bromford dreams social exclusion and graffiti spiritualities
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Bromford Dreams – Social Exclusion and Graffiti Spiritualities

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Bromford Dreams – Social Exclusion and Graffiti Spiritualities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bromford Dreams – Social Exclusion and Graffiti Spiritualities. The Bigger Picture. The nature of Social Exclusion The contested ‘N.E.E.T’ acronym Debates about Secularisation and ‘Belief’ The nature of a ‘N.E.E.T Spirituality (in Bromford and as seen on the Cube). Social Exclusion.

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the bigger picture
The Bigger Picture
  • The nature of Social Exclusion
  • The contested ‘N.E.E.T’ acronym
  • Debates about Secularisation and ‘Belief’
  • The nature of a ‘N.E.E.T Spirituality (in Bromford and as seen on the Cube)
social exclusion
Social Exclusion

‘...a short hand term for what can happen when people or areas suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime, bad health and family breakdown.’

(Social Exclusion Unit, 1998)

n e e t or not
N.E.E.T or Not?

15.6% of 16-24 year olds are not in education, employment or training– more than 1.1 million young adults designated N.E.E.T (the highest rate, at 20%, being in the West Midlands).

Status Zer0 & Underclass…

‘...the term “NEET” is imperfect…its use as a noun to refer to a young person can be pejorative and stigmatising...’

thinking about belief
Thinking about ‘Belief’
  • ‘Believing and belonging’: ‘Belief’ can denote personal assent to formalised propositions about the purpose of life and involvement in religious communities.
  • ‘Believing not belonging’: increasingly people affirm Judaeo-Christian theological themes but do not connect this ‘private faith’ with any need to publicly belong to a faith group.
  • ‘Believing in Belonging: ‘Belief’ can be seen more as a means of expressing a communal identity than individual existential questioning.
from belief to spirituality a bromford tale
From ‘Belief’ to ‘Spirituality’ - A Bromford Tale
  • ‘The subjectivities of each individual become a…unique source of…meaning and authority...The goal is not to defer to a higher authority but to…forge one’s own inner-directed…life.’ (Heelas and Woodhead)
  • ‘Spiritualities of life’ (Lynch)
  • Individualised, disengaged from religious narratives, ‘D.I.Y’ rather than ‘pre-packaged’ and focused around immanence rather than transcendence.
neet spiritualities
NEET Spiritualities
  • ‘I believe in God but He doesn’t live round here.’
  • ‘Bromford’s shit and God’s a Bastard’
  • ‘I’d build a bridge across the M6 so I could go to HMV.’
  • ‘I believe in Bromford and in my music I’m trying to tell our story.’
  • ‘If you got talent then use it. Don’t sell drugs sell music. You only have one life so don’t lose it.’
  • ‘Love is the basis of reality.’
  • ‘No struggle, no progress, no limits.’
  • ‘Value life’.
  • ‘More than money.’
bromford dreams
Bromford Dreams….
  • Not a piece of public art but an organic expression of anger, love, fear and hope – this is what it’s like to be young in Bromford in 2012 – raw, real and rooted.
  • a spirituality that arises from social exclusion but refuses to remained imprisoned by it - fear, prayer, violence, unemployment, hope, solidarity, powerlessness and resistance mark it’s sides.