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Quiz . correct answers. Which country does not belong to the UK?. a.England b. Northern Ireland c. Ireland. The capital city of Scotland is:. a. Edinburgh b. Cardiff c. London . The daffodils are the symbol of:.

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correct answers

Which country does not belong to the UK?


b. Northern Ireland

c. Ireland

The capital city of Scotland is:

a. Edinburgh b. Cardiff c. London

The daffodils are the symbol of:

a.Scotland b. Ireland c. Wales

The patron saint of England is:

a. St. George

b. St. Andrew

c. St. Patrick

The British flag is also called

a. The National flag

b. UnionJack

c. St. George’s flag

What is a traditional Sunday meal in England?

a. Sunday fish b. Sunday lamb c. Sundayroast

The traditional English breakfast contains, among others:

a. bacon, potatoes, beef

b. sausages, peas, eggs

c. eggs, baked beans, sausages

The population of London is:

a. around 2 million people

b. around 7 million people

c. around 10 million people

How old is the Tower of London?

a. around 900 years old

b. around 500 years old

c. 2000 years old

Tower Bridge is the only bridge in London…

a. open for traffic

b. which can be raised

c. where you can take nice photos

Who is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II?

a.TheDuke of Edinburgh

b. The King of England

c. The Duke of York

The kings and queens are crowned in

a. Westminster Abbey

b. Buckingham Palace

c. Westminster Palace

One pound is:

  • 100 cents b. 100 pence c. 100 gold

Prince Charles and Prince Harry are:

a. father and son

b. brothers

c. uncle and nephew

The next king of the UK will most probably be:

a.Prince William

b. Prince Andrew

c. Prince Charles

The floral symbol of England is:

  • the rose b) the tulip c) the lilly

The Toad-in-the-Hole is:

  • The most famous animal at the London Zoo

  • A favourite children’s game

  • A traditional English dish

Boxing Day is:

a. A boxing competition

b. The day after Christmas Day

c. The day when the greatest boxers of Britain are celebrated

The following cities are all in England:

a. Manchester, Dublin,

York, Oxford

b. Oxford, Nottingham,

Brighton, Sheffield

c. Manchester, Liverpool,

New-York, Glasgow

What was the full name of the UK before 1921

a. The United Kingdom of

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

b. The United Kingdom of

Great Britain and Ireland

c. The United Kingdom of

Great Britain

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral

  • Wimbledon

  • The flag of Wales

  • Guy Fawkes Night

  • Henry VIII

  • Harrods

  • Sherlock Holmes

  • William Shakespeare

  • Beatles

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