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Department of public service and administration
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Department of Public Service and Administration. Presentation to the Portfolio Committee 12 th October 2007. Outline of presentation. Vision and Mission Overview of DPSA Programmes Strategic Outputs for 2006/07 Programme performance 2006/07 HR Performance and indicators

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Department of Public Service and Administration

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Presentation Transcript

Department of public service and administration

Department of Public Service and Administration

Presentation to the

Portfolio Committee

12th October 2007

Outline of presentation

Outline of presentation

  • Vision and Mission

  • Overview of DPSA Programmes

  • Strategic Outputs for 2006/07

  • Programme performance 2006/07

  • HR Performance and indicators

  • Budget allocation and financial performance

  • Concluding remarks

Vision and mission

Vision and Mission

Vision: Global Leader in Public Service Excellence


  • Supporting the Minister in leading public service transformation

  • Providing professional advice and support to ensure public service excellence

  • Promoting good governance nationally, on the African continent and globally

Dpsa programmes

DPSA Programmes

1. Administration

2. Integrated Human Resource Management and

Development (HRM&D)

3. Management of Compensation (MOC)

4. Information and Technology Management (I&TM)

5. Service Delivery Improvement (SDI)

6. Public Sector Anti-corruption (PSAC)

7. International and African Affairs (IAA)

8. Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)


Strategic outputs 2006 07

Strategic outputs2006/07

Programme 1 administration

Programme 1: Administration

  • Leading the Governance and Administration (G&A) Cluster

  • Effective Finance and Security

  • Repositioning of PMD (HR Admin, OD and PM, Employee & LR, EHW & OHS)

  • Consistent Application of Performance Management System

  • Review of Risk Management, controls and governance processes

  • Community Development Workers (CDW) Programme

Programme 2 hrm d

Programme 2 – HRM&D

  • Strategic repositioning of HRM in the public service

  • Review of the Public Service HRD Strategy

  • HR norms and standards for the Single Public Service

  • Sustainable pools

  • Gender and Equality Strategy

  • Job-Access Disability Strategy

  • Employee Health and Wellness Policy Framework

  • Greater Involvement of People Living with AIDS (GIPA)

  • HR module of the IFMS

  • Human Resource Information System

  • HR Planning Strategic Framework

  • Senior Management Service Review


Programme 3 moc

Programme 3 - MOC

  • Management of disputes/legal challenges against the state as employer

  • Advice to cross boundary provinces on personnel matters

  • Conclusion of multi-year wage agreement

  • Implement the remuneration policy

  • Review of SMS remuneration dispensation

  • Develop occupation-specific remuneration dispensations for targeted professionals

  • Implementation of Policy on Incapacity Leave and Ill-health Retirement (PILIR)

  • Review of current leave dispensation

  • Advice on job evaluation and grading

  • Review of the job evaluation coordination process

  • Evaluation of retirement fund arrangements in PS and LG


Programme 4 i tm

Programme 4 – I&TM

  • Deployment of e-IGIS (Inventory of Government Information Systems)

