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Falconview in linux falconviewlx
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FalconView In Linux ( FalconViewLX ). Daniel Longhurst & Steve Cuzzort Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) 24 August 2010. Why Linux?. FalconView is widely used throughout the military for mission planning and GIS visualization But the user needs a Windows based computer

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FalconView In Linux ( FalconViewLX )

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Falconview in linux falconviewlx

FalconView In Linux (FalconViewLX)

Daniel Longhurst & Steve Cuzzort

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

24 August 2010

Why linux

Why Linux?

  • FalconView is widely used throughout the military for mission planning and GIS visualization

    • But the user needs a Windows based computer

  • Many embedded systems run Unix or Linux

    • iPads, iPhones, and Android Phone all run Unix or Linux

  • The Linux environment provides a common framework for many embedded platforms

    • Many Unix and Linux distributions share common tools that simplify development and deployment to embedded systems

Project goals

Project Goals

  • Create a x86 Linux program that can read FalconView map types and have FalconView overlays that will run in Linux (Ubuntu 8.4 LTS)

    • Determine what parts of FalconView are dependent on the Windows platform

    • Determine how best to preserve the component structure of FalconView in the Linux platform

    • Determine what frameworks and libraries are needed to create FalconView like usability on Unix and Linux platforms

    • Port GUI to QT – a Unix and Linux Windowing and GUI toolkit

    • Determine how to add GDAL support to FalconView in Linux

      • GDAL is an open source GIS toolkit for Linux and windows

    • Use open source software and open standards to replace proprietary components of FalconView such as GCC, make, KDevelop

Starting point 08 09 irad

Starting Point (’08-09’ IRAD)

  • Limited Functionality

    • Basic mapping engine and CADRG support only

    • No Overlays

    • Panning and Zooming supported

    • Graphics supported by QT (owned by Nokia)

Current progress 1 10 irad

Current Progress #1 (‘10 IRAD)

  • Added Local Points, and Moving Map overlays

  • Added the ability to animate GPS trails

  • Added a toolbar for FalconView like access to common overlays

  • Added faster drawing and better mouse support

  • Expanded Menu options

  • Updated to latest version of QT (v4)

Current progress 2 10 irad

Current Progress #2 (‘10 IRAD)

  • Modified FalconView in Linux code base to make it more similar to other cross platform projects

    • FalconView in Linux split into several shared libraries to make the code base easier to manage

    • Devised a common framework for all FalconView in Linux components to communicate with one another

      • Even across network boundaries

    • Added standard Linux installation procedure for FalconView in Linux

Current progress 3 10 irad

Current Progress #3 (‘10 IRAD)

  • Replaced hard-coded coverage list with a SQLite database, which can be exported from FalconView

    • SQLite is a file-based database engine that runs on Windows and most Unix and Linux flavors

    • FalconView in Linux acts like a light-weight FalconView viewer than can be easily deployed to a number of embedded devices that run Unix and Linux

    • By creating a new component using the SQLite database, it is possible to setup a remote map server that FalconView in Linux instances can connect to

      • FalconView in Linux can request coverage information via XML over any standard network

What s next

What’s Next?

  • Add full GDAL support to FalconView in Linux

  • Port more map handlers to FalconView in Linux – Currenly only CADRG is supported

  • Port more overlays to FalconView in Linux – Currently only Local Points and Moving Map are supported

  • Network with FalconView users who want or need Linux support

Falconview in linux

FalconView In Linux

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Falconview for linux questions

FalconView for LinuxQuestions?

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