Chapter 6 lecture september 20 2013
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Chapter 6 Lecture : September 20, 2013. Teacher Notes As requested by Amazing Students. Contest: England, France, Spain 1688-1763: four bitter wars, all world wars 9 since 1688, Americans involved in all! France latecomer to the real estate

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Chapter 6 Lecture : September 20, 2013

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Chapter 6Lecture: September 20, 2013

Teacher Notes

As requested by Amazing Students

  • Contest: England, France, Spain

  • 1688-1763: four bitter wars, all world wars

  • 9 since 1688, Americans involved in all!

  • France latecomer to the real estate

  • 1572: St Bartholomew’s Day: Hugenots- men, women, and children- butchered in cold blood

  • 1598: Edict of Nantes: granted limited toleration to French protestants

  • 1608 Quebec established under Samuel Champlain, intrepid soldier and explorer “Father of New France.”

    • Friendly relations with Huron Indians

    • Battled against the Iroquois and lost

    • This stopped movement into Ohio Valley

  • Built a fur trade business

  • Recruited Indians for the business

  • Littered the land with influence

    • Baton Rouge

    • Des Moines

    • Grand Teton

    • Terre Haute (high land)

  • French Catholic missionaries worked to save French from fur-trappers and save them for Jesus

  • Neither souls, nor fur, but empire

  • 1701: Antoine Cadillac founded Detroit, “City of Straits”

  • Robert de La Salle Mississippi

  • Louisiana in honor of King Louis XIV

  • MS: life-blood of the nation

  • Primitive Guerilla warfare resulted between conflicting groups

  • British un-effective against Quebec and Montreal

  • Torch and tomahawk, wins and losses. Bloody violence and an outcome of victory for the British against the French (and Spanish allies)

  • Uthrecht of 1713: British received spoils of war

  • Decades of “salutary neglect” provide fertile soils for revolution

  • War of Jenkin’s Ear: 1739 British and Spanish fought in Caribbean and Colony of Georgia

    • Oglethorpe fought the Spanish

    • Larger scale war in Europe: War of Austrian Succession

  • New Englanders capture Louisbourg, 1745: Though the New Englanders captured the fort of Louisbourg, the peace treaty gave the land back to the French. This angered the American colonists (felt betrayed by English government)

  • George Washington inaugurates War with France

  • Ohio Valley: critical bone of contention

  • Key to the continent: the French had to retain it

  • Alarmed by cut-throat fur trade and land-grabbing of the French: determined to FIGHT for empire, economic security and supremacy

  • Rivalry for lush land

  • 1749, Washington had legal “rights” to 500,000 acres in the region

  • Fort Duquesne: modern Pittsburg

  • 1754: Washington Lieutenant Colonel commanded 150 militiamen

  • VA fired first shots; “I heard the bullets whistle, and believe me, there is something charming in the sound.” It soon lost its charm.

  • Fort Necessity was formed and Washington was forced to surrender entire command July 1754

  • Permitted to march away with full honors of war

  • British prepared for the worse in Nova Scotia

  • Uprooted 4000 French who were scattered as far south as Louisiana (now called Cajuns).

  • Seven Years War-seven seas war: Philippines, Africa, West Indies, and ocean

  • In Europe: Britain and Prussia vs. France, Spain, Austria, Russia

  • Bloodiest battle in Europe was in “Germany” Frederick the Great repelled the French

  • Colonists had issues with pulling together

  • Albany Plan: 1754 Franklin

  • Delegates from 7 of 13 colonies

    • Short range Focus on Iroquois allies

    • Long-range achieve unity

    • Franklins Join or Die: leading spirit of Albany Congress

  • Bull-headed Braddock 60 year old egotistical scanty supplies, 2000 men to capture Fort Duquesne ill-disciplined militianmen (buckskins) used behind the tree methods of fighting. Earned him “bulldog” nickname. Heavy artillery slowed him

  • A few miles out, George Wash experiences murderous fire into ranks of the redcoats, two horse shot out from under him

  • Loss after loss…tough start

  • Wash and troops defended best they could.

  • British launched full scale invasion of Canada in 1756

  • William Pitt: superlative leader known as the “Great Commoner”

  • Drew his confidence from the people who admired him for his strength

  • Splendid orator majestic voice.

  • Foremost leader in London government

  • Organizaer of victory

  • Pull away from W Indies and concentrate on Quebec and Motreal.

  • Picked energetic competent leaders.

  • Powerful expedition 1758 against Louisbourg

  • FIRST significant victory for British

  • Battle of Quebec most significant battle

  • Motreal fell, it was over last time the French flag flew in Canada

  • Treaty of Versailles 1763

  • See map on 119

  • Read aftermath 120-121

  • Focuses on Pontiac and Proclamation

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