best practices for statistics
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Best Practices for Statistics

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Best Practices for Statistics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Practices for Statistics. Best Practices. Purpose of Statistics. Best Practice: Know what you already know, what you want to know and what you don’t know. Starting with Your Research Question.

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starting with your research question
Starting with Your Research Question

How do users differ when (searching, finding, selecting) (articles, books, Web sites)?

What are factors associated with ___________?

What are the effects of ___________On ____________?

Which is better at improving _________?

How are people (finding, selecting, using) _______?

validity of measures
Validity of Measures

Are you actually measuring what you are trying to measure?

use a tool with established validity
Use a tool with established validity

User Engagement Scale (UES)

Approaches and Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST)


Systematic (not random) deviation from the true value (

data input
Data Input

Have a data entry plan

Train the inputters

Use data validation tricks


exploratory data analysis1
Exploratory Data Analysis
  • John W. Tukey
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Examining your data visually.
    • Stem & Leaf
    • Hinges
    • Box plots
    • Scatter plots, etc.
stem and leaf

First digit(s)

Last digit

spread of quantitative data
Spread of Quantitative Data

How variable is the data?

presentation of spread
Presentation of Spread
  • Box plots
    • Median
    • Upper & lower quartiles
    • Outliers
standard deviation
Standard Deviation
  • Measure of dispersion of data
  • Square root of the average variation from the mean
demonstration of distributions
Demonstration of distributions

Distribution of the Population

The “Truth”

N is the # of samples

n is the number of items in each sample

Watch the cumulative mean & medians slowly merge to the population

how to become normal
How to Become Normal
  • Express the result in the terms of the transformation
example hypothesis
Example Hypothesis

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