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GroceryList++. Staci Menz Darrin Cole Peter Huss Anna Kong Brian Chan. The Problem. Meal planning entails many different tasks: finding recipes, shopping, coordination. Current applications typically focus on one aspect. Those that combine functionality don't offer much

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Staci Menz

Darrin Cole

Peter Huss

Anna Kong

Brian Chan

The Problem

Meal planning entails many different tasks:finding recipes, shopping, coordination.Current applications typically focus on one aspect.Those that combine functionality don't offer much


Our Solution

Combine the following into one application:

  • Searching for recipes that fit dietary needs

  • Creating shopping lists from recipe ingredients

  • Managing and sharing lists with others

  • Finding nutritional information and

    substitution suggestions for items

    on a list


Explain what our application can do

Illustrate the design process

Explain results of our testing

Demonstrate our current UI and interactive prototype


Simple: Shop from a listModerate: Find a recipeModerate: Share a listComplex: View detailed product information

Task 1:Shopping From a List

  • Check off items from a list

  • Mirrors pen-and-paper list

  • Our app’s most basic function

Task 2 Finding a Recipe to Fit User's Diet

  • Use filters, keyword search or both

  • Add ingredients directly to a list

  • Other core idea behind our application

  • Helps users easily find recipes and keep track of the ingredients

Task 3Sharing a List with Others

  • Create household shopping list

  • Like list on fridge, now mobile

  • Helps users avoid duplicate purchases

  • Connects users, helps them communicate

Task 4Finding Additional Information About Items

  • Scan barcode or select list item

  • Can often be difficult to find the information you need about an item (is it gluten-free?)

  • Users want to save money, and eat healthier

Design Evolution - Initial Sketches

Contextual Inquiry & Task Analysis Results

We found that our typical user:

  • wants to find recipes that fit their diet

  • writes down their shopping list by hand

  • has a good idea of what they already have

    Eliminated pantry/fridge feature during task analysis

Design Evolution:New Design Idea #1

Design EvolutionNew Design Idea #2

Design EvolutionNew Design Idea #3

Design EvolutionLow-fi Prototype

Design EvolutionLow-fi Prototype

Design EvolutionUser Testing Results

We found our users want:

  • A quick way to find information about items

  • Suggestions for substitutes

  • Keyword search for recipes

Current UI Design


Ideas for Future Improvements

  • Allow searching for recipes using items in one of the user’s lists

  • Recipe favorites

  • Commenting and annotating recipes


GroceryList++ helps users be more efficient in their meal planning by:

  • Combining recipe finding and list making

  • Allowing users to share lists

  • Providing users with additional information about items while shopping

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