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GENDER. Our most obvious of characteristics . Adults use gender to…. Form Impressions Interpret Behavior. Characteristics of Males Characteristics of Females. How are men and women different?. Gender Roles…. All cultures define roles differently…. The lipstick effect. Stereotype Threat .

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Our most obvious of characteristics

Adults use gender to

Adults use gender to….

Form Impressions

Interpret Behavior

Characteristics of males characteristics of females

Characteristics of MalesCharacteristics of Females

How are men and women different

How are men and women different?

Gender roles

Gender Roles….

All cultures define roles differently

All cultures define roles differently…


The lipstick effect

Stereotype Threat

Gender identify

Your personal, private sense of male/female

Gender Identify….

Androgynous no distinct gender appearance behavior

Androgynous= No distinct gender appearance/behavior

Gender and the price of happiness

Gender and the price of happiness…

Advertising, Image and Self-esteem

What is advertising

  • To tell about, or praise publicly (product, service, etc.) as through newspapers, T.V., Internet, Billboards, etc. to make people want to purchase it.

  • To make known, give notice of..

  • To bring information to public attention

What is advertising?

How are females shown in advertising

How are females shown in advertising?






Killing us softly advertising s image of women

Killing Us SoftlyAdvertising’s Image of Women

How are males shown in advertising

How are males shown in advertising?






Masculinity violence in advertising

Masculinity & Violence in Advertising

Attitude is everything

  • Advertising geared toward young males

  • Flaunting of authority

  • Be a rebel

  • Don’t encourage violence- promote “in-your-face” behavior

  • Can depict a mean and nasty world

  • Survival

Attitude is Everything

The cave man mentality

  • Violent male icons or hero's from popular history- Roman centurions, pirates, etc.

  • Message that men have always been brutal and aggressive- part of nature

  • Products associated with manly needs

  • Often include dominance of women

The Cave Man Mentality

The new warriors

  • Represent advertisers use of military or sports figures

  • Ads often depict soldiers-complete with weapons and gear

  • Message here is that violence is cool

  • Frequently seen in ads for beer, running shoes or deodorant.

The New Warriors

Muscles and the ideal man

  • Size and strength are traits that cross class and racial boundaries

  • Associated with dominance and control

  • Often associate muscles with violence

  • Physically rugged or muscular male bodies are used to sell abstract forms of power, such as financial institutions or cars

Muscles and the “Ideal” Man

Heroic masculinity

  • Frequent theme of Hollywood movies

  • Glamorized violence=masculinity

  • Often guns are used to signify virility and power

Heroic Masculinity

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