bahasa inggris
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Bahasa Inggris

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Bahasa Inggris. Bacaan : Rekreasi Unsur Bahasa : Modal Penggunaan Bahasa : Preference. Pangandaran.

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bahasa inggris
Bahasa Inggris

Bacaan : Rekreasi

Unsur Bahasa : Modal

Penggunaan Bahasa : Preference


Opposite Cirebon is the famous Pangandaran, located on the Southern coast, on the border of West Java and Central Java. Pangandaran can be reached in about 5-6 hours from Bandung, depending on the traffic. Tourist facilities, such as hotel and restaurants here are less commercial than those in Anyer/Carita area. You can order seafood without flinching at the price.

Bicycling early in the morning around the village will enrich your knowledge on how the kampung people live and feel their hospitality. Another attraction is Pangandaran National Park, arrange with the local authorized guide a day in advance if you want to explore the tropical rainforest inhabited by deer, porcupine, monkey and other curious creatures.
The main idea of the paragraph above is …
  • Pangandaran is located in Java
  • Pangandaran is an interesting tourist object
  • Pangandaran has a lot of activities
  • Many kinds of animals lived in Pangandaran
2. Where is Pangandaran located?
  • On the Northern Coast of West Java
  • Between West Java and Banten
  • On the Southern Coast between

West Java and Central Java

d. At the top of the Java Island

3. Which is the incorrect statement

based on the text above?

  • Tourist facilities are cheaper than those in Anyer/Carita.
  • The people in Pangandaran are friendly

c. There is a National Park in


d. It is impossible to explore the

tropical rainforest in Pangandaran

4. “…and feel their hospitality”.

The underlined word has the similar

meaning with …

  • friendly and generous attitude
  • humble manner
  • polite attitude
  • smiling faces
There are many tourist centre in Indonesia. Bali is one of the most well-known ones in Indonesia. The island is noted for its traditional dances, beautiful beaches, handicraft, and culture. Domestic or foreign tourists come here everyday during the year.

Tourism has become a good business and industry. We can take Ancol in Jakarta as a good example. Ancol with its Dunia Fantasi and Sea World has attracted so many people that it generates a large income from the visitors almost everyday. During the holidays, Ancol is always packed with people.

2. What is the main idea of paragraph


  • Ancol is very crowded on holidays
  • People like to visit Dufan and Sea World
  • Ancol has become a good industry
  • Tourism has become a good business and industry
3. During the holidays, Ancol is

always packed with people.

The underlined word can be

replaced with …

  • visited
  • crowded
  • occupied
  • seen
4. From the passage above we know

that Ancol can …a lot of money.

  • spend
  • produce
  • pay
  • save
1. Lila : Do you know where Runi is?

Risa : No, What’s up?

Lila : I …talk to her right away.

I have an urgent message for


a. will

b. must

c. can

d. may

2. Vian : I’m writing a composition, and

there is a word I don’t know

how to spell.

Tia : You …open the dictionary.

  • will
  • should
  • shall
  • may
3. Lina : Yesterday, I saw Ani in the

hospital. He looks pale and


Susan : She …be sick

  • Will
  • Can
  • may
  • should
4. Fikri : …you lend me

some money?

Linda : I am sorry. I have none at

this moment.

  • will
  • may
  • should
  • must
5. Missy : I am going to Bogor next


David : You … visit Kebun Raya


  • must
  • will
  • may
  • should
6. Haikal : You look in a hurry.

Nisa : I promised I’d be on time.

I …be late.

  • won’t
  • Can’t
  • Mustn’t
  • Shan’t

I prefer + noun + to + noun

( I prefer tea to coffee)

I prefer + V ing + to + V ing

( I prefer drinking tea to drinking coffee)


I like + noun + better than + noun

  • (I like apples better than oranges)
  • I like + V ing + better than + V ing
  • (I like swimming better than walking)
1. Nina : Well! Where we will have dinner?

Tuti : … Chinese or

European restaurant?

Nina : I prefer Chinese restaurant.

  • Will you eat
  • Which do you prefer
  • What about
  • I am not sure
2. Vita : We can go for a drink first or

have a look at our new office,


Sinta : Oh, Let’s have a lot at the new

office first.

  • Which do you like
  • What’s both exciting activities
  • Do you think they are good
  • It is a good idea, isn’t it
3. Mother : Which do you prefer the black

or the red one?

Elina : I like the red …the black one

  • to
  • than
  • better than
  • better
4. Hamdi : The film is boring.

Wawan : I like…to the music

better than…it

  • listening - watching
  • listened - watched
  • listens - watches
  • listen - watch
5. Hotel receptionist : Would you like

a room with a bath, madam?

Lady : I…a shower to a bath if


  • like
  • prefer
  • would rather
  • find
6. Heru : Which one do you prefer,

spending the holiday

in the beach or in the mountain?

Risna : I prefer beach …mountain.

  • from
  • for
  • at
  • to