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3 phases to implementing the Idaho Nutrition Standards

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3 phases to implementing the Idaho Nutrition Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From the Cafeteria to the Classroom: Making Sure Our Kids Eat Idaho State Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs August 5-6, 2010. 3 phases to implementing the Idaho Nutrition Standards. Why implement nutrition standards?.

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From the Cafeteria to the Classroom: Making Sure Our Kids Eat Idaho State Department of EducationChild Nutrition ProgramsAugust 5-6, 2010

why implement nutrition standards
Why implement nutrition standards?
  • December 2007 USDA Policy Memo asked SAs to be proactive in implementing the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • Idaho wanted to set the bar high and encourage schools statewide to meet the most current nutrition recommendations.
  • New USDA standards are coming soon
developed a committee internal and external
Developed a committee:internal and external

Internal Committee

  • SA employees: varied backgrounds

External Committee

  • Made up of food service directors throughout the state. hand picked: experienced, influential, varied school types, willing to voice their truthful opinions.
internal committee
Internal Committee
  • Met several times to discuss and set the actual standards
  • Each member researched areas of nutrition and brought findings to the committee for discussion
  • Set final standards
external committee
External Committee
  • Released a draft of the standards to the external committee
  • Obtained comment and clarification questions from them
  • Most correspondence occurred via online survey (comment on standard, give suggestions)
  • Gathered that feedback and presented to the Internal Committee
external committee1
External Committee
  • Very supportive of making the changes because:
    • Wanted back-up support for serving healthy meals
    • Tired of criticism about school meals
    • Wanted clarity on how to follow the DGAs.
    • Some of the committee requested stricter standards than were proposed
finalizing standards
Finalizing Standards
  • Based on the External Committee’s feedback the Internal Committee set the final standards.
  • The whole process took approximately 4 months.
release the standards
Release the Standards
  • Internal Committee set the final standards
  • Released to schools January 2009
  • Expected implementation August 2009
  • Idaho Standards mirrored the IOM recommendations released in October 2009
materials on the standards
Materials on the Standards

Upon Release

  • Nutrition Standards Chart (1 page summary)- FSD and managers, principals and superintendents
  • Detailed Standards booklet was sent out to FSD only
  • Website- included at that time- booklet, chart and Q and A
additional materials
Additional Materials


Q and A

to website

additional assistance
Additional Assistance
  • Regional and School District trainings
    • Many, many requests so…..
video training
Video Training

Developed and produced online video trainings for the website

phase two contd
Phase Two contd.

Informational brochures: to parents, teachers, administrators and research on the academic benefits of nutritious meals

first school year 09 10
First School Year 09-10
  • Response: overall very positive
    • Have not heard that standards negatively affected meal participation
  • State Superintendent has received positive comments from school administrators
  • Compliments in the SA office
  • Public beginning to understand that school meals are healthy
support for the standards
Support for the Standards
  • Idaho Nutrition Standards are part of the Idaho SA SMI review
  • Unannounced visits to schools as needed
  • Cooking With Whole Grains Workshops
  • Vendor recognition at food shows
positive results
Positive Results
  • Commodities:
    • Decrease in chicken nugget and patty orders (pre-fried)
    • Whole grain, low-fat chicken items chosen for processing
    • Increase in whole grain orders (tortillas, pancakes, rotini, flour)
before and after standards
Before and After Standards

Chicken Nuggets Whole Grain Flour Whole Grain Pasta

Based on truck loads

smi comparison of the districts reviewed in 2009 2010
SMI comparison of the districts reviewed in 2009- 2010
  • 100% met the pre-fried Standard
  • 81% served 3 whole grains at breakfast and lunch
  • 91% had a fruit at every meal
  • 88% had a non-fried vegetable at every lunch
  • 94% met the variety of dark green/orange vegetable standard
standards needing improvement
Standards Needing Improvement
  • Calories: 66% compliance
  • Fiber: 66%
  • Low-Fat Milk: 75%
  • Legumes: 78%
  • Trans Fats: 78%
  • Condiments: 79% (7schools w/ salt or sugar) (no before numbers on condiment usage)
moving forward
Moving Forward
  • Continue to check compliance and provide technical assistance
  • Encourage schools to market their menus with the healthy choices that they are providing
  • Publish a cycle menu booklet that demonstrates how to develop menus that meet the standards
future support for standards
Future Support for Standards
  • Continue to support schools with trainings and workshops
    • Ex: Cooking with Whole Grains, Culinary Techniques, Low Sodium Cooking
  • Competitive Foods Standards have been recommended in Idaho from the SA
in conclusion
In Conclusion
  • The USDA will be releasing the “new” meal pattern. This will be based on the IOM recommendations.
  • Because Idaho has already begun it will be an easy process.
for more information
For more information
  • Idaho State Department of Education: