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Ibm research
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IBM Research. IBM Research Graduate Student Workshop: Statistics for a Smarter Planet Chid Apte Director – Analytics Research, Business Analytics & Math. Sciences IBM Research – T.J. Watson Research Center. IBM Research. 3000 Researches. 5 Nobel Laureates. 17 years of Patent Leadership.

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IBM Research

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Ibm research

IBM Research

IBM Research Graduate Student Workshop: Statistics for a Smarter PlanetChid ApteDirector – Analytics Research, Business Analytics & Math. SciencesIBM Research – T.J. Watson Research Center

Ibm research1

IBM Research

3000 Researches

5 Nobel Laureates

17 years of Patent Leadership

Famous for its science and vital to IBM

Innovation that Matters

$6B R&D Budget

6 Turing Awards

9 Labs around the World

Collaboration fora Smarter Planet


















Research Agenda











Research Partnerships

  • Corporate

  • Collaborative

  • Work on

  • Create business

  • Collaborative

Research Services




advantage for clients


Research Briefings


  • Shared agenda


  • Industry-focused

  • Emerging markets


  • Effectiveness



EBOEmerging BusinessOpportunities

  • Technology

Collaborative Innovation


Research in the Marketplace

FOAKFirst of a Kind

Joint Programs

Centrally Funded

Technology Transfer

Inter disciplinary collaboration in the market and across the globe

A culture of innovation external recognition

A Culture of Innovation – External Recognition

  • IEEE

  • IOP

  • OSA

  • AAAS

  • ACM

  • ACS

  • APS

  • AVS

  • ECS

9 US National Medals of Technology

5 US National

Medals of Science

6 Turing Awards

5 Nobel Laureates

Copper Chip Technology

Silicon-on- Insulator

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques



Basis for MRI today

Electron Tunneling Effect

High Temperature


High Performance Computing

First woman recipient in the history of this prestigious ACM award

Scanning Tunneling Microscope

22 Members in National Academy of Sciences

64 Members in National Academy of Engineering

10 Inductees in National Inventors Hall of Fame

> 400 Professional Society Fellows

Laser-etched hair based on excimer laser surgery – foundation for LASIK surgery

Ibm patent leadership u s 17 consecutive years

2008 – Pledge to 50% increase in published inventions

IBM Patent Leadership (U.S) – 17 consecutive years

Jan. 14th 2009"IBM's leadership in the strategic use of intellectual property is based on balancing proprietary and open innovation," said Dr. John E. Kelly III, IBM senior vice president and director of IBM Research. "Our goal is helping stimulate innovation as public investments in large infrastructure projects are being planned to boost global economies. We also anticipate that adding additional transparency to the patent system will help tackle the continuing patent quality crisis, which is impeding inventors, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes."

IBM Shatters U.S. Patent Record again, will license its patent portfolio management know-how for the first time

2009 – Offer patent portfolio management know-how

# of IBM Patents per year

  • Jan 12th 2010: IBM announced that it received 4,914 U.S. patents in 2009, marking the 17th consecutive year it has topped the list of the world's most inventive companies.

    • IBM also announced that, for the first time, it will offer its invention know-how and patent portfolio management software to clients seeking to enhance their intellectual property (IP) management capabilities in support of innovation-based growth strategies.

    • Over 4000 innovations published, making them freely available


2007 – 15 patents pledged to Eco-Patents Commons

Jan 14th 2008, Leading members of the corporate community have come together in a first-of-its-kind effort to help the environment, unleashing dozens of innovative, environmentally-responsible patents to the public domain.


# of Patents for IBM and Competitors 2009

2006 – Moves to increase patent quality


  • Jan. 10th 2006 IBM announced that is working with the USPTO, Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), members of the open source software community and academia to improve patent quality.

