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Welcome every one. 1minutes. ID NO- 09. Class-Seven Sub-English 2 nd Total student-42 Time -40m. Man. woman. Baby. Bag. Gender. By the end of the lesson /image the student will have. 1.The student able to learn about Gender or it’s definition. 2.The student will learn it’s

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ID NO- 09

  • Class-Seven

  • Sub-English 2nd

  • Total student-42

  • Time -40m






By the end of the lesson /image the student will have.

Definition of Gender.

Gender comes from Latin genus, kind or sort.

Gender is the classification or indicate of noun & pronoun with regard to sexes or sexless ness.

There are four kinds of Gender such as

1.Masculine gender.

2.Feminine gender.

3.common gender.

4. Neuter gender.

Masculine gender :

A noun that denotes a male animal is said to be of the masculine gender

Such as -

Grand father , Father,brother

Feminine gender:

A noun that denotes a female animals is said to be of the feminine gender

Such as –

Grandmother mother sister

common gender:

A noun that denotes either a male or female is said to be of the common gender such as –

Baby child Student Orphan Person Neighbor etc.

Neuter Gender:

A noun that denotes a thing that is neither male nor female (i.e, thing without life) is said to be of the neuter gender as - Chair plane house pen etc.

Group work


What do you know about gender?

Group –B

How many kinds of gender?

Group –C

Write three example about common gender.


Answer one by one according to the question

Home work

Write the main ides of the Gender and give them some example.