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Smallpox vaccine in combination with ST-246
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Smallpox vaccine in combination with ST-246. Robert Jordan, Ph.D. SIGA Technologies, Inc. FDA – Public HearingMay 17, 2007. Sentinel Case. Exposure. Rash……………Death. Fever. Incubation. ~ 14 days. ~ 21 days. ~ 3 days. ACAM-2000. MVA. ST-246. Golden Hours. ST-246.

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Smallpox vaccine in combination with ST-246

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Smallpox vaccine in combination with st 246

Smallpox vaccine in combination with ST-246

Robert Jordan, Ph.D.

SIGA Technologies, Inc

FDA – Public HearingMay 17, 2007

Smallpox deployment scenario







~ 14 days

~ 21 days

~ 3 days




Golden Hours


Smallpox Deployment Scenario

Smallpox vaccine in combination with st 246

ST-246 Progress to Date

  • ST-246 is a potent, non-toxic and specific inhibitor of

    orthopoxvirus replication

  • ST-246 is effective in multiple rodent challenge models against

    orthopoxvirus induced pathogenesis and/or disease

  • ST-246 is effective against monkeypox and variola virus in a non-human

    primate model of orthopoxvirus disease

  • ST-246 is orally bioavailable with excellent PK parameters

  • ST-246 IND approved, Fast-Track status granted

  • Orphan Drug Designation for prevention and

    treatment of smallpox approved

  • Human clinical studies with ST-246 are underway


Smallpox vaccine in combination with st 246

Cell-to-Cell Spread

Local Infection

Systemic Spread


ST-246Target is F13L

No Disease*










Mature Virus



Enveloped Virus




*Animals infected in presence of ST-246 develop a protective immune response

Smallpox vaccine in combination with st 246

I.N. vaccinia virus challenge in mice

Dose optimization

No drug


Animal efficacy highlights

Animal Efficacy Highlights

  • ST-246 protects animals from all orthopoxvirus pathogens tested (VV, CPX, ECTV, RPV, MPX, VaV)

  • Addition of ST-246 up to 72h post infection protects animals from disease & death

  • ST-246 reduces viral replication in lung by 6 logs

  • ST-246 treatment in combination with Dryvax elicits a protective immune response.

Smallpox vaccine in combination with st 246

Uses for the ST-246 Smallpox Antiviral

  • Prophylaxis - Prevent disease in non-vaccinated individuals

  • Post-exposure Prophylaxis - Treat non-symptomatic individuals previously exposed to smallpox

  • Therapeutic – Treat individuals exhibiting smallpox disease symptoms

  • Adjunct to Vaccination

    • Use in combination with vaccines to prevent smallpox disease

    • Prevent vaccine-related complications

    • Prevent disease in those populations unable to be vaccinated

Dryvax dermal challenge vehicle treatment

Dryvax Dermal Challenge/Vehicle Treatment

Smallpox vaccine in combination with st 246

Dryvax Dermal Challenge/SIGA-246 Treatment

Cytokine release assay

Cytokine Release Assay

Acute Response

Memory Response

Anti vaccinia igg

Anti-Vaccinia IgG

Acute Response

Memory Response

St 246 dryvax conclusions

ST-246/Dryvax Conclusions

  • Vaccine/ST-246 combination elicits enhanced IFN-gamma responses (primarily attributable to CD8 T cells) at both acute and memory phases of the immune response

  • Vaccine/ST-246 combination elicits equivalent proliferative and humoral responses

  • Vaccine/ST-246 combination elicits equivalent protective immunity

  • ST-246 in combination with a smallpox vaccine could protect individuals from severe disease prior to development of protective immunity

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