  • Evaluate SITA compliance with shareholder compact

  • Ensure high government systems availability

  • Implementation of Open Source policy and strategy

  • Strengthen GITO Council communications

  • Website co-existence strategy

  • Mobile Track and Trace

  • Investigate existing SA government systems architecture

  • Development of a back-end integration framework


Programme 5 sdi

Programme 5 – SDI

  • Project management of the Single Public Service

  • Policy on public entities

  • Guidance to departments on organisational structures

  • Development of guidelines on staffing norms

  • Implementation of the Access Strategy

  • Cascading Batho Pele to Local Government

  • Development of Service Delivery Improvement Plans

  • Project Khaedu

  • Community Development Worker Programme

  • Support to the DRC: public service census

  • Implementation of research agenda

  • Projects on capacity assessment

  • Learning networks, forums and publications


Programme 6 psac

Programme 6 - PSAC

  • Hosting of Africa Forum and Global Forum V on Anti-corruption

  • Anti-corruption strategy for Single Public Service

  • Anti-corruption communication campaign

  • Anti-corruption research

  • Support to DRC: anti-corruption initiatives

  • Assessing the impact of the National Anti-corruption Framework

Programme 7 iaa

Programme 7 - IAA

  • India-Brazil-South Africa Trilateral Forum

  • Establish a national chapter of AAPAM

  • Establish a SADC governance forum

  • Bilateral and multi-lateral exchanges

Programme 8 pme

Programme 8 - PME

  • Support to Presidency on Government-wide M&E System

  • Implementation of Public Management Watch

Programme performance 2006 07

Programme performance 2006/07


The department has delivered on most of its outputs and preparatory work has commenced in other areas

In addition to delivering on the outputs the department has implemented projects emanating from the July 2006 Lekgotla.


Programme 2 hrm d1

Programme 2 – HRM&D

  • HR user requirements for IFMS developed

  • A sustainable pools programme for accelerating the development of identified middle managers for promotion to senior management was developed

  • A scarce skills framework was developed

  • The framework was implemented in selected departments, including provincial health departments

  • The draft Health and Wellness policy framework was developed and consulted on at the Health and Wellness Indaba in October 2006

  • A capacity building workshop on Health and Wellness was conducted and a report completed

  • 90% of departments submitted workplace skills plans

Programme 3 moc1

Programme 3 – MOC

  • Personnel Expenditure Review completed and wage policy developed

  • Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) was established with the policy objective of ensuring adequate, efficient, cost effective and equitable healthcare coverage to public service employees

  • An investigation into the public servants dispensation based in foreign countries was conducted and a report was submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in December 2006

  • A review of the Post Medical Retirement and development of mechanisms to deal with past discriminatory pension practices are in progress

  • PILIR implemented in the public service

Programme 4 i tm1

Programme 4 - I&TM

  • Disaster Recovery Plans developed and tested

  • The Track and Trace project was implemented in conjunction with the Department of Home Affairs

  • The Citizen Relations Portal (CRP) is in the design phase

  • Batho Pele e-Gateway portal information available in all official languages

  • Cabinet approved Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in the public service

Programme 5 sdi1

Programme 5 - SDI

  • Since inception of Project Khaedu, 885 SMS members have been trained and over 730 trained officials were deployed to the coalface of service delivery.

  • Department completed capacity assessments in key functional areas of the following departments or sectors: health, education, justice and constitutional development, trade and industry, transport, environmental affairs and tourism, and housing

  • CPSI on behalf of Dept Public Works facilitated the implementation of an EPWP learning exchange

Programme 5 sdi cont

Programme 5 - SDI (cont)

  • The 4th annual CPSI Public Sector Innovation Awards were conferred on the 2nd November 2006

  • In partnership with the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management and samdi, the Executive Development Programme in Innovation Management (EDPIM) was conducted for 40 officials from CPSI and the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry

  • Batho Pele Change Management Engagement Programme and training was conducted for 116 municipalities

  • An initial draft of the Services and Citizens’ Rights Information booklet was completed in March 2007

Programme 6 psac1

Programme 6 - PSAC

  • The department, in collaboration with other departments and the Anti-corruption Co-ordinating Committee, developed and distributed guidelines on minimum anti-corruption capacity

  • Dept successfully hosted Africa Forum and Global Forum V on Fighting Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity

Programme 7 iaa1

Programme 7 - IAA

  • The DPSA facilitated the establishment of the Governance and Administration working group within the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) trilateral agreement

  • The Africa Innovation Awards were launched in December 2006.

Programme 8 pme1

Programme 8: PME

  • The Public Management Watch has been implemented across government

  • Development and publication of the Human Resource Utilisation reports

  • Supported the implementation of the Government Wide Monitoring and Evaluation System (GWMES)

Human resource management information 2006 07

Human resource management information 2006/07



  • As at 31 March 2007, the occupancy rate was 384 (79%) out of 486 posts, compared to the same time last year, which was (77.7%) of 386 posts. The vacancy rate was 21% (102 posts), compared to 22.3% last year

Job evaluation

Job evaluation

  • 140 jobs were JE’d this year compared to 70 jobs last year:

    • 41 posts were upgraded and

    • 2 posts were downgraded

    • Balance were newly created posts or the grade was retained

  • The upgrading affected the posts of 26 employees

    • 11 Females; and

    • 15 Males

  • The salaries of 8 employees exceed the grades determined by JE. Four Males and Four Females, 5 Black and 3 White employees. This was done in terms of the Regulations either to attract or retain staff.

