American revolution
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American Revolution PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Revolution. Fight. What does this word mean?. Revolution?. A sudden and quick change in something. Often used to describe a radical change in government Can be peaceful or violent. Can anyone name any other revolutions?. The American Colonists had obviously had enough

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American Revolution

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American Revolution


  • What does this word mean?


  • A sudden and quick change in something.

  • Often used to describe a radical change in government

  • Can be peaceful or violent

  • Can anyone name any other revolutions?

  • The American Colonists had obviously had enough

  • After intense training they began to organize Militias to fight back

Enough is enough

  • British soldiers and American militia met at Lexington Green in Massachusetts

  • Britain ordered the militia to leave

  • The British soldiers were NOT suppose to fire (why?)

  • An American fired by accident (nervous)

  • Caused British line to all fire

  • Americans ran away

  • 1775

Shot heard round the world

  • Militias all over the 13 Colonies began attacking British soldiers

  • The American Revolutionary War had begun

No Turning Back

  • Eventually with the help of leaders such as George Washington the militias were turned into organized armies

Birth of the US Army

  • France helped out the Americans during later on during the war

  • Helped the Americans win

  • Britain began losing every battle

  • 1783 the British lost their last stronghold

France gets her revenge

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Created before the war was over (1776)

  • Mainly written by Thomas Jefferson

  • “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

  • “All men are created equal”

Important Documents

  • Answer in FULL sentences (minimum3 sentences per question)

  • Do you think the Americans were right to resort to violence? Could it have been solved peacefully? Why or why not

  • “All men are created equal”. What is wrong with that quote from the Declaration of Independence?


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