  • That initiative has three elements:

    • Open Patent Review

    • Open Source Software as Prior Art

    • Patent Quality Index

2008 – Pledge to 50% increase in published inventions


2007 – 15 patents pledged to Eco-Patents Commons

2006 – Moves to increase patent quality

2005 – 500 Patents pledged to Open Source


2005 – 500 Patents pledged to Open Source

Jan. 11th 2005 “True innovation leadership is about more than just the numbers of patents granted. It's about innovating to benefit customers, partners and society,” said Dr. John E. Kelly, IBM senior vice president, Technology and Intellectual Property. “Our pledge today is the beginning of a new era in how IBM will manage intellectual property.



Ibm research business analytics and optimization

IBM Research Business Analytics and Optimization

Deployed operational planning and scheduling to run steel plants at several leading Asian steel manufacturers – improved productivity

Improved profitability through analysis of customer networks for a major telecom customer by providing better customer targeting

Design optimal maintenance plan for a set of interconnected offshore oil platforms - improve availability of oil platforms

  • Over 200 researchers with expertise in data analytics, operations research, mathematics, and industry applications of analytics

  • Hold 300 patents and have an additional 450 pending on analytics and business applications

  • Support IBM’s “fact-based” management and processes in sales, supply chain, and services.

  • Participate with IBM consultants in cutting-edge client projects

  • Add differentiation through data analytics to outsourced accounts

  • Provide new algorithms to IBM SW products

  • Lead in the global scientific community

    • Over 250 publications in leading conferences and journals in recent years

    • Fellows at several leading professional societies

    • Successive wins at KDD Cup and INFORMS Data Mining Competitions (premier competitions)

    • Leaders in Optimization Open Source

    • Major INFORMS prizes and awards

    • Adjunct faculty at leading universities

Analytics-Driven Solutions for Increased IBM sales force productivity – increased revenue and profitability

Improved wafer yield at the IBM 300mm semiconductor plant deploying data mining and machine learning

Creation of state-of-the art error correction code technology that is used in main memory systems of IBM’s computers

Provide analysis of operational risk loss data for 36 leading banks from 13 countries - cross enterprise secure and anonymous data sharing

Centralized control and real-time visibility of the end-to-end supply chain for IBM supply chain – reducing inventory

Ibm research agenda in analytics optimization for business intelligence

IBM Research Agenda in Analytics & Optimization for Business Intelligence

  • Core Methods and Theory

    • Optimization

      • Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, Theoretical Computer Science

    • Analytics

      • Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Decision Analysis, Simulation & Modeling

  • Analytic Platforms

    • New algorithms

    • Scalability

    • Automation

    • Extending traditional Business Intelligence Platforms to enable analytics integration

  • Applications

    • Enterprise

      • Supply Chain

        • Inventory Management

        • Procurement Management

      • Operations

        • Risk Management & Audit Compliance

        • Workforce & Enterprise Management

        • Quality Control & Reliability

        • Revenue Management

      • Customer Relationship

        • Customer Insights and Market Intelligence

        • Lifetime Profitability / Loyalty Management

        • Social Media Insights

    • Industry

      • Financial Services

      • Healthcare

      • Telco

      • Energy & Utilities

      • Logistics & Transportation

      • Safety & Security

Information overload

Information Overload

  • As the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, intelligent and instrumented, more sensors are placed throughout the world to capture the data.

  • While more information is available to enterprises, less of the data is being effectively captured, managed, analyzed and made available to the people who need it. Enterprises can’t keep pace.

  • Data matters because everything from traffic to utilities to healthcare information can be captured, monitored and analyzed for insight.

New opportunities how we can help

New market

New level of client value

New Opportunities: How We Can Help

  • With all of this data come new challenges as organizations are now struggling to not only extract the relevant information, but to make sure it’s more intelligent and actionable.

  • IBM Research is pursuing leading edge research and actively engaging in client projects to extend the ability for analytics to predict outcomes and improve the speed and quality of business decisions – using data analysis and modeling algorithms, to help achieve a Smarter Planet

Ibm research graduate student workshop statistics for a smarter planet chid apte director analytics research busine


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