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Exam briefing
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Exam Briefing. Study leave for Y9 & Y10. There is no formal exam leave and you must register as usual. I f your exam is in the morning, you will attend normal lessons after a short break.

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Exam Briefing

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Exam briefing

Exam Briefing

Study leave for y9 y10

Study leave for Y9 & Y10

  • There is no formal exam leave and you must register as usual.

  • If your exam is in the morning, you will attend normal lessons after a short break.

  • If the exam starts at 12:00, you may ask your teachers for permission to miss period 6 so that you can get an early lunch at 11:30. You should return to class after the exam.

Exam briefing

Preparation for the exams

  • Neat school uniformmust be worn during all examinations. You might need a school sweater or cardigan, in case you feel cold.

  • No Hoodies or Jackets are allowed in the exam rooms.

  • No Bags are allowed in the exam room – Leave them in your lockers.

  • Identity Tags are essential for all Y11, Y12 & Y13.

Reporting time

Reporting time

  • Arrive in school at 7:30 (for morning exams) or about 11:30 (for afternoon exams).

  • Wait in the Secondary Canteenfifteen minutes BEFORE the exam start time for all exams.

  • Make sure you check the seating plan(s) for quarantine and alternative arrangements.

And then the exam

And Then……..The Exam

(1) Students’ responsibility

Where ?

When ?

(2) Attendance

Exams cannot be taken early or late

Medical note if absent

Edexcel subjects e.g. PE /DT

late afternoon / evening

(3) Punctuality

No extra time

Remember your candidate number

Remember your candidate number

  • You will need it to find your seat in the exam room.

  • Seating Plans will be posted on Moodle. Inside/outside the exam room and in the Secondary Canteen.

  • Some papers will be sat in other rooms.

    E.G. PH = Primary Hall

    SFCR = Sixth floor conference room

Exam briefing

“If you try to use any unfair practice or break the rules in any way, you could be disqualified from all your subjects.”

  • Exam conditions start when you enter the Hall and end when you leave.

  • Remember to move well away from the Hall after your exam – others may still be doing other subjects. Do NOT talk outside the Hall before or after exams.

Pencil cases

Pencil cases

  • You must use a small, transparent pencil case (not patterned) or plastic bag.

  • Use dark blue or black ink with a sharp HB pencil for drawing and multiple choice papers.

  • Do not bring correction fluid or ribbon.

  • Don’t forget a ruler, clean eraser, compass, protractor and calculator (plus spare?).

  • Remove covers from calculators and clear memories

Cellphones are not allowed in the exam room

Cellphones are NOT allowed in the exam room

Exam briefing

No food or drink except wateris allowed. All bottles must be clear plastic with no labels at all. Keep bottles on the floor.

Exam briefing

  • Year 11 students may go home after their exams but will need a photo-card to show to security guards if they leave before 2:20. Do not lose your card!


    Centre number: MY024

    Candidate number: 406

    Candidate name:

    Mathilde Yvonne

    Olivia FROT


  • If you forget your card, you will not be allowed to leave until 2:20 p.m.

Answer booklets

Answer Booklets

  • You will use answer booklets so there is no rough paper.

  • You must do rough work and planning in the answer booklet

  • Anything you do not wish to be marked should be crossed out with a single neat line.

Exam briefing

Exam results will be posted electronically

  • CIEon 11TH August.

  • Edexcel GCE 18THAugust.

  • Edexcel GCSE 25TH August.

Do not lose your log-in information

Exam briefing

  • If you are not going to be in Malaysia when certificates come out (15 October), we can courier themto you at RM150.

  • Forms available from secondary office

  • We do not send certificates by ordinary mail.

Exam briefing

Any Questions? See - Mr Hooper (Exams Office) or Nafidah (Pastoral office).Email - hooper.m@gardenschool.edu.my

Good luck

Good luck!

  • In the end you get what you deserve.

  • Work hard and you will reap the rewards.



  • For IGCSE exams, ESL students may use simple translation dictionaries.

  • They must clear of any notes and be approved by the Exams Officer before the exams start.

  • A normal English dictionary which explains the meaning of words is NOT allowed.

  • NO dictionaries are allowed for any language papers.

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