  • Employment changes

    Employment changes

    • The annual turnover rate was 22.3%

    • A total of 153 people were appointed and 67 left the department during this period

    Employment changes1

    Employment changes

    • Reasons why employees leave:

      • Resignations (22)

      • Contracts expired (23)

      • Discharged due to ill health (2)

      • Dismissal for misconduct (2)

      • Promotional transfers to other government departments (18)

    Employment equity

    Employment equity

    Background: TARGETS AND STATUS AS AT 31 MARCH 2007

    • 2007 Target for Women in SMS (48%) – status 47.1%

    • 2007 Target for Blacks in SMS (80%) – status 70.1%

    • 2007 Target for Women on L9-L12 (50%) – status 53%

    • 2007 Target for Blacks on L9 – L12 (73%) – status 81%


    Performance rewards

    Performance rewards

    • 99 (33%) employees received performance awards

      • 91 (30.3%) on levels 1-12

      • 8 (2.7%) on Senior Management Service Level

    Foreign workers

    Foreign workers

    • Two employees are foreign workers, one at SMS level and one in MMS



    • Sick leave

      • 233 employees used 1089 normal sick leave days, within the first year of the 3-year sick leave cycle;

      • 207 days of incapacity leave were taken by 14 employees – all leave supported with medical certificates

    • Capped leave

      • Total of 170.34 capped leave days were used by 15 employees

    • Leave payout

      • Leave payout for 7 employees, (total R76,583.49) due to operational reasons;

      • Leave payout for 10 people on termination of service (total: R110,187.58)

    Employee health and wellness

    Employee Health and Wellness

    • SMS member designated to implement Part VI.E of the PSR, Ms Brenda Hendricks, Manager: People Management and Development

    • Qualified practitioner and team promotes an integrated health and wellness programme in the department, Wellness Committee in place

    • Occupational Health and Safety Committee and Wellness Committee in place & holistically deals with occupational health and safety issues

    • Policies are reviewed in line with amendments to PSR

    • Legal frameworks deal with specific measures of discrimination

    • Although the department encourages people to undergo VCT, no records are kept or required

    • M&E part of comprehensive departmental health and wellness policy

    Labour relations

    Labour relations

    • Misconduct, Discipline and Grievances

      • 6 misconduct cases:

        • 1 – procurement irregularities

        • 1 – insubordination

        • 1 – drunk on duty

        • 1 – false accusations

        • 2 – absenteeism

      • 20 grievances cases were resolved and 2 still unresolved

      • 2 disputes settled and 1 case was dismissed

      • 1 employee was suspended

    Skills development

    Skills development

    • Of the 698 skills development interventions identified from the personal development plans of staff, 173 (45%) of the 384 employees received various types of training, 68 Females and 105 Males

    Financial statements 2006 07

    Financial statements2006/07

    Examination of 2006 07 baseline allocation

    Examination of 2006/07 baseline allocation

    Appropriation allocation vs expenditure

    Appropriation allocation vs. expenditure

    Programme expenditure comparison

    Programme Expenditure comparison

    Economic classification comparison

    Economic classification comparison

    Consultants excluding pilir

    Consultants (Excluding PILIR)

    Local and foreign aid assistance expenditure

    Local and foreign aid assistance - expenditure

    Decrease of 107.09%

    Departmental revenue

    Departmental Revenue

    Concluding remarks

    Concluding Remarks

    • The annual report indicates the major achievements for the 2006/07 financial year

    • Where challenges have been identified, strategies to address them have been put in place

    • As a Department we are growing from strength to strength

    Department of public service and administration


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