Generator services review and planning meeting
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Generator Services review and planning meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Generator Services review and planning meeting. Witek Pokorski 25 .04.2012. Outline. General news Progress reports and plans GENSER and validation collaboration with LPCC ( MCPLOTS, P. Skands ) HepMC Summary Discussion. General news.

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Generator services review and planning meeting

Generator Services review and planning meeting

Witek Pokorski



  • General news

  • Progress reports and plans

    • GENSER and validation

    • collaboration with LPCC (MCPLOTS, P. Skands)

    • HepMC

  • Summary

  • Discussion

General news
General news

  • new mailing list for all Generator Services announcements

  • MCDB subproject stopped in the context of Generator Services

    • CMS was the only user

    • mid 2011 CMS decided to migrate away from MCDB

    • with no production use from any of the experiment, our support for MCDB has been dropped

      • project still running but not in the context Generator Services

Genser progress report 1 2
GENSER - Progress report (1/2)

  • moved to SVN completed (internal scripts)

  • ~50 new generators/versions installed over the last year

    • experiments regularly requesting new generators

      • installation done according to the needs

  • platforms

    • i686-slc5-gcc43-opt, x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt

    • x86_64-mac106-gcc42-opt, i386-mac106-gcc42-op

      • builds for MacOSX still a bit of a problem

Genser progress report 2 2
GENSER - Progress report (2/2)

  • new degree of freedom needed to be introduced: version of HepMC

    • MCGenerators_hepmc2.03.11, MCGenerators_hepmc2.06.05, 06, 07, 08

  • LCGCMT configuration with generator interfaces pointing to MCGenerators_HepMC2.06.XX for CMT users

    • configurable using $(HepMC_config_version) variable

  • rpath issue has been raised in the context of CVMFS

    • problems seems to come from autotools (autolib)

      • Anton K. has a script which solves it (used successfully in MCPLOTS)

  • issue of _dbg platforms (links) recently raised

Genser open questions
GENSER – Open questions

  • when do we drop 2.03.11?

  • how many versions of HepMC to support?

  • can we come up with an 'official' list of generators we build on MacOSX?

  • what do we do with rpath?

    • can we consider applying Anton's script (used in MCPLOTS) as a solution?

  • can we handle _dbg platforms at the level of CMT requirement files?

Genser plans
GENSER - Plans

  • continue installation of new generators/versions

  • implement tests for new generators

  • internal for GENSER:

    • organization of _hepmc trees

      • separation in AFS volumes

    • finalization of MCGenerators_hepmcxxx installation tool

Validation progress report
Validation - Progress report

  • regression tests available for more than 90% of generators

  • tests results linked from the table of generators

  • HepMC Analysis Tool based regression testing now done for the new versions of several most important generators

    • some improvements needed in the generating script

    • need to review the dependency on MCPLOTS scripts

    • physics validation done very extensively (and very well) by MCPLOTS

      • Rivet-based analysis for validation against LHC (and older) data

Mcplots p skands
MCPLOTS (P. Skands)

  • very nice collaboration between Generator Services and LPCC

Validation plans
Validation - Plans

  • implement missing regression tests for recently added generators

  • extend existing regression tests for better coverage

  • improve GENSER interface to HepMC Analysis Tool

  • continue testing and checking, but main validation done by MCPLOTS (P.Skands)

    • LPCC funding very appreciated

Hepmc status lynn garren
HepMC – StatusLynn Garren

  • 2011-12-06    HepMC 2.06.06 Add the ability to build with cmake (preferred for MacOSX) Remove fio/ and inline getPythiaCrossSection (bug #88376) Move Pythia and Herwig examples to examples/fioexample_BuildEventFromScratch does not use CLHEP vectors

  • 2012-01-11    HepMC 2.06.07 Cmake is now the preferred build method for all platforms.fix a typo in the error report for GenEvent::use_length_unit (sr #125496)Local variables in some headers have been renamed to avoid warnings when compiling with -Wshadow: GenParticle.h, GenVertex.h, PdfInfo.h, SimpleVector.h, SimpleVector.icc (sr #125483)add examples/pythia8

  • 2012-02-16    HepMC 2.06.08 because of requested changes in 2.06, IO_GenEvent::use_input_units() was not setting units for an input stream. This bug affected only 2.06.x and is now fixedGenEvent::define_units() can be used when the units in an event do not match the default units. Define_units() does not convert momenta or length.Add more testing of the Units functionality.

Hepmc outstanding requests
HepMC Outstanding requests

Lynn Garren

  • Reduce size of events by selecting only "interesting" particles.  Have to make sure remaining particles are attached to the appropriate vertex.  Some vertices may become superfluous.   Otherwise, fairly straightforward

  • Rework HepMC data members so they play nicely with root.  Definitely can be done. Exploring options. 

Milestones from last meeting
Milestones from last meeting







Manpower situation
Manpower situation

  • technical student Anton P. finished his studentship end of January 2012

  • current situation

    • LCG Russia: 16 months FTE per year

    • WP: 0.1 FTE

    • L. Garren – HepMC, external contribution from FERMILAB

  • this is the minimum needed to run routinely Generator Services

  • very valuable support from LPCC for the development of MCPLOTS


  • project running routinely

    • GENSER stable

    • testing constantly extended

  • collaboration with MCPLOTS (P. Skands)

    • testing of beta versions of generators

    • comparison to LHC data

  • looking forward to definitely retire HepMC 2.03

  • ROOT I/O developments in HepMCongoing