The Recent Development of F-T Technology and its  Commercialization in China
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中国新一代间接液化技术和产业化发展 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Recent Development of F-T Technology and its Commercialization in China. 中国新一代间接液化技术和产业化发展. 孙 启 文. Qiwen Sun. Fischer- Tropsch. ketones/ aldehydes. Fischer-Tropsch process. LTFT Technology Development. Catalysts - Fe-based catalyst - Co-based catalyst Reactors

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The Recent Development of F-T Technology and its Commercialization in China


孙 启 文

Qiwen Sun


Fischer- Commercialization in China







LTFT Technology Development Commercialization in China

  • Catalysts

  • -Fe-based catalyst

  • -Co-based catalyst

  • Reactors

    -Slurry bed reactor

  • well mixed, isothermal

  • high yield

  • catalyst loading/unloading on line

  • minimal differential pressure

  • flexibility, easy to control and low operating cost

  • simple structure


Presentation Commercialization in China

Presentation Commercialization in China

tail gas outlet Commercialization in China

anti-entrainment facility

cooling tubes

slurry bed

gas distributor

syngas intet

HTFT Technology Development

  • Catalysts

  • Reactors

    Fixed Fluidized-bed



fused iron


HTFT Technology Development Commercialization in China

HTFT CTL Process Diagram


Presentation Commercialization in China

Product selectivity comparison of LTFT and HTFT Commercialization in China

Comparison of selectivity for LTFT and HTFT


LTFT: major products: diesels, naphtha Commercialization in China

HTFT: major products: gasoline, diesel, olefins and oxygenates

Product selectivity comparison of LTFT and HTFT

Comparison of end products from LTFT and HTFT processes


Product Commercialization of CTL Fischer-Tropsch Technology Commercialization in China

Main process Steps

(1) coal gasification and ASU

(2) gas purification and sulphur recovery

(3) Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

(4) light end recovery

(5) tail gas H2 recovery

(6) product upgrading

(7) reaction water treatment

(8) gas turbine using tail gas as fuel

(9) power generation using reaction heat generated steam

Process diagram for a million ton/ year

CTL plant using Fischer-Tropsch Technology


A super CTL complex with a LTFT capacity of 3 million ton/ year, a HTFT capacity of 2 million ton/ year and a power generation capacity of 300MW using tail gas as gas turbine fuel. The productions of different products are:

  • Diesel 3280 kton/year

  • Gasoline 300 kton/year

  • Olefins 1000 kton/year

  • Solvent oils 120 kton/year

  • Speciality wax 50 kton/year

  • Alcohols 180 kton/year (including methanol, ethanol, propanol, ect. )

  • Ketones/ aldehydes 20 kton/year

  • Acids 50 kton/year


Prediction on development of commercial fischer tropsch synthesis
Prediction on Development of Commercial Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

  • 2008–2010, 1 million ton/year demonstration facility

  • 2015, 5 million ton/year

  • 2020, 30 million ton/year

  • Enhance efficiency

  • Utilization and sequestration of CO2

  • More environmentally friendly