Chapter 7
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Chapter 7. Review. Atacama Desert. The _____________________ in South America is one of the driest places on Earth. Transportation Corridor. The Amazon River is very important to trade in South America because it provides a ___________ ______________. Chavins.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7


Atacama desert
Atacama Desert

  • The _____________________ in South America is one of the driest places on Earth.

Transportation corridor
Transportation Corridor

  • The Amazon River is very important to trade in South America because it provides a ___________ ______________.


  • Which group developed the first known civilization in South America?


  • What percent of South America’s population lives in South america?


  • What South American country won its independence from Portugal peacefully?

North america
North America

  • The land of South America looks very much like the land of what other country?

Andes mountains
Andes Mountains

  • What is the name of Earth’s largest mountain range?


  • The _________________is a vast grassland in Argentina.

Atacama desert in patagonia
Atacama Desert in Patagonia

  • The driest place in South America is _______________ __________ ____ __________.

United states
United States

  • The Amazon River could drain in an area equal to most of what country?


  • What fraction of the land in South America is actually used for farming?

Argentina brazil chile
Argentina, Brazil, Chile

  • Which 3 countries in South America are the leading manufacturing countries for the continent?

Simon bolivar and jose de san martin
Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin

  • Which two people helped South American colonies win independence?

Farming and mining exports
Farming and Mining Exports

  • Many South American countries want to make their economies less dependent on ____________ ___ ___________ ___________.

Trade organizations
Trade organizations

  • To further improve their economies, South American countries have formed _______________ ___________________.

Slash and burn
Slash and burn

  • The Tupi-Guaranis used a method of farming called:


  • What cultural group built a large empire in South America by conquering one group of people after another?


  • The Spanish governed all of South America except _________________.

Social classes
Social Classes

  • The Spanish set up a system of groups in society with different levels of importance called:


  • Crowded cities with very poor people are called:

Natural human capital resources capital
Natural, Human, Capital Resources/Capital

  • What three things make up the factors of production and which is S.A. lacking?


  • What type of government did all S.A. countries become after getting their independence?