General meeting 28 january 2010
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General Meeting: 28 January 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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General Meeting: 28 January 2010. Overview.

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General Meeting: 28 January 2010

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General Meeting: 28 January 2010


The president holds ultimate responsibility for effective allocation of efforts of each and every officer/leader/member and other participant (faculty, donors, etc) of EWB-TAMU towards projects that serve and empower of local and international communities.

  • Maintain effective organizational communication

  • Create and maintain momentum, progress and accountability of EWB-TAMU leaders

  • Uphold vision, mission, and values of EWB-TAMU:

    • Facilitate the development of goals, strategies, and objectives for academic year

    • Be an example of integrity and excellence for EWB-TAMU

  • Communicate with faculty advisors and appropriate external contacts in order to update and obtain resources

Positional Responsibilities(President)

  • Reviews and gives authorization on event and project budgets at Exec. meetings

  • Maintains contact with donors

    • Initial interaction

    • Updates (section of newsletter)

    • Acknowledgements/ Thank-You’s

  • Manages account with SOFC and EWB-USA

  • Reimbursements

Positional Responsibilities(VP-Finance)

All moneys and financial transactions are handled by the VP-Finance.

  • Manages fundraising committee efforts

    • Profit-shares

    • Liaison between VP-Finance, corporate fundraising efforts, and fundraising committee

  • Plan donor appreciation events

Positional Responsibilities(Fundraising Chair)

Organizational affairs includes the internal community and the appropriate external advertisement and publicity

  • Promote and publicize EWB-TAMU around campus

    • Newsletter

    • Newspaper articles (Battalion, Eagle, Houston Chronicle)

    • Various TAMU publication (Association of Former Students…)

  • Organize socials

  • Facilitate general meetings

Positional Responsibilities(VP-Organizational Affairs)

  • Serve as liaison between Executive Officers and Project Leads

    • Communicate project updates during Exec. Meetings

  • Engage faculty in the project processes

  • Project Lead training and guidance

    • Ex. GANTT charts, community communication, assessment and implementation trip protocol, documentation.

Positional Responsibilities(VP-Projects)

The primary responsibility for VP-Projects is to guide and direct the efforts of Project Leads towards organized, timely, and effective project implementation and relationships with various communities.

  • Represent the project

    • Authorize meetings with faculty for technical support or resources

    • Presents project developments and challenges at weekly Projects meeting with VP-Projects

  • Facilitates weekly manager meetings

    • Receives managers report and presentation

  • Works closely with logistics crew

  • Develop long-term plan for program

  • Makes final decision where need-be; has ultimate responsibility for project implementation

  • Develops objectives/expectations/deadlinesand delegates to group leads

  • Facilitates community discussions (ex. regularly scheduled teleconference)

Positional Responsibilities(Project Lead)

  • Know what needs to be done short-term

    • Delegation – develop task lists and implement agendas for their respective groups

    • Weekly reports to project lead with updates, developments, and challenges

  • Lead weekly project meetings

  • Directly responsible for specific tasks in design and preparation

Positional Responsibilities(Project Group Manager)

Vision: A world in which all communities has the capacity to meet their basic human needs.

300+ Chapters

12,000+ Members

350 International Projects

45 Countries

EWB-TAMU will deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to real-world problems in order to empower international communities by offering opportunities for the students of Texas A&M University to:

+ Manage international engineering projects,

+ Develop relationships with members of other cultures

+ Create engineering designs,

+ Lead the implementation of those designs, and

+ Initiate the supporting functions of the projects: fundraising, manage finances and establish relationships with faculty and donors

Increase quality of EWB-TAMU service projects through:

  • Improve project structure (meeting schedule + positional responsibilities)

  • Excellent member involvement through communication and documentation

  • Autonomous responsibility and diligent effort

Mission and Goals

  • Timeline- (future trip this summer)

    • Phase I- Foundation and data collection (Jan 2010, $10,754)

    • Phase II- Finishing structure construction

    • Phase III- wastewater management system construction

    • Phase IV- Electrical and Network installation

    • Phase V- Education

  • Financials... so far and in the future ($10,754+)


    • Dr. Jim Morgan!

    • Dr. David Ford, Jon Fripp, Jo Howze, Bob Henry, Joe Beaudette, Dr. Briaud, Dr. Lesikar, Dr. Autenrieth, Our sponsors, the academy…

Costa Rica Project: Long Term Plan 

The Vision- To improve the lives of kids down in San Juan, Costa Rica. (give them education, give them opportunities, give them a better chance!)

Focus: Don’t do this for me, don’t do this for fame or fortune, do it to for the kids. You will get fantastic experience along the way 

Costa Rica Project: Our Motivation

a. Review our progress from last semester

b. Review and learn from Implementation Phase I (the trip we just took)

c. Consolidate and recognize the data collected for this semester's work

d. Fully communicate the goals and mission of the semester to the project members

e. Complete the design of the remainder of the project in a timely manner so that we can attain both EWB-USA and Costa Rican approvals

f. Prepare for the next implementation

g. Designate a travel group, and further define the jobs for the implementation prep.

h. Have fun, Learn, enjoy it!

Summary of Costa Rica Events

Build a prototype version of a soapbox car for the proposed event

Work on Shipping Container Project

Design and construct new exhibits for the children's museum in Bryan.

Design and build a new playground for Scotty's house

Build a shack for “Shack a Thon”

Participate in Big Event

EWB-TAMU Local Projects

EWB-TAMU Soap Box Derby

Be there or be...

  • A semester of preparation

  • Developed our relationship with NGO contact, Marco Rivera.

  • Explored projects at schools, an orphanage, and a community center

  • Collected technical information for design

  • GREAT JOB Fall 2009 Acuña Project Team!

Project Acuña: January Assessment Trip

  • Located near Colonia Morelos – an impoverished community on the outskirts of the city

  • Mission: Help those who cannot help themselves

  • Serves 200 people / weekend by providing:

    • Food, clothes, medical care.

    • Emotional healing

    • Community unity

  • Needs: Increased capacity to serve people

Project Acuña: Community Help Center

Project Scope: Design and implement a facility to store food, clothes, and other supplies for a community help center in Acuña, Mexico.

Project Contraints: transportable, secure, sustainable.


Project Acuña: Storage Facility

Project Acuña: Timeline

Thank You Dr. Ford

Project Structure Project Structure = meeting schedule + positional responsibilities

Better member involvement

Allows for increased training and collaboration

Increases clear and thorough internal AND external communication

Establishes high accountability

Demands better preparation

Manages both short AND long-term planning

Benefits of Project Restructure

EWB-TAMU Involvement

Team Member

Group Manager

Project Lead


1 – 2 hrs/wk

2 – 5 hrs/wk

4 – 7 hrs/wk

5 – 10 hrs/wk

  • Is charity honorable or destructive?  Is the project providing a short-term net positive but a long-term net negative? 

International Project Discussion 1a

The engineer who saves villagers two hours a day by drilling a new well, but failed to ask how that society would use the free time.  Was that culture more likely to use the time to plant more crops or would they spend more time hanging at the local pub?  If they spend more time at the local ‘watering hole,’ what other caustic social problems will arise?  Or did they ask if the time spent going to the well a source of community bonding – much in the way washing clothes in the local river is often a social event which provides strong community bonding? 

International Project Discussion 1b

Is collecting clothing for a distressed population good or bad? 

International Project Discussion 2a

What happens to the local shop owners and tailors when they have to compete with free product?  How long until these vendors lose their businesses and become dependent on charity. Is it accidental that most nations were net exporters of food at the end of WWII, but today many of these same nations have virtually no food production.

International Project Discussion 2b

  • Fundraising Committee

  • Project Acuña

    • Tuesday, February 2nd 6:30 – 8:30 pm

    • CE 221

  • LocalProjects

  • Soap Box Derby

  • Training Officer/committee


How to get involved

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