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Eu mop overview
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EU-MOP OVERVIEW. Elimination Units for Marine Oil Pollution (EU-MOP): The Concept. Harilaos N. Psaraftis Professor, NTUA Project Manager, EU-MOP. Madrid, 24 Jan. 2008. Strategic Objectives.

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Eu mop overview


Elimination Units for Marine Oil Pollution (EU-MOP): The Concept

Harilaos N. PsaraftisProfessor, NTUAProject Manager, EU-MOP

Madrid, 24 Jan. 2008

Eu mop overview

Strategic Objectives

Project EU-MOP addresses (FP6-2003-Transport-3) Objective 2 “Advanced design and production techniques”, Research Domain 2.5 of the Thematic Priority 6.2 “Sustainable Surface Transport”:

…. Emphasis will be put on clean, cost and energy effective processes, sub-sea robotics and autonomous systems for maintenance and inspection, innovative dismantling and recycling operations including the removal of oil slicks at sea.

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Project Goal

  • The goal of EU-MOP project is to introduce an innovative, reliable and advanced oil combating ‘total solution’, thereby enhancing the existing oil confrontation capability and the protection of marine environment

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Project Features

  • Strong consortium

  • Highly interdisciplinary

  • Leading edge R&D

  • Innovation

  • Industrial appeal

  • Advisory committee

Interdisciplinary approach

Interdisciplinary approach

  • Vessel design

  • Robotics

  • Propulsion

  • Oil processing

  • Cost-benefit

  • Response logistics

  • Validation (proof of concept)

  • Dissemination

Some facts

Some facts

  • Project start: 1 Feb. 2005

  • Duration: 3 years

  • 13 partners from 7 EU countries

  • Total man-months: 235

  • Total budget: 2.900.00 EUR

  • EC funding: 1.900.000 EUR

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Partners


  • Greece1NTUANational Technical University of Athens

  • UK2SSRCUniversity of Strathclyde, S.S.R.C.

  • France3SIRSIREHNA S.A.

  • Portugal4ISQInstituto de Soldadura e Qualidade

  • UK5BMTBritish Maritime Technology

  • Spain6CETCetemar

  • Greece7EPEEnvironmental Protection Engineering S.A.

  • Spain8AURAurensis

  • UK9OXFUniversity of Oxford

  • Spain10CONConsultrans

  • France11BEMBE-Mauric

  • Germany12ISLInstitute of Shipping Economics and Logistics

  • Germany13IPAFraunhofer I.P.A.

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Advisory Committee

  • E. de Nanteuil, CEDRE

  • M. Dorey, Vikoma

  • V. Kyrikos, AVIN International

  • F. Larsen, Lamor

  • M. Palomares, IMO

Eu mop overview

Unit located oil

Mother Ship

EU-MOP swarm

Ready to unload to Mother Ship

EU-MOP unit operating in situ

Oil spill

Protecting the shore

EU-MOP Concept

EU-MOP communications

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Workpackages

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Workplan

  • WP0 State of the Art – Baseline

  • WP1 Operational Specifications & Technical Requirements

  • WP2 Design of the Elimination Units for Marine Oil Pollution, EU-MOP

  • WP3 Energy Source & Propulsion

  • WP4 Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

  • WP5 Oil Processing Scheme

  • WP6 Cost Benefit Assessment

  • WP7 Emergency Response Management - Logistics

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Workplan

  • WP8 Dissemination/Exploitation

  • WP9 Validation Activities – Proof of Concept

  • WP10 Overall Management and Coordination

Eu mop overview

Oil Industry in Europe: Ashore & Offshore

Major maritime traffic routes, major ports & major offshore installations in EU waters

Eu mop overview

Priority Areas for Additional Response

Priority areas for additional response capacity Source: EMSA

Eu mop overview

Oil Spill Trends in EU Waters

Oil spilled in Europe from 1990 to 2004 (spills > 7 tons)Source: ITOPF

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Oil Spill Analysis for EU Waters

  • Mediterranean Sea

  • Baltic Sea

  • North Sea

  • Kiel Canal

  • English Channel

  • British Islands

  • European Atlantic (France, Spain and Portugal)

Eu mop overview

Oil Spill Analysis (Mediterranean Sea)

Spills in the Med. Seaaccording to Size (1990-2003) Source of Raw Data: REMPEC

Eu mop overview

Oil Spill Analysis (Baltic Sea)

Spills in the Baltic Sea according to Size (1990-2002) Source of Raw Data: HELCOM/MARIS

Eu mop overview

Oil Spill Analysis (British Islands)

Fluctuation of number of spills per annum (1990-2003)

Eu mop overview

Study of Environmental Data

Density Function of Hs (English Channel)Source : NTUA

Polar Histogram (%) of Mean Wave Direction, θ (English Channel)Source : NTUA

Eu mop overview

Study of Environmental Data

Distribution of wave direction for the coasts of Portugal and Galicia (Spain)

Eu mop overview

Risk Analysis in EU Waters

Risk Parameters (ordinal/ranking approach)

  • Level of Past Spill Incidents

  • Level of Tanker Traffic

  • Basic Traffic Hazards

  • Tanker Route Diverges or Merges with Traffic Flow

  • Geographical Hazards of the Area of Interest

  • Major Port Activities

  • Major Refinery Activities

  • Navigation Hazards

  • Sea State Characteristics

  • Particularly Sensitive Areas

  • Level of Response Capacity

  • Level of Financial and Environmental Impact

Eu mop overview

Risk Analysis in EU Waters

Proposed Risk Areas in the EU Waters

Mediterranean Sea

  • The Aegean Sea

  • The Southern Region of Sicily (Straits of Sicily)

  • The North Adriatic Sea

  • The Straits of Gibraltar

    Atlantic Front (European Atlantic)

  • The Galician Coast NW of Spain

  • The English Channel (e.g. its approaches)

    North Sea

  • Off the Coasts of the Netherlands and Belgium

  • The UKCS and the Area of Offshore Oil & Gas

    Inst., NE of the UK

    Baltic Sea

  • The Kiel Canal & the Entrance to the Baltic Sea

  • The Entrance to Gulf of Finland

Eu mop overview

Risk Analysis in EU Waters

Distribution of Risk Areas within EU waters

Eu mop technical concept

EU-MOP technical concept

  • ???

  • (3 yrs ago)

L size catamaran

EU-MOP technical concept (2008)

L-size Catamaran

L-size MonoCat

M size catamaran

EU-MOP Unit Types

M-size Catamaran

M-size MonoCat

S size

EU-MOP Unit Types


Eu mop overview


  • All of the project’s objectives have been fulfilled

  • Project produced more than its TOR

  • Several variants have been designed

  • Model experiments have been conducted

  • Analyses have been conducted as regards:

    • Spill statistics and risk

    • Vehicle design

    • Hydrodynamics

    • Propulsion

    • Robotics

    • Cost-benefit

    • Logistics (strategic/tactical/operational)

    • Validation/proof of concept

  • Concept: promising for further development

  • Both technically and economy-wise

Eu mop overview

EU-MOP Coordinates

EU-MOP project web site:

  • EU-MOP public deliverables, news bulletin and other info available (oil spill library, links, etc)

  • All of today’s presentations will be available at this web site

Www eumop org

Eu mop overview

Thank you very much!

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