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Bible and English Mrs. DesMarais. Lesson # 59 Genre: Fairy and Folk Tales more “ ing ”. In today ’ s lesson …. 1. I can read and make words with “ ing ” . 2. I can find compound words. 3. I can identify folk and fairy tales. 4. I can describe a root word.

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Bible and English Mrs. DesMarais

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Bible and EnglishMrs. DesMarais

Lesson # 59

Genre: Fairy and Folk Tales

more “ing”

In today’s lesson….

1. I can read and make words with “ing”.

2. I can find compound words.

3. I can identify folk and fairy tales.

4. I can describe a root word.

5. I can spell words and define words correctly.

Bible Verse

I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

John 12:46

Phonics: Add “ing” to a word

1. For many words, just add “ing”to the end of the base word.

2. For words with a silent “e”, you must drop the final “e”.

3. For short vowel words, you must double the final consonant.

Phonics: Add “ing” to a word

Words that only need “ing”

start+ ing = starting

pick+ ing = picking

eat+ ing = eating

sleep+ ing = sleeping

Phonics: Add “ing” to a word

Words that drop the silent “e”

make mak + ing = making

bitebit+ ing = biting

bakebak+ing =baking

riderid+ing= riding

Phonics: Add “ing” to a word

Double the last consonant

If a short vowel is next to a consonant, you will double the consonant.

run + n + ing = running

stop + p + ing= stopping

let + t + ing = letting

hit + t + ing = hitting

More Compound Words

Put two little words together to make one new word.

bird + house = birdhouse

sun + flower = sunflower

skate + board = skateboard

back + pack = backpack

Root Word: geo

Flash Card 58

Spelling Words Lesson 59





Common English Expression

“A bull in a china shop”


A person is in the

wrong place –

awkward or clumsy

in movement or behavior.

Genre: Folktales

Told in many lands, over and over,

by the old to the young.

Beginning: “Long ago and far away…”

Characters: talking animals or things

Theme: often teach a lesson. Good

or smart wins over evil or stupid.

Actions, words repeat in a pattern.

Genre: Fairy Tales

Beginning: “Once upon a time…”

Setting: a faraway or imaginary land

Characters: kings, queens, princes, princesses, villians…

Middle: Usually has magic, wishes

Ending: “…Happily ever after.”

Vocabulary Lesson 59

1. pattern- set of repeating features

2. repeat- to say or do again

3. country- nation or land

4. magic- a show of power

5. evil- bad or wrong on purpose

Online Activities

Read and hear folktales

Watch a fairy tale


Comprehension: Two versions of a Fairy Tale

A version is a different form of the same story. Most countries have a their own version of fairy tales.

  • “Cinderella”from France

  • “The Indian Cinderella”from

    Canadian Indians

Comprehension: Two versions of a Fairy Tale

Every culture in the world has

similarities and differences.

A Venn Diagram will help us

compare and contrast the versions.

Read a Fairy Tale: Cinderella

1. online


2. in your folder of activities

Listen to a Fairy Tale:The Indian Cinderella

Comprehension: Venn Diagram














Comprehension: GenresFantasy or Reality

It is important to know the difference between what is real and what is make-believe.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Realistic means something that could really happen.

Characters: real people

Setting: real places

Genre: Fantasy

People, animals, or objects do

things they cannot do in real life.

Takes place in a make-believe

setting with make-believe creatures.


Add “ing” to words

Compound Words



Root word

Spell “tch, dge, mp”

Fantasy and realism

Folk and fairy tales

Bible verse

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