationally equal to 70% of the total population14 million (the Human Rights Center at the University of California at Berkeley.)
  • The target group is from 18 – 29, both from rural area and the city, because radio is the most accessible information transmitter.

B. The desired outcomes:

  • People/Parents realize the essence of the education and the relation with prospective job.
  • The number of school enrollment increases by borrowing from our loans.
  • Young people with practical skills and fresh graduates can find a job through our recruitment service.
  • The rate of unemployment decreases
  • No more people living under the poverty line.