ab an binary vs water pressure
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Ab-An Binary vs. Water Pressure

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Ab-An Binary vs. Water Pressure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ab-An Binary vs. Water Pressure. Johannes, 1978; Morse, 1980. Hypersolvus vs. Subsolvus Granites. Yoder et al., 1957; Morse, 1970. An-Ab-Kfsp Ternary - Flattened. An-Kfsp Binary. Ab-Kfsp Binary. An-Ab Binary. Nekvasil & Lindsley, 1990; Brown, 1993. Intersection of Liquidus Surfaces.

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ab an binary vs water pressure
Ab-An Binary vs. Water Pressure

Johannes, 1978; Morse, 1980

hypersolvus vs subsolvus granites
Hypersolvus vs. Subsolvus Granites

Yoder et al., 1957; Morse, 1970

an ab kfsp ternary flattened
An-Ab-Kfsp Ternary - Flattened

An-Kfsp Binary

Ab-Kfsp Binary

An-Ab Binary

Nekvasil & Lindsley, 1990; Brown, 1993

intersection of liquidus surfaces
Intersection of Liquidus Surfaces

Temperature falls

from E toward M

in Thermal Valley


An-Ab-Kfsp Perspective

Solvus or Miscibility Gap

feldspar tielines
Feldspar Tielines

Rhyolite Pumice


Smith & Carmichael, 1969; Fuhrman & Lindsley, 1988; Best et al., 1995

origin of granitoids
Origin of Granitoids
  • Phase equilibria support either that granitoids are either the end product of fractional crystallization of a mafic parent or the partial melt generated from the melting of sialic crust - large corresponding extrusive equivalents suggests large magma chambers of equivalent composition.
  • Field relations suggest that large plutons have diffuse boundaries and many seem to show variable and locally pervasive overprint of subsolidus recrystallization indicative of metamorphic origin.
thermal stability of volatile minerals
Thermal Stability of Volatile Minerals

thermal energy + volatile-rich

mineral = volatile-free or

volatile-poor mineral(s) +

volatile fluid

assessing states of equilibrium
Assessing States of Equilibrium

Disequilibrium states are suggested by the following:

  • Isolated anhedral grains that resulted from partial resorption or dissolution into the melt
  • Reaction rims of one or more phases surrounding another anhedral crystalline phase.
  • Compositionally zoned grains originate through incomplete reaction relations within a single solid solutions, e.g. plagioclase.
  • Presence of minerals or a mineral assemblage that is known to be unstable or unlikely in an evolutionary sense, e.g. Mg-olivine and qtz together.