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Xenia Community Schools District Financial Update 2.0

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Xenia Community Schools District Financial Update 2.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Xenia Community Schools District Financial Update 2.0. What events have occurred that have effected the financial picture of the District since last board meeting?. On February 13 & 14 ODE conducted a fiscal analysis for Xenia Community Schools

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What events have occurred that have effected the financial picture of the District since last board meeting?
  • On February 13 & 14 ODE conducted a fiscal analysis for Xenia Community Schools
  • As I reported at last month’s board meeting the 1st February Foundation payment had an annual decrease in state aid of $576,952.93
  • On the 2nd Foundation Payment we had an annual increase in state aid of $321,543.27 but had an additional reduction of $221,187.35 for negative open enrollment and a reduction of $46,752.67 for positive open enrollment
history of general fund how we got here
History of General Fund & how we got here

FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11

Revenue $45,917,746 $46,409,607 *$45,584,043 **$47,693,011

Expenditures $44,634,090 $46,859,071 $49,458,238 $49,847,752

Excess (Shortfall) $ 641,199 ($ 344,047)($ 3,724,544) ($ 2,113,393)

Unenc. balance $ 7,729,046 $ 7,372,007 $ 3,442,450 $ 1,409,476

* In FY10 we received $1,223,057 for Federal Stimulus monies.

** We elected to book an advance of real estate tax collection of $887,975 for FY12, in FY11. We also received $1,488,020 for federal stimulus monies.

major consolidations and restructuring

7 Elementary Buildings consolidated into five buildings

Students returned to “home schools” resulting in significant transportation cuts

56 teacher positions cut (15.5%)

5 administrative positions cut (17.9%)

32 classified positions cuts (12.9%)

Major Consolidations and Restructuring
the district has frozen trimmed and cut whenever possible

Reclaiming the operation of pre-school

Zero percent pay increase (base pay) for all employees FY ‘11

Absolute Pay freeze for teachers, classified, and administrators for two years, NO raise, NO step increase

Health care concessions from teachers, classified, and administrators; all pay at least 15% of health care

Removed most spouses from the district health care plan

All staff have significant, increased out-of-pocket costs for health care. This is a substantial savings to the district.

The district has frozen, trimmed, and cut whenever possible
further reductions in fy 12

Reduction of the Elementary Curriculum Supervisor for the remainder of the year

Reduction of one School Nurse

Principal substitute at Spring Hill for the remainder of the year

Eliminated Personnel Specialist (unclassified)

Eliminated EMIS/Book-keeper position (unclassified)

Eliminated Technology Specialist for the remainder of the year

Further Reductions in FY ‘12
further reductions in fy 121
Further Reductions in FY ‘12
  • Bus routes; redrawn (more positions eliminated)
  • Interim Transportation Coordinator
  • Substitute Drivers on routes
  • Custodial: Interim Coordinator
  • Any open positions: subbing for 90 days (per contract)
  • Utilize ground crews in lieu of paying subs
  • Examining contracts and switching vendors
the rainy day fund is depleted as of 06 30 12
The “rainy day” fund is depleted as of 06/30/12
  • We have to cut or raise approximately $2.1 million before 06/30/2013.
  • As you can see, the District deficit has not occurred overnight.
  • Despite cutting over $8.6 million from the District budget for last two years, we are still looking at a $2,100,000 shortage at 06/30/2013.
stop the negative trend
Stop the Negative trend

Xenia Community Schools has three options:

1. Place a levy on the ballot to raise additional monies.

2. Drastically cut expenditures that have not

already been reduced.

3. A combination of raising new monies by

passing a levy and reducing additional


possible future levy dates
Possible Future Levy Dates

There are currently two levy dates available for Xenia Community School in the 2012 calendar year:

August 7, 2012

November 6, 2012

august 7 2012 facts deadlines
August 7, 2012 Facts & Deadlines

To go on the August ballot it could cost the District approximately $31,500 ($750 for 42 precincts)

Income tax Levy Emergency Levy

1st resolution 04/27/2012 05/04/2012

2nd resolution 05/09/2012 05/09/2012

november 6 2012 facts deadlines
November 6, 2012 Facts & Deadlines

Less cost for election expenses due to the fact this it is a regular election

Income tax Levy Emergency Levy

1st resolution 07/27/2012 08/03/2012

2nd resolution 08/08/2012 08/08/2012

possible levy options
Possible Levy Options
  • Additional School District Traditional Income Tax Levy
  • Replacement of current School District Traditional Income Tax Levy with a School District Earned Income Tax Levy
  • Additional millage from an Emergency Levy
  • Combination of two of the above mentioned options
emergency levy
Emergency Levy
  • Is a fixed dollar property tax levy. This means that the monies collected do not increase with inflation.
  • Levy collection would not start until after 01/01/2013.
  • Can be levied for 10 years or less.
what is a mill how much do we need when will it be collected
What is a Mill, how much do we need & when will it be collected?
  • A mill is estimated to collect approximately $675,000.
  • We will need to run a 6.75 mill levy to eliminate the current projected deficit.
  • For a home owner whose home value is $50,000 this would calculate to a $77.52 increase, annually.
  • Collection will not begin until after January 1, 2013 whether the levy is passed in August or November.
income tax levy
Income Tax Levy
  • Income tax is separate from federal, state and municipal taxes that are specifically used to support the school district.
  • The income tax must be approved by residents of the school district and it can only tax those residents.
  • There are two types of tax bases for school income tax: Traditional & Earned Income.
  • The tax can only be collected in quarter (0.25%) percent increments.
traditional income tax levy
Traditional Income Tax Levy
  • Uses the same income base as the state’s income tax. (This is the tax that Our District currently collects at a .5% rate.)
  • All income is taxed other than the following: social security; disability & survivor benefits; railroad retirement; welfare; child support; property received as a gift; bequest or inheritance; & workers compensation.
traditional income tax levy cont
Traditional Income Tax Levy (cont.)
  • To collect the dollars needed to sustain the current services that we provide, we would need to place an additional 0.75% traditional income tax levy on the ballot.
  • This amount is currently estimated to collect an additional $4,749,712 per year when fully collected.
earned income tax
Earned Income Tax
  • Collection of this form of tax would include only earned income & self-employment income of the residents of the School District.
  • This tax excludes all other types of income that would be taxable under the traditional income tax.
  • This tax also excludes certain adjustments to income; IRA contributions, self-employment health insurance deductions, alimony payments & does not allow personal exemptions.
earned income tax cont
Earned Income Tax (cont.)
  • To replace the amount that we collect with our traditional income tax and collect the additional needed funds, we would need to replace our .50% traditional income levy with a 1.50% earned income tax levy.
  • This amount is currently estimated to collect a total of $7,924,358 per year when fully collected.
the time is now
The time is now
  • When do we go on the ballot?
  • What type of levy do we want on the ballot?
  • What can we do to keep the District solvent?
let s remember we are here for the kids
Let’s remember we are here for the kids.
  • Our decisions highly impact the learning process for our students.
  • Our community and children are depending on us.
  • “When you confront a problem you begin to solve it.” – Rudy Giuliani