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Business Review. Current Performance. Sales slightly below budget - down Eur 1.3m but 5.6% (Eur 10.5m) below last year Selling price improvements of 1% Profit Eur 0.5m ahead of budget and 3.6% up on last year Overheads down Eur 4.9m on same period last year

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Current performance
Current Performance

  • Sales slightly below budget - down Eur 1.3m but 5.6% (Eur 10.5m) below last year

  • Selling price improvements of 1%

  • Profit Eur 0.5m ahead of budget and 3.6% up on last year

  • Overheads down Eur 4.9m on same period last year

  • Manufacturing savings of Eur 4.2m achieved

  • Headcount fallen 502 since last June -8.8%

Ytd manufacturing performance standard laminating
YTD Manufacturing PerformanceStandard Laminating

Ytd manufacturing performance value added part 1
YTD Manufacturing PerformanceValue Added - Part 1

Ytd manufacturing performance value added part2
YTD Manufacturing PerformanceValue Added - Part2

Total ppm on o e 1 customer
Total PPM on O.E.-1 Customer

June : 234 PPM

Cum : 297 PPM

Variances from budget
Variances From Budget

  • Forecast capital spending higher by Eur 6.9m reflecting approved projects that were budgeted centrally by the Business Line

  • Cash flow over budget by the higher capital spend

  • All other items remain ON BUDGET

Risks and opportunities





Not Yet







Not Yet



Not Yet

Laminated sidelight development
Laminated Sidelight Development

  • Development effort has addressed the need for non cylindrical sidelights, not feasible on the Witten gas hearth, and the newly confirmed requirement for a 1.6/0.76/1.6 construction

  • Simplex mode operation of the APBT furnace has been shown to give the best combination of shape control, temper stress and optics for 1.6mm semi-tempered doorlights, compared to full APB and CPB processes

  • Future capacity/investment planning is now being finalised based on:

    • Witten gas hearth for cylindrical

    • Simplex glasses from various existing APB’s for non cylindrical

    • dedicated, single chamber, vacuum bag pre-laminating units to enable cut back of IR reflective film required for corrosion resistance without edge bubble

Solar reflective glazing processable ir reflective coating evaluation
Solar Reflective Glazing: Processable IR Reflective Coating Evaluation

  • Cutting and bending trials undertaken with PPG, Cardinal and our own (based on toughenable low e) coatings on rectangular blanks

  • PPG and Cardinal shows discoloration due sodium bicarbonate separating power used during bending. Use of Celite (silica) powder appears to overcome this.

  • Pilkington coatings suffer pinholing unless zinc/tin oxide is used in the coating stack (patent issues)

  • Trial now planned prior to August factory closure using silica powder on Selas 4, processing both PPG and Cardinal blanks

  • Study of PPG’s zinc/tin oxide patents being undertaken together with N.A. patent attorneys to try to identify any weakness, and to clarify Cardinal’s freedom to supply their proposed stack, which also contains zinc/tin oxide

  • Latest communication from Cardinal is less clear that they wish to supply commercially

    • rising US demand for LowE2

    • concern about meeting pin hole specification after shipment over long distance

Heated coated status
Heated Coated Status Evaluation

  • Preliminary bending tests of surface 2 printed T3000 windscreens, pre-fired on a toughening roller hearth, were successfully carried out on San Salvo Selas 4.

  • Tooling has been constructed to apply coating in line with the busbar on T3000 and first evaluation samples coated on G87, with printed busbar and obscuration band

    • Samples currently being laminated ready for heating tests

  • Further tooling being constructed for X74 and DC S Class windshields, to enable customer prototypes to be made

  • Modelling has shown that splitting the coating can overcome heating non-uniformity problems due to telepass windows, etc.

    • Laser techniques are being explored to provide the split. Lines down to 1 - 30 micron are possible (less than the eye can resolve).

  • Working initial prototype with surface 2 print and manual line deletion will be evaluated over the next three months

  • Much work remains to be done to check long term coating stability, based on Electriclear experience

Balanced scorecard
Balanced Scorecard Evaluation

RoNTA Evaluation

Return on sales
Return on Sales Evaluation

Overheads to sales
Overheads to Sales Evaluation

Laminated mmp
Laminated MMP Evaluation

Toughened mmp
Toughened MMP Evaluation

Laminated yield
Laminated Yield Evaluation

Toughened yield
Toughened Yield Evaluation

Laminated cost m2
Laminated Cost M2 Evaluation

Toughened cost m2
Toughened Cost M2 Evaluation

LTAR Evaluation

PPMs Evaluation

Absenteeism Evaluation

Manufacturing standardisation
Manufacturing Standardisation Evaluation


  • To identify and implement best known manufacturing processes and practice across all European sites in order to

  • Optimise our manufacturing performance

  • Present a Pilkington Standard to our customers

Manufacturing standardisation1
Manufacturing Standardisation Evaluation

Benefits of Standardisation

  • Improved yield

  • Improved uptime

  • Improved quality (ppm)

  • A Pilkington Standard

  • A common vision

  • European support

    • €€€€€€€

Manufacturing standardisation2
Manufacturing Standardisation Evaluation

Potential savings Eur 80M

  • by improving all plants to current best performance

  • does not include developments

Standard Manning Evaluation

Manning Saving


Start point

July 2001


(Start p. - Target)





















Control issues audit reports
Control Issues/Audit Reports Evaluation

  • Operational audit of PAESA completed - Result: Adequate but some action required

  • Operational audit of San Salvo to come later in the year

Renault x74 windshield warranty concern
Renault X74 Windshield Warranty Concern Evaluation

  • Bubble and Delamination faults reported on ~ 15 windshields in service

    • Bubbles on green

    • Delamination on coated

  • Main cause found to be trapped air from pre-nip operation

    • stock parts being bake tested to avoid further poor glass supply

    • process improvements identified

    • in service parts risk evaluated as 0.2~0.5% (140,000 fitted)

  • Investigation of delamination effect on affected coated glasses indicates additional adhesion concern

    • rapid adhesion degradation at pvb/coating interface by sunlight

    • not picked up by accelerated testing; this seems to be due to the high temperature in the test rebonding the coating to the pvb during the test

    • now working to understand product implications in service

      • external impact/breakage properties

      • whether competitor/PNA windscreens with longer service history have similar behaviour

  • Urgent actions underway to look at alternative top coats with stable adhesion to p.v.b.

Risk assessment

Budget Time

  • Probability

  • H

  • M

  • H

  • L

  • M

  • Impact

  • H

  • H

  • M

  • M

  • M

  • Now

  • H

  • M

  • H

  • L

  • M

  • Large market downturn

  • Price increases not achieved in full

  • Purchase price increases

  • Restructuring related disruption

  • Manufacturing targets too tight