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CFL Functions. This is what the schools see. Registration is simple . Schools must have a “Valid” NCES number that matches the NEA database and GSAXcess ®. CFL School Registration. CFL School Registration.

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CFL Functions

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CFL Functions

This is what the schools see

Registration is simple

Schools must have a “Valid” NCES number that matches the NEA database and GSAXcess®

CFL School Registration

CFL School Registration

Educational Non-profits will not be allowed to register unless they upload their valid 501 (C) document

Executive Order 12999

Click on School, College

& Library Search

Website resource for Property Managers to verify registration accuracy –

NCES School Search

NCES School Search

Enter Criteria and

Click Search

NCES Number

School Information

NCES Number

NCES Number Displayed

NCES Number – More Information

Student to Teacher


Lunch Assistance

CFL School Registration

Questions to help the Property Manager make an allocation decision

Resource to Verify

Empowerment Zone

Empowerment Zone Website –

  • Sec. 2. Efficient Transfer of Educationally Useful Federal Equipment to Schools and Nonprofit Organizations.

  • Agencies shall attempt to give particular preference to schools and nonprofit organizations located in the Federal enterprise communities and empowerment zones established in the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1993, Public Law 103-66.

Empowerment Zone & E.O. 12999

IRS 501 (C) 3 –

Resource To Verify

501 (C)3 Status


CFL Non-Profit Certification Questions

Non-profit organizations certify under penalty of law

CFL Non-Profit Certification Questions

Non-profit organizations MUST upload their current 501 (C) to register


    • Valid NCES number

    • Must serve grades Pre-K through 12th

    • U.S. students



    • Must have a 501 (C)

  • AND their primary business must be education

    • Must serve grades Pre-K-12 U.S. Students

    • Should have a license, certification, or acknowledgement from

    • local, state or federal goverment


CFL Selection Screen – What Schools See

Property Manager Enters Property Reports in CFL in GSAXcess®, Schools See It Immediately In CFL Website

Entered in GSAXcess®

Immediately Visible in CFL

Agency property manager will receive an email alerting them to school interest

Property Manager Notification

Property Managers - View/Allocate Requested Items

Property Manager must log into GSAXcess® to utilize CFL functions

System Messages

View/Allocate Requested Items

By clicking on the blue hypertext, you see additional information and can perform transfers of the computer equipment. The hypertext changes colors once you have clicked on it.

APO, NUO, User with Multiple AAC’s: type in AAC

Type in the appropriate AAC, click Submit

Activity Address Code View

View/Allocate Requested Items by Transfer Control Number

View/Allocate Requested Items by School Name

You can see any competing requests for the item by clicking on the Item Control Number hypertext

View/Allocate Requested Items by Transfer Control Number

4 requests but only

1 available item

Competing Requests for an Item

Property Item Data Sheet

Enter one (1) for Victory

Innovative Christian Academy

and Zero in all others to deny

the requests

Competing Requests for an Item

Click the red

Allocate button.

Status column changes,

Requested quantity changes


System messages change

Return to Complete Allocation

You can complete the entire

allocation or come back later

Allocation Confirmation

Whenever you see this Confirmation button, you can Confirm your allocation from the same screen

Confirmation Allocation

Confirm Allocations

Another method to confirm allocations if you forgot or decided to wait until later.

Confirm Allocation

Confirm Allocation

Confirmation Allocation

Confirmation Success Message

Transfer Order

Schools receive an email after allocation and confirmation.

Transfer Order

Transfer Order

Transfer Requested Items

The transaction is not complete until the

School or educational non-profit picks up the

Property and you go into the CFL Functions

Menu to the Transfer function and select


Transfer Requested Items

Click on the Transfer Control Number that

you want to transfer

Transfer Requested Items

The Transfer screen displays. Make any

adjustments as needed and click the red

Transfer button.

Transfer Requested Items

The system displays a confirmation message.

You can only change your transfer information

the day of the transfer action. If you transfer

before pick-up and the organization changes

their mind, you will need to contact your

GSA Area Property Officer for assistance.

Change Transfer

To change or delete the transfer the day of the transfer.

Change Transfer – Requestor Info

Enter the transfer control number and click Submit

Change Transfer

Enter the transfer control number and click Submit

Change Transfer

You have until the nightly cycle of the day of transfer to change transfer quantity

To deny the transfer,

enter a zero.

School Search

School Search

Enter School Name And/or, State,

And/or Zip to Search

School Search Criteria

You Can Search by Any

Or All Three Criteria

School Registration Information

Displays School Registration Information

Resend School Transfer Order

Sometimes you need a copy of the transfer order resent because:

RTF file was unreadable or customer lost original

Resend School Transfer Order

If you send to yourself, you can reformat into a word document and forward on

If you check send only to above, it only goes to the email address you enter. Otherwise, it goes to all original recipients.

Resend School Transfer Order

Confirmation message

Post Transaction Module

Two Ways To Go To the Post Transaction Module

Post Transaction Module


The PTM is a method to enter your CFL information when you don’t go through the regular GSAXcess® CFL online process. This is an alternative method that captures the CFL Agency transaction and automatically sends the required Non-Federal Recipients report at Fiscal year end to the Office of Governmentwide Policy for your Agency.

Post Transaction Module

Displays with prefilled

Transfer Control Number and

Agency Identifier

Click Private or

Public School to search for

a school and pre-fill data

Post Transaction Module

Results for All Private Schools.

Search for school by entering criteria and

Click on NCES ID hypertext to pre-fill

data form.

Post Transaction Module

Results for All Public Schools.

Search for school by entering criteria and

Click on NCES ID hypertext to pre-fill

data form.

Post Transaction Module

All School Information

Is Prefilled From NEA


Post Transaction Module

The educational non-profit must provide a 501C number

You can verify accuracy at, then Charities and Non-Profits

Post Transaction Module

Select the FSC from the from the dropdown listing.

Post Transaction Module

Select the type of equipment.

Post Transaction Module

Select hard disk status

Post Transaction Module

Select disposal condition.

Post Transaction Module

By adding either the unit cost or total cost, the system calculates for you. Click sbumit.

Post Transaction Module

Transfer Control Number Created Success Message

CFL Agency Reports

Agency Downloadable Reporting Data

CFL Agency Reports

You can only see your AAC of responsibility

Select Month, Year (FYTD), Type report

and click the red Submit button. All results are displayed

and can be downloaded by clicking the Excel

hypertext to the right.

CFL Agency Reports

CFL Agency Non-Federal Recipient Report

CFL Total Transfer to a School

CFL Total Transfers to a School

CFL Agency Total Transfers to a School

CFL Total Transfers to a School


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